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A Very Special Girl

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Ginny's family won't tell her what's happening to her, but Dumbledore seems to have the answer.

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Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling and as there is NO way she's writing a fanfic about her own books I'm obviously NOT her.

The Seventh Child
Chapter Three: A Very Special Girl

It had been three days since Ginny woke up. Her family had been so happy to see her awake again after months of being in a coma. All of them had visited her at least three times...a day. Not that she minded, of course. It was so good to see them alive and happy, but there was something else going on that they wouldn't tell her about.

It was in their eyes. Yes they were happy to talk to her and see her a little better. But there in the back of their eyes, hidden behind the joy they were showing her, there was something else, something very similar to what she saw in her own eyes the day after Harry died...


Something was happening to her, and she knew it had to do with the rush of pain that would take over her body every few hours. Madam Pomfrey would give her a potion for the pain and and dreamless sleep potion before she had the energy to ask what was wrong with her.

Then she remembered what Harry had said to her the day she woke up.

“If I hadn't ignored you, you wouldn't have written in the diary and none of that would have happened and you wouldn't be dying.”

Was that it? She was dying? She had to laugh. She somehow had been given the chance to go back to the beginning, there was so much she wanted to change, so many things she wanted to do... and now she was dying? Before she could change a single thing?...

She was so deep in her thoughts that she didn't notice the door opening or steps getting closer. It wasn't until the person next to her cleared their throat that she snapped out of her thoughts.

“Miss Weasley, it is good to see you awake once more.” Said the old Wizard. Ginny could see the twinkling in his eyes. 'Can't believe how much I've missed that bloody twinkling.'

She had to take a deep breath to stop herself from doing or saying something stupid. She had found it hard to control her reaction every time she saw her family or Harry. And while she hadn't seen the headmaster die she didn't want to take the chance.

“Hello sir.” Was all she said. Her eyes looking at her hands on her lap, she knew the headmaster was a very skilled Legillimens and while she had started practising Occlumency while on the run with the trio, and her shield was pretty decent, due to years of lying to escape her mother's wrath whenever she'd prank the twins back, she knew there was no way she could stop Dumbledore from entering her mind if he really tried.'Have to start practising again.'

“Miss Weasley, I believe there's something we need to talk about-

“Am I dying?” Ginny blurted out before she could stop herself. 'So much for controlling my reactions.'

She watched as the twinkling in the Headmaster's eyes seemed to dim. 'At least.' She thought. 'It didn't completely disappeared, that's good right?'

“No, Miss Weasley. You are not dying.” He said smiling sadly at Ginny. “At least not yet.”

“...N-not yet?” Ginny asked. She could not stop fear from showing in her voice. “I-I don't...what?”

The old man sighed and shook his head as if to clear his thoughts. “Miss Weasley, you have always been a very special child. Ever since you were born, you were special...”

“Sir...what does thas have to do with me dying!?” She asked, more than a little annoyed with the old man. He tells her she is dying...well not YET, and then starts on how special she is! The man had to be mad!

“My dear child... it has everything to do with it.” He said, raising a hand to stop her from interrupting him again. “Please, Miss Weasley, Ginny, listen to what I have to say...I wish to explain everything but it is quite the long story.”

“Okay...I'll I'm special, why is that?”

“Because you are a girl...” Said the Headmaster, the twinkling back to his eyes even if a bit weaker than normal. “A girl, born into a cursed family.” At her frown he continued. “Yes, cursed. There had to be a reason no female had been born into the family for so long. Seven generations I believe?”

“I-I think...” Ginny said. She was wondering just what the bloody hell was he getting at.

“You see, Weasley females have a tendency to be quite powerful. And the last woman born into your family was not an exception, in fact, she was very powerful, perhaps too powerful.

'I have a bad feeling about this.'

“Ileana, was very smart and very beautiful, but her heart was her downfall.”

“What do you mean?” She had to admit this was getting interesting. 'Much better than mum's wireless dramas. And if he's telling me this instead of talking about the Ginny's dying stuff then I'm not gonna drop dead very soon....I hope.'

“She fell in love with a man. A Black. He was however betrothed to another woman, yet he still pursued a relationship with her. But after almost two years, he left her. Instead of breaking his betrothal and marrying her...he erm took what erm...perhaps I should skip this part...I don't want Molly sending me a Howler any time soon...

“So...He had sex with her and then left her?” At his raised eyebrow she put on an innocent face and said. “Erm...six older brothers... you can't help but hear um he left her after?”

She was glad when the old man continued with the story.

“Yes, the very next day in fact. She didn't take rejection to well it seemed, for she unleashed ALL of her power on him the very day of his wedding. She killed the bride and most of the guests, that is more than five hundred wizards and witches, who knew how to defend themselves. But, like I said, she was quite powerful.”

Ginny had to shake her head to stop herself from recreating that image in her head. 'Five hundred!? By herself!?'

“She forced him to watch, then killed him and threw him at his father's feet and left. The head of the Black family was most... displeased. Not only had his son involved himself with a Blood-traitor, but said blood-traitor's display of power was like nothing he had ever seen, and being the head of a dark family he had seen many things. To have someone like her alive was dangerous.”

“What happened then? What did he do?”

“He decided to put a curse on her. She would suffer a thousand times the same pain she inflicted on his son and after her death no other female would be born, into what he considered a peasant family, to wield such power. And for over seven hundred years none did...”

“Until me...” This was great just great...Ginny could feel it now...she was probably some sort of freak, who wasn't supposed to exist in the first place. Maybe that was the reason she was dying...she was just fate's mistake.

Fate was probably laughing at her now. Oh hey Ginny, guess what? you're not meant to be. Sorry! Let's make you eleven again and kill you off!

“Yes, Miss Weasley, until you. You broke the curse. And all the power that had not been let out in seven generations is yours now...but it wasn't supposed to come out until you reached your complete magical maturity, around seventeen or eighteen years of age.”

“But I'm not...” 'Oh...OH! I was seventeen before this whole time-thingy happened! So that's what those seizures were all about! Wait. Is that why I'm a kid again?'

She was unable to let her thoughts go on as Dumbledore continued.

“Yes, you are correct. However I believe that your experience this last year under the control of Tom Riddle might have unlocked this power...and...” The twinkle was gone from his eyes once more and Ginny was dreading his next sentence.

“It seems that it is too much power for an almost twelve year old. Miss- Ginny, your body is not ready for such a sudden growth of your magical core. It has tried to accommodate the power, you might have not seen yourself in a mirror lately but don't look like an eleven year old girl should.”

She was starting to panic now. What did he mean with that? Did she look like some sort of monster now? Her voice was still the same...not quite eleven...but she had thought that was because she hadn't used it for a while.

“You look older and that is because of your body trying to adapt...but if the growth of your magical core is not stopped or at least controlled...then...” He trailed off and looked at her with sad eyes.

“Then I'm going to die...?”

“Yes, Ginny. If we can't find a way to stop the growth of you core then your body will not be able to cope...and you'll die.”
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