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The walk to school didn't take me as long as I thought it would have, and I arrived fifteen minutes early. It wasn't a bad thing, as I could try to find my homeroom, the office or even the room in which I would spend my first lesson of the day in, Maths with Mrs Waterman.

There were signs on the walls around me, but none indicating where it was that I should go to. I think it would be best if I were to go to the office first, and make my way from there.

I looked down at the schedule in my hands. My maths room was 54. Now, I didn't know how this school was set out. Room numbers could be completely random, or they do actually go in a certain order. I looked at the number on the door next to me, 41. I looked to the next door, 40. So it does go in a certain order, which was good. Now, I had to look to see where I was on the map.

I gazed down at the sheet. I was in the English department. I knew that I was in room 45 for English, so I thought it best that I look for my English teacher, Mr Woodsen, and get him to tell me where to go.

Just as I thought, room 45 wasn't hard to find at all. I hesitantly knocked on the old wooden door. Seconds later, I heard a faint 'come in', so I turned the door knob and stepped inside.

It was a fairly large room with about fifteen tables and thirty chairs, not including Mr Woodsens desk and chair. The walls were covered in the student's work, and posters of William Shakespeare, Jane Austen and...Edward Scissorhands? The walls themselves were a beige color, with a dark brown carpet. The colors weren't great, but the room as a whole, was set out the way I thought an English room would look.

Finally, I turned my attention to the middle aged man sitting at his desk, in a green swivel chair. He looked to be around mid-forties. His brown hair was greying, and he was balding slightly. His facial expression was a happy one. His brown eyes shone where the light from the room had caught them. His style of clothes were smart casual. Beige trousers and a white dress shirt, with a beige waistcoat over the top. Tucked inside was a beige and brown tie. From just being in here for ten seconds, I knew this man liked the colors brown and beige.

Mr Woodsen, at least I assumed it was Mr Woodsen, smiled at me, and stood up from his chair. He walked forward and spoke, "May I help you young lady?" His voice was deep, but held a friendly tone to it.

I smiled back at him, "Yes. Are you Mr Woodsen?" The man nodded, "I'm Sam Phillips, I start here today, and I was wondering if you could help me find either my homeroom, my maths room or the office?"

Mr Woodsen smile grew, "So you're the new student? I am teaching for English later today is that correct?" I nodded this time, "Of course I can help you Sam. Follow me." He stepped around me, and opened his door. He held it open for me. As I passed, I said a small thank you, before he led me to one of the three places I asked to go to.

It was only a few minutes later we arrived outside a classroom. Mr Woodsen opened the door a little, but stopped when he wanted to talk to me, "This is your maths room. Don't worry about going to your homeroom, I'll sort that out for you. Just go talk to Mrs Waterman, and she'll help you out. Good luck with your first day, and I'll see you in English." He smiled once more.

"Thank you sir." He nodded before letting me pass into the empty classroom. I heard the door shut behind me, telling me that Mr Woodsen had now left, and was on his way back to his own classroom.

I didn't get a very good impression from the look of this classroom. The carpet was a dark grey, with pale grey walls. On the walls was work from other students and information about how Maths is important. Pretty much that I didn't care about.

"Excuse me young lady, are you supposed to be in here?" An old female voice asked me. The voice reminded me of those posh English ladies who drank tea from tiny cups, that had biscuits on the little plate the cup sat on. My mom watches ridiculous movies that I have sometimes watched.

I turned around and was met with a strict looking lady. Her hair was all grey and pulled back in what looked like an extremely tight bun. She wore thin glasses that sat on the edge of her pointed nose. Her eyes were blue, but could be mistaken for grey. Her clothes looked like something a lady would wear when Queen Victoria was around. She wore a grey and black dress that came down to her ankles, and sleeves that came down to her wrists. She wore black heels. Much like I had noticed with Mr Woodsen, Mrs Waterman very much liked the color grey.

"Oh I'm sorry, I'm Sam Phillips, I started here today. I am with you for first period. Mr Woodsen brought me here."

The old lady still kept the strict expression on her face. I knew so far I much preferred Mr Woodsen, "Yes, I have been told about you. Samantha Alicia Phillips, that correct?" I nodded, "Don't nod, answer me!" She spat.

I sighed silently, "Yes that is correct Mrs Waterman."

Mrs Waterman turned and began walking around the room to get to her desk while she talked to me, "There are a few rules if you wish to stay in my class Miss Phillips. Number one; You are not to arrive late to my lesson, nor arrive early. If you arrive early, that just gives me the impression that you have skipped part of the previous lesson, and skipping a lesson is not permitted in this school. Number two; There will be absolutely no talking in my classroom. Number three; If you wish to speak, you raise your hand and wait patiently for me to answer you. Break any of these rules Miss Phillips and I will put you in another math class, where you will not disturb my lesson anymore. Is that understood?"

As she spoke to me, I wondered what had made this woman seem so nasty. Maybe if we got to know each other better, she would relax a little. But then again, I didn't really want to get to know her.

"Yes Mrs Waterman."

"Good. Now sit at the back and wait for the lesson to begin. I'll get you a book." She walked off, and into the closet behind her desk.

I sighed, and went to sit in the seat I was told, setting my bag on the floor. I kept the schedule and map on the table, so I knew I wouldn't lose them.

It was only a few minutes later that I heard a bell ring, and I heard the stomping of students footsteps on the floor, running or walking, it didn't matter, it still made a lot of noise.

I heard Mrs Waterman make disappointing noises at the front of the class. This woman didn't approve of much from what I could make out.

"Did you see the game last night? Big disappointment I can tell you." A boy asked another boy as they walked into the room together. I thought Mrs Waterman said 'absolutely no talking'?

More people entered the room, yet none took notice of the new face that had now changed the Maths room. They all sat in their seats, and continued to talk. I noticed that no one was sat near me. The closest person was two rows away.

The talking continued until Mrs Waterman stood up and grabbed a large ruler, and slammed it against her desk. Instantly the class went silent.

Mrs Waterman smiled sarcastically, "Good morning class, it's nice to see you again, after having just sixteen hours apart." I had expected the room to groan, but it still kept silent, "Now before we go over the homework I set you last night and get started on algebra, I want to introduce you to our new student. Say hello to Samantha." She pointed to me, which made the whole class turn around and greet me politely, although I knew most of these were anything but polite.

When they had turned back in their seats, I decided to tell Mrs Waterman about my name, "Mrs Waterman? Could I ask for you to call me Sam and not Samantha?"

There were giggles from some of the people in the class, but most kept silent.

Mrs Waterman looked angrier than what she had looked when I first came into this classroom, and replied to my question, "Would you like a detention on your first day?" I shook my head, "Then raise your hand if you need to ask a question."

There were a few more giggles from the class before Mrs Waterman slammed her ruler on the desk again, and she continued on with the lesson.

I sighed silently again, and wondered how this day had already got off to a bad start.
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