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Together Time

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The boys spend some time together

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((Note: I've been writing pretty steadily at this point and have a lot written after this. I will try to update as often as possible (sometimes I forget) and will hopefully be able to do so once every couple of days. Stay tuned and please review! ^_^))

"Havoc," A black haired boy looked up at his own mirror image as the door opened. "Havoc," He pleaded, holding up his arms to the other boy, "Please?"

Havoc smiled gently, revealing his fangs, but the smaller boy wasn't afraid in the slightest. Havoc helped his twin up, but instead of getting the boy to his feet, Havoc picked him up into his arms, cradling his brother as a mother would a young child. He moved out of the way so the others could follow him in.

One took a seat on the floor near the bed, brightly colored book in hand. Another calmly sat at the table, crossing an ankle over his knee and leaning leisurely with an elbow on the wood surface. The last took another seat at the table, sliding one side of his headphones back so he could hear the others better.

"You don't have to wear that thing here, Blight," Havoc said as he sat down on the bed with his back against the wall, shifting so the boy in his arms was sitting sideways in his lap, "Not like you can hurt any of us."

Blight shook his head as he flipped a page in his book of flowers, reaching up to adjust the mask covering his face at the same time. "It's just a mask," He said, his voice rasping as it normally did, as if it didn't fit right in his throat, "I don't have to carry that stupid tank around with me. And this way I don't have to go through detox afterwards."

"They're so strict," The boy with the headphones said, leaning back in his chair, "You'd think they'd know by now that it dissipates within a few seconds once it hits the air."

Blight shrugged. "Not so sure, Vex. There are a lot of things they don't know. . . I wonder if they ever got the rosemary I asked for."

Vex laughed, but the other boy sitting at the table cut him off. "They're probably back-logged. You've ordered too many in too short a period of time."

Blight sighed, shoulders slumping slightly. "But there are so many. I don't ask for much. You'd think they'd be willing to give us what we wanted here. Besides, you never ask for anything but paint you can get at a craft store. That should leave some leeway for the rest of us. And all Sol ever gets is toys."

"What's wrong with toys?" The boy in question asked, looking towards Blight from his place sitting on Havoc's lap.

"Nothing, nothing," Havoc was quick to assure him, patting his brother's shoulder as he supported the smaller boy, "There's nothing wrong with wanting to play. Right?" He shot a glare at Blight.

The boy blinked lazily from above his mask, unafraid, then nodded once. "Right. Just making a point, Solace."

Reassured, Solace snuggled back in against Havoc's chest and closed his eyes, content. He was never allowed to have physical contact with anyone else. He didn't understand why. He told them he wouldn't hurt anyone, pinky swore even. But they never even got close to him.

"Just slow down the requests for a while." The calmest quintuplet said from the table. "Make a list or something."

Blight sighed, folding a corner of a page and closing his book. "Yes, Chaos."

Havoc shifted so Solace was lifted up slightly, then reached into his pocket and took out a packet of Rolos. He unwrapped it using one hand and his teeth and popped one into his mouth.

He looked up at the others when they stared. "What?" He held the candy out. "You guys want one?"

Vex rolled his eyes. "You're gonna rot your teeth, you know that?"

Havoc's expression soured a little. "I brush my teeth four times a day and I'll eat what I want."

Blight laughed lightly, producing a few rasping coughs. "Stubborn as ever, I see."

"As ever? I saw you two days ago."

He shrugged. "All the days blend together."

For a while, they sat in silence. Blight reopened his book. Vex flipped through songs on his Mp3 player. Chaos tapped his foot idly, lost in his own thoughts. Havoc munched idly with Solace sitting in his lap. The smaller boy would have been expected to be in pain, but he was perfectly content. No one but his brothers knew that he could dampen his sense of touch by force of will.

Finally growing bored, Solace was the first to move. Shifting, he slipped down onto the bed and stretched forward, legs still half in Havoc's lap as he wrapped his arms around Blight's neck from behind.

"I finished it." He said, pointing to the floor.

Blight turned his attention to the spot on the floor where a small board sat. On top of the board was a 500 piece puzzle consisting of only white pieces.

"Looks good, Sol," Blight said, smiling as he looked over his shoulder at his brother, "When'd you start it?"

"This morning." Solace replied after a short pause.

"Awesome!" Havoc grinned, "That's a new record, right?"

Solace looked back at him and smiled proudly, "It is! It is!" He paused, smile fading. "But I need a new one. . . This one's old. . ."

Blight laughed softly. "You just got it a week ago."

"But I already know where all the pieces go," Solace pouted.

"We'll get you a new one, Sol." Chaos said calmly before any of his brothers could offer a reply. "It shouldn't take long."

Solace smiled happily and held Blight a little closer, nearly choking him. "Wanna play a game?"

"What game?" Blight asked, closing his book once more and setting it on the ground.

Solace thought for a long moment, then shrugged. "I don' know. . . Just a game."

"Super Smash Brothers!" Vex shouted, springing out of his seat. "I call first player!"

In a second, all but Chaos were on their feet, Havoc simply snatching Solace up off the bed. They all took seats on the floor in front of the television and launched immediately into a game of Super Smash Brothers Melee. Chaos sat back and watched. He wasn't one for games.

After two hours straight of playing video games, the brothers settled in to watch a movie, Chaos reclining at the table while the others all piled onto Solace's bed. When the movie was over, Chaos looked over his shoulder at his brothers. They were all asleep. Blight and Vex were leaning on each other, probably accidentally, Havoc was slumped back against the wall with his chin on his chest and Solace was lying with half of his body sprawled out across their laps.

Chaos didn't allow himself a smile and slipped his feet off the table, standing at a leisurely pace as straightened out his clothes. He walked over to where they were laying and shook Solace's shoulder gently.

"Wake up, Sol," He said quietly, "It's time to wake up."

The smaller boy's eyes squeezed shut a little tighter, then fluttered open. He looked sleepily up at Chaos and pushed slowly up into a sitting position. With a little help from Chaos, he managed to get off the bed without standing on his brothers.

Blight opened his eyes at the movement and sat up, making Vex slip down behind him. He laughed as he stood up and tried not to break into a coughing fit. He helped Vex to his feet. Havoc stirred and sat up, stretching with his arms above his head.

"Time already?" He asked as he stood up.

Chaos nodded, as expressionless as ever. "We'll be escorted out soon if we don't leave now."

Solace looked at his brothers, teary-eyed. "Y-You're leaving? Already?"

Havoc smiled a little and hurried to reassure him, patting the smaller boy's head. "Don't worry, Sol. We'll be back soon."

Solace sniffled and rubbed his eyes sleepily but managed a nod. Each of his brothers embraced him in turn before leaving. Chaos was the last go and brought a hand up behind Solace's head, pulling him closer.

"Stay safe," Chaos whispered quietly in his ear, then turned and left the room.
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