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After my first two periods of the day, which were Math and History, was break. At this time, I was told to meet Tom outside of the gym. I wasn't sure why he wanted me to meet him, but I hoped it wouldn't be as awkward as it was this morning.

I watched as all the guys came from the gym all clean after having a shower. I was surprised by how many nice looking guys there were in the school. Not that I was expecting anything to come from it. I was just looking.

Tom was the last person to exit the gym and he face broke into a huge smile when he saw me waiting. He walked quickly over to me and wrapped his arms around me. I quite happily did the same back, "Hey. How was your morning?" He asked, whispering the question in my ear.

I pulled away from him and shrugged, "Okay, I guess." I replied with a smile, "Was there any reason you wanted to see me?"

He smiled dropped a little and he formed words mentally, "I just... Think we should get to know each other better," I raised my eyebrows and watched as his face turned a slight red, "What I mean is... You'll be helping with Suzanne, right?" I nodded, "That's cool, and I want to know you better."

I nodded again, but felt disappointed that he didn't tell me what he actually wanted to say, "Yeah, that's cool. But we don't really have time now. We have ten minutes until we have to get to class." I regretted saying that to him when I saw the look of disappointment on his face. I sighed mentally, "But I guess we can talk quickly now."

Tom let a smile spread across his face and he nodded, "Sure." He held out his arm to me, and I linked my arm with his. Our smiles never left our faces as we went over to an empty bench, where we just talked until the bell sounded.

"Zack, if you can't give an appropriate answer to the class, then please don't answer at all. It's been this way since Freshman year. Cut it out." Mr Woodsen told Zack Hammer-smith, a football player, when he answered a question with a rude comment.

The class laughed at Zack for being his usual self. I laughed too, and so did Mr Woodsen. He just wasn't a teacher to take things too seriously, which is what I liked about him. English classes were so much fun for me. And having Tom, Reece and Johnny sitting with me made the class all the more hilarious.

When Mr Woodsen had stopped laughing and refocused on the class, he spoke again, "Now class, what I want you to do now is -" He was cut off by the sound of the bell. He sighed and smiled, but continued, "Is to go to your next class. We'll finish this off tomorrow guys. Have a great evening."

When I left the class, I said bye to Tom as Delilah came down the hall to me. She smiled and linked my arm. I was glad we were in the same Art class. If it wasn't for that, we may never have met.

Because this time I was with Delilah, there was no reason for me to turn up late. For that, I am slightly upset about that, but also slightly happy. I was upset because I don't have less time with that evil monster like I usually do, but happy because I can't get into trouble for doing anything wrong.

As we entered the classroom, everyone was seated in their usual seats. And unfortunately, this was where Delilah left me; she had her place at the front of the class, whereas I was at the back. Delilah looked at me, "I'll see you after class." I just nodded and smiled before making my way to the back.

It felt odd being in this classroom when he wasn't here. It may sound weird, but it was as if the room was brighter when he wasn't in it. I had thought this place to be dark, like he was. I knew it would soon become a dark place again when I saw that there was still three minutes before the lesson began. He would be turning up shortly.

The next time I gazed up at the clock, fifteen minutes had passed, and still Gerard Way had not come to class to teach, yet everyone stayed perfectly still, and silent. I sighed, were we just gonna sit here like this until the bell went?

Suddenly, a dark haired boy ran into the classroom with a huge smile on his face. I recognized him as Matt, a skater. He waited a second, allowing himself to regain his breath before he spoke, "I heard from Mr Howard that we were getting someone else to teach us today."

From what I could see, every single student in the class dropped their jaw. My guess was that it was very, very rare for Gerard not to teach his class. A voice from the corner of the class sounded very much surprised, "Are you sure? I mean, I haven't seen him all day, but... Are you sure?"

Everyone looked back at Matt as if he had the answer. He nodded quickly, "I'm really sure. Mr Howard just told me. He hasn't seen him all day either."

What happened next almost knocked me off my chair. Everyone in the class got to their feet and threw pieces of paper in the air. They were cheering. They were happy. For a reason unknown to me, I started laughing to myself. I had been worrying all day for nothing. But by the looks of the people here, so had they. And now everyone was celebrating this rare occasion.

"PAINT FIGHT!" Someone yelled. Before I had time to respond to what was said, a large tub of yellow paint was thrown in the air, spilling on nearly everyone, and landing on tables, chairs and the floor.

Soon, everyone else got involved. Except me. This was just all too weird, and I was having so much fun just watching it. Yellow and red were being mixed together to make orange. Blue and yellow were being mixed to make green. Everything in this room was covered in paint, even me, though not as much as everyone else.

The suddenly, a loud bang made everyone stand still and look towards where the sound had just come from. Within seconds, everyone dropped tubs of paint and scrambled to their seats, their rightful seats.

I looked towards the door and gasped when I saw that it was the man we all thought wasn't here. Gerard. And he did not look too happy. But then again, when does he ever look happy. Quickly, the fear I felt the last time I saw him came back.

Gerard looked at his room. I remember Delilah telling me that he doesn't like mess. He gazed around, glaring at any student he saw. He stepped further into the classroom and over to his desk, still looking over the room.

We all watched as he pulled out his chair. He then looked at it in disgust when he saw it was covered in green and purple paint and pushed the chair away from him with strong force, sending it into some sculptures. Two sculptures crashed to the floor.

Nobody moved, or said anything still when that happened.

He began again to gaze around his ruined room until his eyes came to me. He looked passed me without a second thought, and I silently sighed with relief, that is until his stare quickly came back to me.

I watched as he walked around his desk and stepped a little closer to me. He never took his eyes from me. He then raised his arm, pointing a finger at me and spoke, "You. After class." Sending shivers down my spine.

Gerard then turned away from all of us, stomping out of his classroom, slamming the door again behind him.
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