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Chapter 3

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I'm back after a loooong hiatus! Sorry I kept you guys waiting. I mean, I'm not sure how many of you have actually read this other than falloutboynumber1fan and cnharp, but I'll pretend it's hundreds of you just to feed my ego =D


I checked my reflection in the gold, "218" room marker for the umpteen millionth time. I had no idea why I was so nervous. It was only going to be in and out. Get my phone back from William and leave. Right? So why couldn't I shake the butterflies fluttering around in my stomach?

I swallowed hard and knocked on the door. A nanosecond later I was eye-level with some sort of Indian bird chest piece. The person attached to it looked down at me, grinning.

"Well well well, decided you wanted more, eh?" I looked up at him, raising my eyebrow slightly.

"I'm not sure what you're talking about or how you even know me. I just want my cell phone back. Is William here?"

He leaned against the doorjamb, still grinning. "You really don't remember me?"

I sighed. This was aggravating business, being smirked at by a half naked man, claiming I should know who he is. Tugging the bottom of my hair, I let out a frustrated sigh.

"You know what? This is stupid. I need my cell phone. Not tomorrow, not in ten minutes, now. So if you aren't going to help me out then let me know now so I can stop wasting my time." It was rare that I would loose my patience, but I couldn't take this. I was already embarrassed enough because of my actions from the night before and I wanted to make this as quick and painless as possible. Unfortunately it looked like he had other plans. With mock anguish, he put his hand over his heart and pouted at me.

"What is with you rock star girls? Toy with a guy's emotions all night then pretend like you don't even know him the next day." My eyes widened and I could feel my face turning a lovely shade of red. Suddenly my shoes were very interesting. He laughed and opened the door the rest of the way. "Come on in. William isn't here, but he told me you'd be stopping by." He disappeared into the room, leaving me out in the hallway. I sighed again and walked inside, closing the door behind me.

The room was in surprisingly good condition for being inhabited by the male species. The living room in which I was standing was a little smaller than the one back at my own hotel, but since it was a corner room, there were huge windows on both of the outside walls, making it appear to be much larger. The furniture was nothing to really brag about, nor was the generic wall art, but I suppose for a temporary home it was nice enough.

What was I going on about? Why did I even care what their hotel room looked like? I suppose it was the way he looked at me that put my nerves even more on edge. So I had gotten drunk and maybe said some suggestive things to him (or not, I still was very unclear about what exactly went down the night before). I felt horrible, probably because it was incredibly out of my nature to do things like that. I wondered if maybe behind that playful grin and kind eyes there was someone who might actually care that I didn't recall the night before.

He finally came out of what I assumed was a bedroom, my phone in one hand and a shirt in the other. "It wouldn't stop ringing, so be prepared for a lot of voice mail when you turn it back on." I took it from him and put it in my pocket.

"Look, I'm real sorry about last night. I don't normally do things like that and...well....wanna start over?" I bit my lip while he looked me over. He finally smiled and stuck out his hand.

"Hi, I'm Andy, but mostly people call me 'The Butcher.' " I shook his hand, giggling softly and silently thanking the world for making the awkward go away.

"Aubrey Nichole. Nice to meet you."

He smiled then pulled on his t-shirt. "Dinner?" I cocked my head to the side. Was he asking me out? I must've looked confused because he smiled even wider. "Well, it is almost five, and you look like you could stand to gain a few pounds." I dropped my jaw in fake shock while he walked around the living room, collecting his keys, wallet, and cell phone.

"You know, most men complain that we're not slim enough..." We left the room and walked to the elevator. I hit the button down and waited, arms crossed, tapping my toes.

"So where to?" I rolled my eyes.

"Look, it was really nice of you to invite me, but I have to get some work done tonight." The elevator doors opened and we both walked in. I should’ve taken the stairs.

"Well then how about tomorrow?" He still held his smile, but it was all too apparent that he felt a little defeated. His eyes said it all.

