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Tessa is a seventeen year old English girl. She's just got out of college and it's holidaying by the coast with her best friend Fawn. This is the summer that will change Tessa's life.

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Dear god. Rescue me from Fawn. Please. It's too early.
"Fawn. It's eight am. Is this really necessary?" I whined using the hand that wasn't on the door handle to ruffle up my hair.
"Aww. Poor Tess." She said sarcastically, pinching my cheeks. "You're such a cutie."
I was dazed. Fawn was always way too breezy in the mornings. "Come on.." She said grabbing my arm and dragging me through my own house towards the bathroom, stopping by the kitchen on the way to say hi to my dad.
"Morning David!" I sighed. It is just wrong for your friends to be on first name terms with your parents. Okay. Granted she'd been my best friend since primary school, but no one is that nice to my dad.
"Ahh, good morning, Fawn. Have you come to take my Tessa away?" Dad asked, beaming at Fawn.
"Yes I have. And about time too. I haven't seen her since the holidays started..." I laughed. the holidays had started two days ago. "Well. I'd better go tart her up. Can't go to auntie Dorothy looking like this, eh?"
I tried not to smirk at this. Me and Fawn had spun Dad the golden thread of lies, telling him we were spending the two month holiday at Fawn's aunt Dorothy's. Get away to some country air and all that.

Well hey. You don't expect two seventeen-year-old-just-got-out-of-college girls to spend their entire summer sitting at home doing fuck all, do you? No. The English coastline calls. As do a series of eventful and alcohol-drenched beach parties.

Anyway. Dad would have a fit and lock me in my room if he knew what we'd get up to. Hence the Dear Aunt Dorothy story.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a total bad girl. Yes, I drink and try to get as paralytic as cranberry schnapps from the garage will allow. Sure, I lie. But I have smoked a grand total of three cigarettes in my life, never touched drugs, and I'm a virgin.

I'm nothing on Fawn. She's the badass minx.

Dad dismissed us to the bathroom where I was brutally stripped into my underwear and shoved under the shower by a motivated Fawn. She washed my hair with some £10 a bottle shit she'd brought over in her bag of dreams, then blow-dried my hair, spending drastic amounts of time on my fringe, trying to make it lie flat. lost cause- I should know.

Next was my face.

I swear, in all my life I have never been jabbed with more eyeliner, mascara, foundation and blusher.

"Oh. Tessie. You look so beautiful, I may start crying. Mirror. Now." I trudged over to the mirror.

Well. It wasn't so bad. Fawn had done my eyeliner perfectly, not too little, not too much in a jetblack line over my eyelid. The mascara had made me eyelashes go spidery and thick. They were long already and now they were exaggerated. There was not a blemish in sight on my skin, which was now smooth and porcelain tanned with an artificial blush creeping up and down my cheekbones. Finally. My hair was tamed into submission. The bleach blonde mess was blow-dried straight, but it wasn't shiny. It had that matte look to it like it had been out in the sun too long. But it was soft. And my fringe was lying as flat as would, the tips brushing against my eyelashes. Until it was straight, I had never realised how long my hair was. It was now reaching just beneath my bra.

"You likey?" Fawn inquired, looking hopeful.

"Yes, I likey." I replied with a grin.

"There better be some cute rockstar-ish guy at the beach. I don't want this to go to waste." Fawn mumbled, observing her own reflection. Her chocolatey brown hair vividly streaked underneath on one side with baby blue and pale pink fell to the middle of her back, the fringe veiling one of her eyelinered and smokey eyes in a glamourous fashion.

"So good luck with that, kitten. now go get dressed."
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