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Die Tonight Live Forever

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We’re going to die, all of us. (Collab from CaroBeckett & ohhai)

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Caro POV

I sighed. Humanity was going to dig its own grave and carry itself to it's grave. Since the first of December, everyone left their lives in the shadows to blow every penny that they had ever made. Now the only things left of the once lively civilization were hookers, bars and slot machines. David laid on the dirty mattress on the basement floor. His long lean arms tucked behind his head. He had been laying the same way for the last three days, flicking through news channels which only reported more incidents and added to the uncontrolled chaos. He said it would be safe here, for me. Locked in a basement until things got better. Everyday the number of dead bodies raised. The number or robberies and rapes. The only things that hadn't raised were stock points, employment rates and concern for others.

"David, what if things don't get better out there" I asked. His large brown eyes shifted from the television screen to mine. Through the curtain of lashes, he looked up at me. The lines on his forehead creased, like they did when he was caught up in thought. His full lips parted, but it took him another minute to build up the words.

"Baby, things will be better. Maybe not today or tomorrow, or in a million years, but eventually" he offered, and I knew that was all he could promise. Things hadn't let up, in ten days, and with ten still left to the quote end of the world unquote, there was little chance of humanity finding a cure to recklessness. I crashed beside him, laying my head on his chest.

"I don't understand what happened" I spoke quietly, tracing an invisible pattern on his gray v-neck. He pulled his arm around my shoulder, holding me against him.

"Humanity gave up on living by rules. People got fed up. People stopped caring. They used this media inflated story to rebel against their own social standards" he said. His other arm was still neatly folded behind his head.

"Dave, would you be out there, if you didn't have to take care of me" I asked, almost cautiously.

"Probably. I mean, its different though. Those people, they're all hunting for a little freedom. A little thrill. They never felt alive. I have that already, in my arms" I could hear the smile in the end. I felt the warmth of his lips on my forehead, and I smiled against his chest, the smell of humidity and dirt fading against Dave's smell of cologne, sweat, coffee and green apple shampoo. It was comforting, he was the only familiar thing left to me.

"You know David, chances are, I would kill a mugger in half the time you would" I said. My eyes trailing across the room, to the shotgun that was against the wall. I knew how to shoot, daddy's little girl had learned about guns, like all the little boys in our family.

"But I would much rather said mugger tear me apart over ever laying a finger on your pretty little head, cause then I'd truly have to kill him" he growled out. I shivered.

"But babe, look around you. I'm right here, perfectly fine. We are together, things are okay and beyond that door, there's a world that will be okay too. So for right now, neither of us has a thing to worry" I spoke, while standing up. David stood behind me, not making an attempt to touch me, or even speak, just like a shadow. I walked towards the small fridge in the corner, pulling out a juicebox. I stabbed it with a straw. Dave's arm reached over my shoulder, to swipe my juicebox.

"Douchebag" I laughed, while turning. He smirked, while slurping down every last drop. I rolled my eyes, and he tossed the juicebox to the trash can in the corner, missing by a good foot. A pout situated itself onto my lips.

"Is little Caro angry cause Davey stole her juice" he spoke childishly, which only led me to roll my eyes at him. I crossed my arms over my chest.

"You're such an asshole" I hissed. He chuckled, opening hsi arms to me.

"Come here baby girl" he said, motioning me with his arms. I was only a step away from crashing into his chest, but I stood my ground, with a small shrug.

"Don't be so complicated" he pulled me against him, wrapping his arms around me. And I leaned against him, waiting for a kiss, touch or word. But nothing, we just stood there, I was cradled in his arms, my head against his chest, and he just held me there. He held me in his arms for I don't know how long, and hesitated to let go and for a moment, I was sure he was never going to let me go.

Brooke POV

A cold gust blew through the wind tunnel created by the tall buildings and up into the open window, whipping my plain brown hair into my plain pale face. I looked down at the massacred streets. Concrete was torn up, wrecked cars were abandoned, rats sifted through scattered trash.

And all those people. What were they thinking? We’re going to die, all of us. That single thought alone should make everyone love one another but it doesn’t. We are haunted by human’s selfish nature. Eaten up but what is ultimately nothing.

“Come on,” I said turning around and heading for the door.

“What?” Joe turned his afro’d head to look at me.

“We’re leaving, we have to get down. Bring the guns.” This was it. The calm before the storm.
Slinging the black duffle bag onto his shoulder, he followed me out the door and down the concrete stairwell. Down, down, down. Out onto the street. Around the corner. Into another building. Down, down, down.

I rolled a light flashlight into the corner and sealed the metal door behind us. I opened the side pocket of the duffel, pulled open the packet of saltines, and dug in. Joe stared at me blankly.


“This is it? We’re going to wait it out?”

“Joe there’s nothing else we can do. It’s only going to get worse.”

I have the physic to prove to you that nothing, absolutely nothing, is going to happen to you on December 12, 2012. As do many others in the educated community. But it’s not like anyone would actually listen to us now, would they? The world would much rather bask in the half facts produced by the commercial media leading everything we ever knew headfirst into pure, unadulterated chaos.

“By all means, go back up and hop on the bus to Atlantic City. Win some, lose some, fuck some. But out there someone has a button to make this entire country go boom. “

Despite the complete economic collapse, business was booming in Vegas and Atlantic city, now that people no longer cared about money or their futures.

And Europe? Oh yeah, that doesn’t really exist anymore.

“Now considering both Chicago and Atlantic City have sizable populations, it is wise to assume we will be targeted.”

“What about are friends? Our family? Brooke we can’t leave them!”
Oh hell no, he did not just pull that card.

“Oh gee, that’s a nice thought. Maybe you should have thought it a week ago when the riots broke out and a cardboard box was considered a decent shelter! Maybe you should have thought of that a year ago instead of December 11, 2012 while sit in a basement waiting for the world to come back from DefCon 1! “

I sighed and put down my crackers. Joe sat down next to me.

“We shouldn’t fight. Every word could be out last,” I said, defeated, and resting my head on his shoulder.

“Don’t say that. We’re as invincible as we choose to be. I’d say I feel pretty damn invincible.” I could practically hear his crooked smirk.

As if on cue to run any and all hope in the world, a muted bang echoed through the dismal room.
“What the f—“

Again, louder now.

And then it was dark.

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