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I Will Never Believe In Anything Again

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Patrick finally leaves for tour while he's gone shit goes down. (I know I suck at these summaries)

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Alex's POV

Oh my god! I can't believe this! Pete ,Andy and Joe were standing in front of my doorway moments after me and Patrick had sex.
This is so embarrassing I was hiding under the covers so none of them could see me.

"Ha ha Oh my god were so sorry!" Pete said sarcastically.

"GET THE FUCK OUT!" Patrick yelled while covering himself and throwing a pillow at Pete.

"Right sorry were leaving now, but we gotta get going put on some clothes and let's roll!" Joe said while laughing hysterically.

Pete and Joe were walking out ,but Andy stood there in shock he finally managed to talk.

"That's Alex under there right?'

I came up from under the sheets still covering my chest furious.

"Of course it's me you bastard!" Once I said that Andy ran out of our room faster than ever.

I heard Pete and Joe laughing even harder. I looked over at Patrick his face was red as cherry from embarrassment.

"Lexi I'm sooo sorry about that."

"Don't be it's my fault I didn't bother to lock our front door or at least our bedroom door." I said with my hand on my forehead.

I felt a HUGE headache coming on. Patrick got out of bed and put on his clothes. Once he left the room I was in the middle of
putting on my clothes I suddenly felt an aching pain in my stomach I ran to the bathroom and threw up the breakfast Patrick
and I ate. I brushed my teeth afterwards and finally put on all of my clothes. I walked into the living room to find the guys
taking Patrick's stuff into the bus.

"So your leaving me Tricky?"

"Oh Lexi baby please don't this to me." He said as he put his arms around me.

"I'm sorry sweetie it's just I'm gonna miss you so much. I said as I put my head on his shoulder.

"Aw baby I'm gonna miss you too." He said as he kissed my head.

"I'm sorry to break this up guys but we gotta go." Pete said while zipping up his hoodie.

"Bye sweetheart." Patrick said as he kissed me one last time.

"Bye Tricky I love you." I said as I held him I didn't want to let go.

"I love you too." He said as he kissed me on the cheek.

I said goodbye to the rest of the guys and walked back into my house. I noticed I haven't seen Sophie since yesterday.
OH MY GOD! She was here while me and Patrick were having sex! I blushed the 2nd time that morning. All of a sudden I heard
the guest room door swing open. I saw Gabe running out putting on his shirt and zipping up his jeans.

"Wait guys , wait for me! He said while running out the door grabbing his bag to catch the bus.

Fortunately they didn't leave yet.What was Gabe doing here in the first place? I then saw Sophie walking out in her jeans
and wearing her t-shirt backwards. I guess me and Patrick weren't the only ones who got laid.

"You slut!"

"What? I told you if I go on that tour I have to make sure I get laid." She said while giggling.

"Okay fine,but why in my house!?"

"Ha ha ha I don't know I guess I got really into it and forgot where I was at." She said as she poured herself coffee.

"So how was it?" I asked curiously.

"I have one word...amazing!" She said while giggling.

"How's the size?"

"Perfect!" She said with a Cheshire cat smile.

"I knew it Gabe has big feet." I said while laughing.

"Feet? I thought it was hands?"

"It's feet trust me."

"So Sophie are you gonna get serious with him or was this just a one night stand?"

"I don't know Lexi I'm not ready to get into another relationship,but I can't go without sex." She said while laughing.

"I don't know why Sophie being in a relationship could lead to having a family I mean look at me." I said as I patted my stomach.

"Lexi you lucked out Patrick is the most sweetest guy I know. Not all guys are like that.I mean come on it's Gabe I highly doubt he's like that."

"You never know."

But she was right a year before I met Patrick I was engaged and he cheated on me. I thought I would never trust another man again
and then I met the man of my dreams Patrick and now were gonna be a family. I was so excited to have this baby.

Patrick's POV

We were on our way to the next venue. I felt so weird without Alex it was alot more quiet on the bus and I was more bored than usual
I felt lost without her. I'm gonna try my best to go to Alex's doctor's appointment next month.

"What's wrong?" Joe said sitting down next to me.

"Nothing, I just miss Alex that's all."

"Oh, don't worry you'll see her soon."

"Yeah I hope so."

"So are you nervous about being a dad?"

"Yeah, I'm really nervous ,but I'm excited too. I said as I felt a smile grow across my face.

"I'm really happy for you dude you guys totally deserve to be parents after all the shit you've been through."

"Thanks Joe it makes me feel really good to hear you guys are happy for me." I said as Joe pulled me in for a hug.

6 months later

Once the Believers Never Die tour was over I had to go on tour again with Blink 182 which I have been having a blast on.
Alex was already 7 months pregnant this baby is gonna be here before we know it. I was getting really anxious I wanted to
know if the baby was a boy or girl ,if it's going to look like Alex or me and most important if I'm going to be a good
father. Alex had doctor's appointment today so I decided to give her a call.

Alex's POV

Ugh I was getting so big I couldn't see my feet anymore I did an ultra sound today at the doctor today they asked me if I wanted
to know the baby's sex. I was so tempted to say yes but I promised Patrick not too he wanted it to be a surprise so did I honestly.
I heard my phone started to ring.


