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The Blood Red Shinigami

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Ichigo has just come back from Soul Society and when all is settled a new threat appears. Sent by Aizen, the blood red shinigami merely wants to "play". WHo is the shinigami and is Ichigo in a surp...

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Qternalanimator: Hey all! Well, this is my first Bleach fanfiction. I hope you enjoy it!

-Behind qternal is a cupboard and someone is knocking on it-

Qternal: Oh? Let's see who is in there?

Ichigo: OI!!!! WHY AM I IN THE CUPBOARD?!?!?!?!?

Qternal: Ichigo... Just recite what we practiced

Ichigo: ...

Qternal: DO IT!

Ichigo: Fine. Qternalanimator does not own Bleach and the characters related to it. She owns the idea of this plot though and the idea of the Blood red shinigami. What is the blood red shinigami?

Qternal: You'll see! Enjoy!


“Is she ready?”

“Yes, she is ready for her first mission in the living world.”

“Good, get the hollow to keep a firm eye on her. She can’t be allowed to run free. She is after all only an experiment.”

“Yes Captain!”


“Ichigo! Ichigo, wake up!”

A body stirred in the bed at this shouting but didn’t really respond to it. The thing that was causing the noise wasn’t a person but a stuffed lion.


The body in the bed grumbled and reached out and grabbed the lion: “Kon! Why are you annoying my sleep!”

“Hollow! There are a bunch of Hollows! Near Inoue’s house!” Kon the lion managed to say in between being strangled to death.

The boy sat up in bed and ruffled his head of orange hair, he looked to his cupboard and almost wanted to go and wake Rukia. But she was here in the real world on holiday really. He groaned and got up: “Stupid Kon! You are always a pest!” Ichigo threw Kon to one side and opened his window. He had become like the unofficial guard here in the real world, nobody in the land of the shinigami wanted him back there really so they just left things as is.


Ichigo ran along the tops of roofs with Zangetsu poised before him. He could sense where the Hollows were; they were very close by to Inoue’s house.

He jumped to the ground to find four Hollows just circling around, it confused him somewhat: “What? I can’t find any soul around? What are these here for? No matter…” He gripped Zangetsu and jumped into the air, aiming for the head of the one Hollow. He was just about to connect with the one when suddenly, as if they weren’t there in the first place, the Hollows just vanished.

“Wait! What?” Ichigo looked around in surprise, it was impossible that they had just disappeared.

“Kurosaki Ichigo…”

Ichigo heard the voice and looked around as he landed on the ground: “Who is there?”

“Nobody you need to know.”

“Hey! If you’re going to be taunt me then let me see you!” Ichigo said in slight annoyance, he hated cowards.

“Fine, just look properly fool.”

Ichigo gritted his teeth and looked around in frustration till he eventually saw the person. A silhouette that was against the moon that stood and looked at him. He stepped forward to look more clearly.

The person was female, he could clearly tell by her long black hair. It billowed in the wind as she stood there. She was wearing something familiar to the Shinigami costume but it seemed red rather than black. He looked at her face and saw her skin was slightly pale; a mask made of bone with a vicious grin and red flecks covered half of it. The other half of her face was open and solemn in its look. Her eye was bright and luminescent green in the dark. She held two blades, long with curved points.

“Are you a shinigami? Or are you a Hollow? Who are you?” Ichigo shouted and stood his ground very clearly.

The girl turned her back on him and stepped away, she turned back and smirked before she leapt off the ground and disappeared.

“Hey! Wait a minute!” Ichigo shouted and looked around but couldn’t sense her anywhere.


The morning sun filtered through the cupboard of Ichigo’s room and caused Rukia to flutter her eyelids. She turned around and in her half awake state she smiled, many a day had she slept in here before she was imprisoned. It was nice being allowed to come and visit.

“Rukia! Wake up! I want to get clothes! Rukia!” Ichigo was grouchy and still tired but with it being school that day he had to be up and disturb Rukia. Rukia was going to school with Ichigo too, she enjoyed it and sometimes strangely missed it.

“RUKIA!” Ichigo got annoyed and pulled open his cupboard door only to receive a punch to the face that sent him flying to his bed, he sat up clutching his face and looked at his friend.

Rukia climbed out the cupboard in her school uniform and rearranged her hair quite calmly, she looked at Ichigo with a sense of defiance: “Ichigo, hurry up or we’ll be late!”

