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A man wakes up surrounded by guards and tries to escape.

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The man's eyes opened slowly. All he saw was a bright light. He squinted, and it faded. There were men standing all around him with guns pointed at him. He panicked and tried to roll around, but he was locked in place. A man walked across the room with a needle and stood over him.

He tried to shout, "What are you doing!?", but it came out as incomprehensible mumbling. He realized his mouth was covered.

His eyes opened wide as he saw the needle coming down. It slid into his arm and came out. Suddenly he felt sick to his stomach. He looked at his arm. His veins began to pulse and his skin turned a dull gray.

He shook around more. When he looked back at his hand he saw his nails growing out. Suddenly, it came to him. He knew where he was… but it was only rumors. No one could ever prove that this place existed. He knew that it was vampire blood coursing through his veins and that at any moment he could lose all his humanity.

He began to feel angry. He shook violently. Several of the guards' eyes opened widely. He knew they were scared.

"Don't be afraid," said the man with the needle. "He is bound tightly. There is no way he can escape."

He hopelessly tried to break out, but he was locked and chained down. Plus, there was a steel harness over his torso.

As his eyes slowly began to darken, the man with the needle turned around and got another one.

"Vaccine 52," he stated before injecting it into him.

"Vaccine 52?" thought the captured man. "What happened to the first 51 vaccines?"

He shook violently.

"Like I said earlier, he can't esc-"

The harness on his right arm snapped off and the guards' stepped back, frightened. He swung his fist around and punched one of the guards in the face. The guard flew across the room and smashed into a shelf. Broken glass stuck out of his suit and blood trickled from the wounds. His head slumped over.

The man, now a vampire, brought his other fist up, shredding through the metal and grabbing a guard by the throat. He flung him into another guard and snapped out of his harness. He jumped into the air and dove for the door. Bullets fired around him and ricocheted off of various objects in the room. Suddenly, he collapsed on the ground shaking. His fingers bent backwards and then curled forwards again. He shuddered and curled into a ball. Blood slowly trickled out of his mouth. He was dead. Vaccine 52 had failed.
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