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Letters From the Owls

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I stink at summaries, oh well. Frank receives letters from Hogwarts, only for them to be kept away from him by his Uncle Frank.

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Again, I don't own Harry Potter or My Chemical Romance, any of the characters in here.
Hope you like the story :D

"Wake up!" I heard the loud scream immediatly and sighed. Not again, I thought as I walked out to see a smiling Uncle Frank... was I seeing all right. I ran into the cupboard and picked my glasses off the table to look at him better. He was smiling, and it was real. I shook my head and let it go. "What's got you so happy?" Asked Aunt Sharon. Uncle Frank shrugged.
"Nothing, it's just that school will start soon and I've been thinking to sending this one off to Stonewall High, what do you think?"
"Well I think it'd be a lovely idea, don't you Frank." She gave me a stern look as a click came from the front of the house. "That must be the mail, would you be as to so kind as to get it Frank." I nodded and walked over, picking the mail of the floor.
Something, something made me stop but I didn't know what. It was an odd feeling of someone watching me. What was it? I turned around and walked over to the window to see owls parched up all around the Privet Drive. Owls? Owls don't come out during the day they come out at night. What was wrong with me? I flipped through the mail, seeing what was going on around here.
Bill for Frank, birthday card for Andrew, birthday card, birthday card, acceptance letter for Frank Iero? I leaned my head so I the kitchen was in view, no one was watching me. I quickly tried to stuff the letter down my pocket. "What's that you got there?" Andrew snatched the letter out of my pocket and into his chubby fingers. "Who would write a letter to you? Must be a loser." He laughed running into the kitchen. "MUM, DAD, FRANK GOT A LETTER!"
"GIVE IT BACK! It's mine!" I screamed trying to jump up to get the letter from his hands. I might have been faster, but he was taller. "What's that you got there, Andrew?" Uncle Frank took the letter from his hands and read the front then giving me a stern look. "What?" I asked.
He shook his head, getting up from the table and going into the fireplace. He tossed the letter into the fireplace, smiling away as before. I looked at him, wanted him just to disappear, but of coarse this was one thing that wasn't going to happen... that doesn't mean I didn't get more letters.
In fact, I got several, just in the day. Uncle Frank burned everyone talking to me about Stonewall as he smiled. "You know they stuff your head down a toilet the first day there, would you like to practice?" He smiled widely. I shook my head in disgust. "I think I'd have to pass up on that, thank you." He shrugged and continued tossing the letters into the fire. Another click. "Probably the postman, I'll get it." I went to the front door and with no surprise there were more Hogwarts letters. I was glad I was a bit smarter than them, I stuffed the a letter in my pocket when - "OH NO YOU DON'T!" I sighed and went to sit on the couch. "They're gonna keep sending letters, they already sent us dozen, what's so secretive about them that you don't want me knowing!" I demanded.

Just then, the house began to shake. The glass on the shelves, the books all fell onto the floor. Andrew broke into tears, displaying his fear enough so I wished I had a camera. Even Uncle Frank, who never showed mercy, broke into tears and hugged his son. I stood up, looking outside and seeing hundreds, maybe thousands of owls soaring through the air and to our house. I smiled and saw them dropping letters. The door clicked and I heard the thumping of paper onto a carpet floor. Even through the chimney, letters soared into the house until minutes the whole house was filled with flying paper. Here's my chance, I thought as I jumped onto one of the couches and attempted to catch on in the air. Paper hit my palm and I held it tight running for the cupboard.
"GIVE ME THAT LETTER!" My Uncle Frank screamed, grabbing hold tight on my waist. "Let go of me, it's my letter!" He continued to hold onto my waist. More letters continued to fly in, regardless that our house was already filled with them. "That's it!" He shouted. "We're moving away, far away! Where they can't find us." I felt the letter get ripped out of my hands and fell on to the ground. My glasses fell off my head leaving me vulnerable to any blow that would probably come. Instead I felt being lifted off the ground and into a car and overhearing a conversation about a deserted island. This couldn't be good.

k this is the end for this chapter, it was acctually much longer but then I thought you wouldn't want to read so much at once :) i wouldn't haha anyway, the rest would be put up as another chapter
byebye! ^__^
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