“Nee- san! I’m so glad you are up!” Kon ran up to Rukia and jumped up into her arms, he loved the action he got from Rukia.

“Yes Kon, what’d Ichigo do now?” Rukia asked with a smirk, she knew this would irk Ichigo but he would have to concentrate on getting ready really fast or they would be late for school.

Kon put on his most defenceless voice: “I told him about the Hollows outside last night and he tossed me aside like I meant nothing!”

Rukia’s face became stern as she watched Ichigo pull on a shirt: “What happened with the Hollows? Did you destroy them?”

Ichigo slipped on his shoes and answered bluntly: “No.”

“What? So they are still out there? Ichigo! You baka!” Rukia said in horror, in these times with Aizen on the loose and him being in a liaison with Hollows… letting them run free was not the answer.

Ichigo opened up the door of his room and stormed down the steps, leaving Rukia to have to jump out his window as always. He was in no mood to talk to anyone; he even stormed past his own family without a word. They didn’t complain, they simply thought that he might have teenage boy type issues on his mind.

Outside Rukia ran up to Ichigo and grabbed his collar: “What happened last night?”

Ichigo growled and pushed Rukia off him so that he could storm off to school. She ran behind him, now a bit worried.


“I was beaten to the Hollows!” Ichigo finally snapped and glared at Rukia.

Rukia’s jaw dropped: “That’s impossible unless it was Ishida or Inoue or even…”

Ichigo shook his head: “No it was a Shinigami in a red uniform…”

Rukia and Ichigo entered the school grounds, Rukia had not quite understood what Ichigo had said: “Shinigami wear black Ichigo, you should know that.”

“Like I said she wore red and had half a Hollow face!” Ichigo was very uptight about this issue, he had felt like this strange Shinigami had bruised his ego and was in his territory.

Rukia stopped dead in her tracks as she heard Ichigo’s description: “She could be an… Arrancar? Impossible, those are of legend and they wear white in those tales.

“Kuchiki- san is back!”

Suddenly around Rukia’s neck were the arms of Inoue. She hugged Rukia tightly till even Chad, Tatsuki and Ishida came along to welcome her back. The sight of her old friends made her happy but this news from Ichigo troubled her mentally. It was impossible that a Shinigami could be dressed that way… let alone an Arrancar.

“Kuchiki-san are you back for good?” Inoue asked as she shoved Rukia into a seat by her and Tatsuki in the class.

Rukia shook her head: “No, it’s just a bit of a holiday in a way.”

Chad looked at Ichigo who was staring out the window with a scowl set on his face and his arms folded in. He stepped in front of Ichigo: “We fight our battles together…”

“Huh?” Ichigo snapped out of his daze and saw the stern look of Chad, he shook his head, “Not even Ishida could help me here.”

“You could try us you baka,” Ishida said in annoyance and shook his head at Ichigo’s stubborn behaviour.

Ichigo scowled and looked as Chad and Ishida sat next to him in class, it certainly was a change from last year where Ishida sat nowhere near him. Ichigo groaned and looked out the window: “I fought Hollows last night but was beaten to it by a girl…”

“Inoue?” Ishida asked.

“Kuchiki-san?” Chad asked, both the boys still found these two being highly unlikely answers.

Ichigo shook his head: “No, she was different…”

The registration teacher for the class walked in so everyone fell silent and sat at their places. Behind the man walked someone dressed in the schools uniform.

“We have a new student class,” the teacher said as the student stepped forward; “Her name is Fujiwara Midori.”

The girl stepped forward with her nose in a book; she glanced up at everyone and looked around. She had bright green eyes and smiled only slightly. Her hair was long and black; she had it tied back behind her in a ponytail: “Konnichiwa.”

She then walked down the aisle and sat next to Ichigo’s two friends. Kojima Mizuiro and Asano Keigo. Ichigo rolled his eyes; he knew that those two would be dying of happiness inside with this girl sitting next to them.

“Fujiwara- san! I am Kojima Mizuiro and this here is Asano Keigo. It is a pleasure to have such a beauty sitting next to us!” Mizuiro said, as he looked her up and down with this huge grin on his face. Midori on the other hand didn’t look up, didn’t even talk back, she just simply sat there and read her book.


Ichigo: Shimatta! When I see that shinigami again!!!!! I'll kill her!!!!!

Qternal: Yeah whatever! closes the cupboard Anyway! I hope you all enjoyed it! Please rate and review!!!!
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