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Platform 9 and 3/4

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“Come on, Frank! We can’t be late.” I heard Hagrid look around and packed the majority of my things into a large trunk.

“What day is it?”

“The first of September, the train for Hogwarts is gonna leave in a couple minutes, come on Frank.”

I laughed at the fact that he sounded so much like an eager five year old. I thought I was going to have play that role, apparently I was wrong.
I placed my round glasses on my face and pulled a shirt and jeans out of the trunk and quickly undressed, replacing my pajamas with my day clothes.
“Ready!” I shouted after putting on my sneakers.
“It’s about time,” complained Hagrid as I laughed and grabbed Hedwig off the nightstand. Hagrid named her, since I had absolutely no imagination at all he decided to name her Hedwig. According to him he couldn’t bare to “name an owl as beautiful as that have a plain name such as Rachel.” I liked the name Rachel but apparently it was too plain. I laughed and went out the door with Hagrid being ready to grab me and run at full speed.

We made it to the train station in time. Hagrid dropped me off and gave me my ticket wandering off to who knew where. I looked at the ticket and read it aloud. Platform nine and three quarters. “Hagrid, I think there’s been a mistake. There’s no such thing as Platform Nine and --” I turned around to notice that he was no longer beside me but no where to be found. I sighed and walked over to platform nine and ten, desperately trying to find Platform nine and three quarters.

Suddenly I family of five people came in and walked in the middle a platform nine and ten. I watched the two eldest boys, they were both twins, go in the middle and run toward the brick wall at full speed. I had the urge to scream and tell them to stop as I watched but then noticed... they went right through the wall. Right through it, just like that.
“Excuse me!” I walked over to what I believed was their mother and apparently, I forgot who I was in this world.
“My word,” She spoke breathlessly as she stared at my scar. “Your Frank Iero.” I nodded my head toward the wall.

“Um... do you think you can tell me how to get through --” She chuckled.

“You want to know how to get through the wall.” I nodded once as she smiled proudly.
“No worries, it’s Mikey’s first year as well. All you have to do is run straight at the wall, between platform nine and ten. Got that?” I nodded once. “You can go with Mikey, it’s always good to go with a partner.” I smiled as I walked over to the boy with brown hair and glasses. I smiled at him as he smiled back.
“Want to make a race of it?” He laughed as I nodded. “First one across the wall wins?” He nodded and we both were prepared to run through. “GO!” I heard the scream of a young girl which I knew was his sister. We both laughed as we ran full speed at the wall, both ending up in a tie. “I won!” He laughed as I shoved him. “I did.” We argued but not in a bad way. We got along rather well. Of coarse we split when it was time to get into the train.

After what seemed like forever to get our bags but away (I wasn't really sure where they put them) I went inside the train and sat at the only place that was empty. I sat down and relaxed, hoping to get a bit of sleep, until I heard three small taps on the glass which made me think Aunt Sandra had somehow found me. To my surprise, I turned around to see Mikey standing right there, looking very nervous. He slid the glass door and popped his head in.

"Do you mind if I sit there, everywhere else is full." I nodded my head toward the empty seat. "Go ahead." He smiled and sat down, just looked at me.
"So your really him." I shrugged. "My name is Frank Iero, if that's what you mean."

"Aww, come on Mikey." A boy, probably a year or two older than us sat down next to him with a large smile on his face. "You don't want to interview the boy, it's his first day." I turned to look at Mikey and noticed he was blushing furiously.

"Hi there, my name's Jason, my brother should be arriving here soon." He extended his hand and I shook it, seeing another boy looking exactly like Jason pop in. "Why hello there, brothers!" He laughed as he came in and sat down next to Mikey.

"This is my family." Mikey whispered, and I knew he wished he could be anywhere else right then.
"Who's this handsome fellow?" Smiled the other twin as he took a bite of his chocolate and immediately put it away.
"Well this, my brother, is Mr. Frank Iero." I smiled as they seemed to make a big deal out of it.

"Pleased to meet ya! I'm Gerard." I shook his hand and he winked at me, I couldn't believe it when I felt my cheeks heat up. He chuckled and smiled, sitting next to me. "First year at Hogwarts for the both of yeh! Any thoughts, questions?"

"The only information you'll give us is something that would get us in trouble." Gerard chuckled and looked at his brother. "We can help with other things but trouble is our specialty."

"Hey Mikey, why not show us that spell you learned."

"Yeah Mikey, let's see it!" urged both of them as they both sat at my side and stared at Mikey with wonder. He took his wand out of his pocket and then took out a rat from the other. "It just turns him yellow, nothing special." He shrugged as Gerard and Jason continued to urge him on. They all of a sudden stopped when a girl with black hair with red streaks popped in the door.

"Excuse me, have you seen a toad. A friend of mine, Alice, has been looking for him." All of us shook our heads, except for Gerard, who looked at his shoes with a large smile on his face, but the girl didn't notice. "Oh, are you doing magic. Let's see then." She sat down by Mikey which took him by surprise because the tips of his ears turned red. Gerard leaned in and whispered in my ear.

He snickered. "I bet you a knut that he's thinking about snogging her." I held in my laughter, but felt myself stop, and blush deeply when he kissed my cheek and heard him chuckle, I don't think anyone else noticed. "Well... okay then. Sunshine, daisies, butter yellow. Turn this stupid fat rat yellow." The rat woke up from its deep sleep and looked at Mikey.

"Hmm... well it doesn't really work, now does it." Mikey sighed as he put his wand away. "Well, I guess I should be going, my name's Ela by the way, nice to meet you all... eh?"

"Gerard." He added with a wink, such a flirt he was. Yet he made my heart race when he would flirt with me.
No! Frank, don't think that, he does nothing. I shook the thoughts out of my head as she waved goodbye. "I guess we should get ready into our robes. Looks like Hogwarts is close ahead." My heart raced as I thought of Hogwarts but nodded and went off to change into my robes.

This was going to be an interesting year.

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