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okey sorry for taking forever to get this chapter up... please forgive me!!! and do enjoy!


what on earth was frank talking about? and how does he know i chose to wear my tight skinny jeans today! i thought no one would notice. i kinda hoped no one would notice. well actually i wanted fra..... um someone to notice....
but i must say, frank looked rather cute today....did i just say that?
anyway i need frank to start talking.
"frank how do you know?" i asked nicely
he looked at me with wide eyes. then looked around him quickly before pulling us close.
in a very quite whisper he said....
"what are you's doing?"
DAMMIT why did mikey have to come at this very moment? man he is annoying.
"shh franks about to tell us something"
his eyes suddenly lit up. "oooooh really" he squeaked and joined the small huddle.
i rolled my eyes and waited for frank to continue.
"well i know because.....the aliens told me" he whispered the last bit.
"the aliens told you?"bob asked really loudly and frank hit him and said
"shut up idiot no ones ment to know about them" his eyes darted around the room making sure no one heard bob.
"are you mad?" ray asked shaking his head in worry.
and i'll admit i myself was rather worried. frank must have lost his mind. i mean seriously, aliens what was he 5?
i looked at the others seeing what they thought.
bob looked shocked, ray was still worried and mikey was grinning like a fool.
oh man i hope he didnt believe him.
"wow they talked to you to?" mikey asked
oh great my best pal is crazy and so is by brother.
frank looked amazed
"yeah. what did they tell you?"
"that the fish plan to take over the world and to not trust the trees for they are working with them!!!" mikey explained in one breath
great. im having two crazy people over tonight and one of those crazy people i live with already. sigh.
bob was about to say something but then the bell rang and mikey bolted down the hall to his class. the weird nerd.
"okay enough of the alien, fish, tree stuff. if you carry on like this you are not coming tonight" i warned frank.
his face fell. i think i somehow hurt his feelings.
hes such a pansy.
and i dont mean the flower or his guitar.
"okay. i'll try" frank said and walked into the classroom.
"what the hell is going on?" ray asked
i looked at ray and shrugged. i had no idea. and quite frankly i didnt want i know.
"the fish plan to take over the world?" bob said outloud to himself. while shaking his head slowly. and then very quietly, trying not to be heard he whispered "i knew they were up to something"
great lets add another person to the crazy list.
i look over at ray, just expecting his to say something crazy but thankfully he didnt.
good im not the only sane one then.
now all i had to do was get through the day and then well be having my sleepover which i am now calling a MANover!!! it sounds quite neat to me.

outside the school gate after school

finally school is over for the day. and now it was time for the MANover.
i waited out by the 'blue wall' that we called 'the wall' its basicly our meeting ground. and random running into the wall for no reason wall.(dont even ask)
my last class was drama. and because it was close to the gate i was usually the first here. well frank was usually with me cause we both have drama but he had wagged, leaving me alone in a room with people who hate me.
sighing i looked over to the crowd coming out of the gate.
all i could see was rays fro that reatched above everyone elses heads. i laughed but stopped when i saw that he had his 'serious' look on his face.
crap something bad has happened and i just know its to do with frank and mikey and there alien. trees, and fish!!!
rays infront of me now and hes about to speak but suddenly a group of people near me start to scream. i looked over to them and thay were looking up into the sky.
my mouth fell open in shock. there above us was a......................................

to be continued!

well there we have it. again its kinda short but oh well. anyway i would love to know what you think might happen, well what is above them! and please review! hope you enjoyed it...

KatieKat xxx
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