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Into The Hands Of Satan

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A girl trying to find a place in the world,but still so young suddenly meets an arrogant,and mean boy that lives right across the street.She tries her best to stay away from him,and ignore him,but ...

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I never put much thought into how I'd live my life in he future.I only thought of the present and past,for all of it was very awful and unbearing for me.
I remembered the man's laughter,and I could feel his rough and dirty hands all over me,as I screamed and cried calling for help.
Thankfully,I was able to escape him before it was too late,and I ran as fast as I can to my house.I called the police,and they rushed over,but he had gone and I was left the kid that held a lot of fear and pain in her soul.I was 10 at the time,but times have changed.
I am now 15 years old,and feeling still so scared.
"Nat!Hurry up and get dressed,we have to go to the bank.",I heard my mom call.
My name is Natalie Scott,and I am a 15 year old scared child,daughter of two lawyers,and little sister of a in-collage brother.This is my family.
I walked down stairs and to my mom who was reading through papers on the kitchen table.
"Ma,I think I'll stay.I'm not feeling so well.",I said.She looked up to me and sighed.
"What do you mean?You have a headache,or stomachache or what?",she asked.
"I just have a headache.",I lied.She stood up and placed her hand on my forehead.
"Well,let's just hope you don't catch a fever.",she said.I nodded and then turned to walk back upstairs.
"Sweetie,then when you're here.Be sure to take out the trash before the truck comes,and to get Mrs.Newton's mail for her.She doesn't get back from the trip until Sunday.",my mom said.I gave her a nod,and then continued to walk upstairs and into my room.
I sat down on my bed and crossed my legs grabbing my laptop.
It was Summer Break,just started a week ago and we have three months till the school horror comes back.
They left all of us an assignment that we must complete right before school.We're supposed to write about what great things we experienced in childhood,and what great things we wish to experience in the future.
I sat there with my headphones on listening to rock music as I stared blankly at the blank page thinking.
What great things had happened when I was a kid,other than the deadly incident.I looked at my clock,and sighed in relief.
Thankfully,it was time to take out the trash and walk 8 blocks away to pick up some old lady's mail.I stood up and put on some flip-flops,also grabbing my sweater and put it on.
Sure,it was summer,but it was always a bit cold in the mornings.
I walked downstairs,my headphones still on,and ipod in my sweatpants pockets,grabbed the trash,and walked out closing and locking the door after me.I turned,and then looked up to see a movers truck.
People moving into the house right across.I walked to the trash can and threw the smelly trash in,placing the bin over it.I looked over to the people moving,and saw a beautiful woman walk out of the house and grab boxes.After her,was a big middle-aged man that also grabbed boxes.Then another girl,looked around 13 years old.
"Another happy family.",I muttered walking by.
Suddenly,he came out.
A boy that looked around my age,and absolutely gorgeous.Spikey,dark hair with amazing chocolate brown eyes and a bit creamy colored skin.
Now like me at all.
I had long dark,straight hair with blue eyes,and light,light skin.We looked absolutely different.
I continued to walk staring at him,but then his eyes flew up and I stopped.He stared at me,then narrowing his eyes looking me up and down.
I forced myself to look away and continue walking as if I saw nothing so interesting.Then Gain,I really did not see anything to interesting.Just another family,with one of those hot soon-to-be cool guys at school move in a neighborhood.
Nothing so special.
I walked to the Newton's house and to their mailbox taking out all the junk for them.I turned to walk away,but then I saw that little girl.The one moving in.She was very pretty.
Short curly hair with brown eyes,but lighter skin than the brother.
"Hi.",she said waving.I took off my headphones and smiled.
"Hi.",I said.
"So,listen.My parents saw you and thought maybe they could ask you something.",she said.
"Oh,ok.",I said.She turned around and started walking away.I guess I had to follow her?
I walked up to her door,and stood there as she went inside.
Then the beautiful woman,and man came out and the woman smiled.
"Hello,I am Rachel Nights.I am your new neighbor as you can see.",she said and held out her hand.I smiled and shook her hand.
"Hi,I'm Natalie Scott.I live right across from you.",I said.
"Yes,and I've noticed that.Now,both me and my husband here,Rick,have a ton of work working as lawyers.",she said.
"Oh,well,my dad and mom are lawyers too.",I said.
"Oh,how nice.",she said obviously excited.
"Yes,but they're out right now.",I said.
"Well,that's too bad.But I'd actually like to ask you something,though.",she said.
"What is it?",I asked.
