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i gotta feeling

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I sat there wondering why they were all just staring at me. I felt odd just standing there with all these guys staring at me.
"Alice these are my friends... The blond one thats Bob, Glasses Mikey, but I think you've already met him,"he chuckled and my uncle continued "Afro is Ray, Black shaggy hair is Gerard , Mikeys older brother And last but not least Frank the short hyperactive one." I looked at them all and said a low hello. I still felt wierd being there. I went into the kitchen to get something to eat. I was starving! Looking through the fridge and cuborts I finally found some cereal and made myself a bowl.

"Fuckers! You guys are just jelous cause im fucking sexy!" I heard someone yell from the living room. When I walked into the living room on the table stood Frankie posing in different sexual posses.
I couldnt help myself and said "Yes Frankie, your the most sexiest Man I have ever seen in my life!" They all looked at me and laughed.
"Finally someone agrees with me!" Frankie said getting off the table.
"Hey ALice, did you want to come with us for dinner tonight?" Rene asked me.
"uhhh Yeah sure if you want."
"Well go get ready we need to go and get our freak on!" Frank said. I laughed and headed to my room to get dressed.

I went to my closet and pulled out a plad skirt and a blank tank top. I went to my dresser and grabbed a pear of black knee high socks. I got dressed and did my hair and fixed my make up. Once I was satisfied with the way I looked I put on my black stileto's and went to meet the guys down stairs.

"Wow you look hot!" Frank said. I laughed and said thank you.
"So were we going to eat?" I asked
"Just going to a bar and grill." Rene answered and I nodded. Then I noticed all of the guys were just staring at me.
"uhh guys? You ok? "
They all shook there heads and mumbled sorrys but Gerard just kept staring. I met his eyes and smiled. he smiled back then walked towards me.
"Would you like to ride with me?" he asked in a low voice.
I smiled at him and answered "Ofcourse I would."
he took my hand and lead me outside to his car. We sat in silence as we waited for everyone else to get into the vehicles.
Finally we all left.
"so Alice, how you liking it here so far?" Gerard asked not really looking at my face.
"I like it alot. I feel better here then I did at my parents." I giggled.
"Well maybe sometime we can go for coffee?" he asked. I hope this is as friends she thought to herself. she was sixteen going on seventeen and he in his twentys. Even though he was gorgeous.
"sure if you'd like."
"Yeah I really would like that." he finally looked at me and smiled.

At the bar and grill everyone sat at the biggest table they had. I sat beside Gerard and my uncle. Frank, Bob, Ray and Mikey sat on the other side of the table.
"Want me to sneak you a drink?" My uncle asked since I was still underage.
"sure but wont you get into trouble?"
"nahh. Don't worry about it." he laughed and headed to the bar. soon he returned with a ceaser and a beer for himself.
"hey guys I was thinking maybe after were done here we could head to the store get some drinks and head back to my place?" Rene asked this to everyone.

everyone had agreed to this. Our food arrived and everyone ate quickly. Once everyone was done we all set out to the store. Rene ran in and got the alcohol and ran back to his car. I was still riding with Gerard. We talked about music, books and many other topics. Once we arrived everyone pilled into the house. I had a feeling that this night was going to be long.
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