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And So It Is

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Sasuke looked into Naruto’s blue eyes wishing he could kiss his lips, but he knew better than that. Naruto was still upset thanks to his actions and rushing him into things wouldn’t do any good. He was content with just being able to have him near.

“Do you want to spend the night here?” Naruto asked, digging his head into Sasuke’s chest.

“If you want me to, I will,” he answered.

“Great!” Naruto exclaimed grabbing Sasuke’s hand and looking directly into his eyes. “I have band practice tomorrow, at Sakura’s. We are practicing for Konoha’s Music Fest which is in like a week. You should come and see us play! I’m sure you will like it! We have progressed a lot in this past year.”

Sasuke smiled. “I would love to see you play,” he said.

Naruto hugged him again. “Do you love me Sasuke?” he asked, pressing hard against his chest.

“Yes I do,” he replied. “I will always love you.”

Naruto smiled and once again grabbed his hand. This time he dragged him to bed. “Love me like the first time we were together, Sasuke.”

“I can’t do that Naruto,” he protested. “It wouldn’t be right.”

“Why not?!”

“You still don’t trust me right?” Sasuke asked and Naruto stayed silent. “I don’t want us to do anything just because you want to be loved. I want to show you I really love you in other ways that don’t involve sex.”


“Do you love me Naruto?”

Naruto stayed silent once again. “Why do you even ask?”

“I know you love me, but an hour ago you were hating my guts and…”

Naruto interrupted him with a kiss. “Shut up you teme,” he whispered in his ear. “You talk too much.”


“You want something to eat?” Naruto suddenly asked.

“Yeah, I guess I would like some ramen,” Sasuke responded, quite shocked at the rapid subject change.

“Oh no,” Naruto intervened. “Today is not ramen day. I promised Itachi I will only have ramen two days a week. He says it’s better for me.”

Sasuke shrugged a little at the name, but quickly let it go, not wanting to ruin the moment. “Oh, so what are we having?”

“Mmm… I haven’t gone shopping in a while so its either cereal or cereal,” Naruto answered as he looked through his kitchen.

They both ate their honey cereal silently. Sasuke still skeptic about Naruto’s attitude towards this particular situation. He had been gone for a year and now he was treating him like nothing had happened.

“What’s on your mind?” Naruto asked.

“You,” Sasuke answered, with his usual stoic face.

Naruto blushed. Sasuke still had that effect on him. It never mattered what he would say, it would always cause a reaction on him. “You know, ever since you left I have been imagining what this day would be like, you know, seeing you again.”

“So? Is it like you imagined?”

“Not really,” Naruto answered. “It my mind there was a lot more drama you know. I slapped you a couple of times and you would try to persuade that you did nothing wrong and I would cry…”

Sasuke chuckled. “Aren’t you cute?” Naruto blushed at this remark. “Well, Itachi was the one who punched me and I guess trying to rape you and my long boring speeches count as persuasion and when it comes to you crying,” he made a long pause while he looked into Naruto’s eyes. “Well, you are a crybaby.”

Naruto grunted. “And you are still the same jerk…”

“Its already late, let go to bed,” Sasuke slurred as he stood up.

“Its only seven,” Naruto interjected.

“Yeah, but I’m already tired and I really want you to sleep with me,” he told. “Remember you are the only thing in this world that can make me sleep.”

Naruto looked closely at his eyes; they were just like when they started hanging out, red and tired. “Let’s go to bed,” Naruto demanded.

They both changed into a simple monotone shirt and their boxers and got into Naruto’s covers. “Hey Naruto,” Sasuke called while looking at him. Naruto’s eyes instantly turned to meet his onyx and smiled, waiting for him to tell him something. “Good night,” he slurred and kissed his forehead.

Naruto blushed and then smiled. “Good night,” he said, pressing his head against Sasuke’s chest.


Itachi looked into his boss’ blue eyes. “I think they are ready.”

He smiled. “Well then, bring Naruto to me as soon as possible.”



I just wanted a cute chapter before what’s going to happen next. Hope you enjoy it.
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