"Do you mind babysitting my daughter from time to time?She tells me that she doesn't want some other old lady.",her mom said laughing.The girl passed by me.
"Please say yes.",she said.I smiled and looked back up at Mrs.Nights.
"I'd love to.",I said.
"Oh,thank you.Then you will not mind for tonight?",she said.
"Sure.",I said.
"Thank you very much.",she said.I nodded.
"Well,just send her over anytime.",I said.She nodded and waved bye to me.I did the same and turned to walk back to my house,but then bumped into a god-like creature.
Wow,he was taller then me!
"What?",the guy said to me with narrowed eyes.I shook my head and walked past him putting on my headphones.Suddenly,the girl ran up to me and smiled.
"Sp,my name is Janelle.",she said.I smiled and nodded.
"I'm Natalie.You can call me Nat.",I said.
"Then you can call me Jan.",she said.
"So,what time are you gonna come over?",I asked.
"Right after we're done putting all these boxes in,and my parents leave to their new building.My brother,the total jerk,is going to hang out with friends at the mall.",she said.
"You guys didn't move here from some other state?",I asked.
"No,we lived a couples hours away,but my mom and dad didn't like the small and crowded house,so we bought this bigger one instead.",she said.
"Oh.",I said turning to look at the house.It was indeed big,but it was usual for this side of the state.Always filled with people who had money.
"So,be sure to be dressed because I'd like to go to the mall.",he said I looked back down at her and narrowed my eyes.
"You sure you're allowed to go the mall?",I asked very suspicious.
"Yeah,but that's as long as I am with my babysitter.So,please let me go to the mall.",she said than giving me a puppy face.
"Ummm,sure.",I said with a shrug.She smiled and suddenly hugged me.
"Thanks,I think you're going to be my best babysitter yet.",she squealed,then runing off.I turned to watch her run into her house,but then only saw her brother picking up some boxes.
Jeez,he's so hot.
I turned back and walked to my house quickly.
I informed my mom on the whole babysitting thing and going to the mall and she was just fine with it.She said she'd call my dad to tell him this.
I got dressed in some shorts and short sleeved white shirt with sneakers and a jacket.I put my hair up,and sat on the couch waiting for the doorbell to ring.
And then it did,the moment I sat down.I sighed and stood up waking to the door.
"Hi!",Jan said with a smile waving.I smiled and waved back,butt hen I looked up to see her tall and gorgeous brother right behind her.
"Umm,hi.",I said.
"Don't let my sis do something stupid.",he said and then walked off.
"Don't mind the Jerk!",Jan yelled at him and then turned back to me.She walked in and I closed the door.She looked around and smiled.
"You house is great!",she said and ran to the couch plopping right down.
"Well,shouldn't we go?",I asked.
"No,not yet.Wait until my brother leaves,and then we'll go.",she said.
"Why not just leave now while he leaves?",I asked.
"He's not gonna let me.He thinks I'll annoy him while he's with his friend.",she said.
"Oh,well,you brother seems really mean.",I said sitting by him.
"He is!I am so glad you think so too,because every girl I see,she falls for him super fast.",she said.I smiled and looked at her.
"Well,you don't have to worry about me falling for him.I hate guys like them.",I said.
"Yay!Someone who understands!",she said.I smiled.We sat there for a while talking about some things we liked and hated,and then we left for the mall.
"So,my brother is 17 and his name is Tye.",she said.
"Ok,but why do I have to know that.",I asked.
"Because if he talks bad to you,you just say Gorilla Tye and he'll get super mad.",she said.
"What will that do?",I asked.
"That will make him hate you.You'll hate him in response and I'll have you as a best friend.",she said.She intertwined her arm with me with a proud smile.
"Oh,wow.",I laughed.

We were at the mall and in a store buying clothes for us.It was actually really cool and fun hanging out with somebody.
We ended up hungry and wanting to eat something,though.So we went to a food shop and sat down at a booth.
"Janelle!",a voice yelled cutting me off.We both looked up and looked to the right and up to see her brother staring angrily at her,boys behind him.
"What?",she asked.
"What the hell are you doing here?",he asked.
"Shopping.",she said.
"You and your little babysitter,go home.",he said.
"No!I am shopping with Nat,her names not babysitter.Gorilla Tye!",she said.He let out a sigh of frustration and then grabbed her arm pulling her out of the seat.I stood up quickly and grabbed his arm,making him look at me.
"Nat?",Jan asked.I bit my lip and sighed.
"I don't really know why the heck I'm doing this,but i know I'm supposed to be watching over her.I don't care if you're her brother.Let go of her.",I said.He scoffed and let go of Jan then turned to me.
"You must really want to get hurt.",he said with a smirk and pressed up against me.My eyes widened and I got fell my body freeze up.
And this was the first time my life was in the hands of the Satan...that I loved.

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