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>> Pete >>

Patrick and i sat inside the Cafe and talked. "Is she hot?" he asked me.

"Totally, she has long straight layered black hair, blue eyes, and everything"

Pat sighed. "How old is she?"


"Well, i guess that means i have the chance with her, since i'm single, and you can go back to sucking up to Ashlee"

"Come on dude, you know i love Ashlee, but i'm not used to being not single"

"That's what your bachelor party was for, but i guess there's no shame in that, that's why Saporta was divorced twice,i guess there's no harm in liking her, as long as it doesn't go passed having a little crush on her"

"Thanks dude" Patrick looked down at his iphone. "Come on we need to find out more about her" we got up and jumped in my car, we were back at my place in minute. We ran inside the house and Ashlee and Emma were hanging pool side in hot bikini's. Emma was playing guitar and Ashlee was singing lyrics.

"I would think this would appeal to you, just being married, pregnant" Emma giggled.

"It is amazing, you should definately work with Fall Out Boy there gonna start recording a new album soon"

"No, my lyrics are to feminine"

"But i bet if you tried writing from a masculine side the song would kick ass, and their looking for edgy songs"

"Yeah" Pat said from the door frame. "We are looking for edgy kick ass songs" he smiled. And he whispered to me. "Damn, just damn"

"I have to go to the bathroom" Ashlee said, she got up and walked pass us. Pat sat pool side next to Emma while i watched from the patio.

"So, Emma, i'm Pat, are you single?"

"No, i'm seeing someone" she said. "The Academy Is drummer"

"Andrew" we both said simotameously in a devilish voice.

"Yeah, we've been dating for a year" she put her guitar down.

"Ok, well it was nice meeting you" Pat got up and walked over to me. Young 23 year old Pat Stump does not like being rejected, even though it wasn't a rejection it was a warning, drummers are harsh. "You should totally write a song for us, that'd be so cool" i pulled Pat inside the house and shut the sliding door.

"Ok, well i guess flirting is not an option" Pat sighed and thought of another trick. "I'll send her your porn" he exclaimed. "I have your phone anyways" Pat ran with my phone.

"Wait, how'd you get that? THat was in my pocket" I ran off following him, he locked himself in the bathroom. "You better not send her anything, those were for Ashlee and Ashlee only"

"Well now there for Emma"
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