"Tomorrow I'll be waking up at six in the morning to board a plane to San Diego."

The last minute or so of our elevator trip remained in silence. The elevator eventually stopped moving and the doors opened with a soft ding. He let me out first.

"So, uh, thanks for my phone. Sorry I can't make it to dinner."

"That’s okay. Maybe when you get back from touring we can get together." He took my hand, kissing it gently and that was it. We went our separate ways.

While walking out to the car, I turned on my cell phone. In no time at all, I had six voicemail notifications and at least 20 texts. I sighed, getting into the back seat of the car and sifting through the messages. After reading the first three, I at least knew that Tosh was fine. Apparently he went home with some blonde and I shouldn't worry too much about him. The next few were from Travis, Ashlee, and a couple other people from the bar, asking if I had gotten home alright. The voice mails were probably about the same, so I decided not to bother.

Getting back to my room was more than I could ask for at this point. I ordered room service and began packing the few belongs I had scattered around the suite. Eventually I called Tosh to make sure he would be ready for tomorrow, but of course, no answer. Room service came in record time and after eating I completely finished packing.

I grabbed my ipod and walked into the bathroom. Nothing helped me relax more before a tour than a nice bath. I turned the faucets to the right temperature and plug the drain. While waiting for the tub to fill, I noticed I had a new message from an unknown number. I opened it eagerly, it read, "Hey Aubrey, it's Brendon. Going to be in LA for a while, saw you have a show there soon. Drinks after?" I mentally smacked myself. I had forgotten all about my promise to Ashlee. I sent him a message back, saying that would be great. I dropped a lavender bath bomb into the water along with some vanilla bubble bath and sunk in. I turned my ipod onto shuffle and let my mind wander while I soaked in the tub.

I wondered what drinks with Brendon would be like. I wondered what Andy might think if he knew about it. I shook my head. Why did I care what he thought? I had just met the guy, well, sort of, and I already did not like him. He was arrogant and, to be honest, I felt like he was mocking me the whole time I was there today. And that sarcastic smile? Okay, admittedly, it was adorable and maybe made my knees shake, but still. There was no way I cared about what he thought.

After about forty minutes, I got out of the tub, dried off, and pulled on some pajamas. I set my alarm for a quarter to six and got into bed. I was soon fast asleep, my dreams haunted by interesting tattoos, playful grins, and short light-brown curls.


"Thank you Los Angeles!!"

The lights dimmed on stage when we finished our encore. I wiped the beads of sweat from my forehead with my stage towel and started helping Tosh and the roadies take apart his drum set.

"So, I heard Brendon Urie was watching from the wings tonight. Oh, look. There he is." I glared the loudmouth guitarist standing behind me.

"Shut up, Shaun." The boys had been giving me a hard time every second they could since Tosh told them the news about drinks after the show. I tried desperately to keep it from them, but being significantly shorter than the people snooping through your text messages does have its faults.

I smacked his arm and turned to the wing. Sure enough, there was Brendon in the middle of a very animated conversation with Jake. "Hold this." I shoved a bass pedal into Shaun's hands and walked over to where they stood. Brendon looked at me with a billion dollar smile and I couldn't help but return it.

"Great show, Aubrey. I was just telling Jake how much I loved the new song." I blushed softly.

"Thanks. It took forever to write. The boys didn't like the original melody or something." We both laughed, but it was hard not to shake the awkward air around us. "I'm gunna take a quick shower, then we can go?" He nodded and agreement and I left him with Jake to discuss whatever it was boys their age talked about when the girls weren't around.

Twenty minutes later, Brendon and I were walking into an upscale bar in the heart of LA, he with a boyish grin playing on his lips, and me with the apprehension of at ten year old girl wondering exactly what she was getting herself into.

Chapter 4 is being written right now. Once again, sorry that I sort of abandoned this place for a while, but you all know how life is. Thanks for reading! PLEASE REVIEW!
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