"Hi sweetie."

"Hi Tricky!"

"How did everything go at the doctor today?"

"Everything went great! I did an ultrasound."

"You didn't find out the sex did you?"

"No I kept my promise I told you I'll wait so I'm going to wait."

"Great, did they say anything about the baby?"

"Yes they said the baby is very healthy.They even took a picture."

"Oh man you gotta send it to me sweetheart."

"I already did check your e-mail."

A couple seconds went by I heard Patrick clicking the mouse all of sudden I heard "Oh my god."

"Do you see the baby?"

"Yes, Lexi I see the baby's little face and everything!"

"I know Tricky you don't know how weird I feel going through this without you."

"I know baby I wanted to be there so badly for that."

"Aww when are you gonna come home?"

"We only have a couple more dates so I'll be home next month."

"Yay! I can't wait to see you Tricky."

"Ha ha I can't wait to see your baby belly."

"Oh Patrick I'm huge I can't even see my feet Sophie puts on my shoes." I said while laughing.

He chuckled that famous chuckle.

"Well honey I gotta go rehearse I'll call you tonight."

"Okay baby I love you."

"I love you too Lexi."

I hung up the phone the whole time I was talking to Patrick the baby was kicking. I felt my eyes starting to water. I missed
him so much I haven't went this long without seeing him. When I first got pregnant I thought I was going to go through all of
this with him but I'm not.

"Ugh come on pop tart slow it down." I said as I put my hand on my stomach. Pop tart was a nick name Sophie and I came up with
Patrick loved it.Since I'm due in two months Sophie says the baby is gonna pop out like a pop tart. It was a pretty cute nickname.

It was 10:30 usually I don't go to sleep early but, since I've been pregnant I'm always tired I figured I'll go to bed.

Patrick's POV

I was at a club today was Joe's birthday so we all took him to a club all of the guys had me drinking ALOT wayyy more than I drank
on my birthday. I felt like I was going to fall on my face I looked over my shoulder someone was handing me a shot I think it was

"Bottoms up dude!"

"Pete I can't I feel like I'm going to die."

"Now that is horrible I got plastered at your birthday you gotta get plastered at mine!" Joe said as he took the drink from Pete and
shoved it my face.

"Joe I didn't tell you to get plastered at my birthday party!"

"Whatever drink! God your such a kill joy!"

"Yeah dude your a kill joy!" Pete said as he chugged on a beer.

"KILL JOY KILL JOY KILL JOY!!" The whole club started chanting.

I sighed. "Fine but just this one!" I said as I took the shot from Joe.

"Okay okay everybody Patrick is not a kill joy!!"Joe yelled to the whole club so they could stop chanting.

Just minutes later I felt even worse the whole room was spinning even though I was standing still. All of sudden I felt someone quickly turn me
around. It was a girl she looked 21 no older than that.

"Oh my god your Patrick Stump!"

"Uh yeah hi nice to meet you."

"Wow your even cuter in person." She said while making her way closer to me.

"Um thanks." I said as I swallowed hard.

"You know Mr. Stump I've been listening to your band since I was a little girl." She said as she placed her arms around my neck.

"Wow I'm flattered I guess." I said as I tried to pull away from her.

"While all the other girls were talking about Pete I was talking about you. She came closer to me and whispered in my ear. "You were always my favorite."

All of sudden I felt her lips crash onto mine I was more surprised at myself because I was kissing back. Alex's face popped into my head along with the picture
of the baby from the ultrasound. I pushed the girl off of me.

"GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME YOU SLUT!" Pete, Joe and Andy's heads turned so fast I thought they got whiplash.

Her expression completely changed.

"But but Patrick I'm your biggest fan." She said trying to come closer to me.

I once again pushed her away from me.

"NO YOUR NOT YOUR A SLUT LOOKING FOR FUCK FROM A GUY IN A BAND!" I screamed as I stormed out the club.

I went back into the bus shaking I had never done anything like that before I was never the cheater always the cheatee. I felt so horrible if Alex finds out about
this she'll kill me,but if I don't tell her that means I lied to her and I kissed another woman. I should give Alex a call and tell her what happened maybe she'll
understand. I picked up my phone and dialed Alex it was kinda late but I was hoping she answered. She didn't she was probably sleeping. I guess I'll have to tell
her tomorrow.

Alex's POV

I woke up from a dead sleep I heard my phone ring earlier but I was too tired and too nauseous to see who it was. I felt an uncomfortable pain in my stomach I'm
guessing the baby was kicking again. I guessed wrong.

"Oh no my water broke! SOPHIE!!" I screamed as I grabbed my stomach from the pain.

This couldn't be possible I'm only seven months I'm not supposed to have the baby in another two. I felt my eyes watering.Sophie came running in my room with her car
keys in her hand.

"Come on just relax everything is going to be fine!" Sophie shouted while she was shaking.

I got into the car the pain was unbearable. What if my water didn't break? What if I'm losing the baby?!

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