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Beach party.

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"BollocksbollocksBOLLOCKS!" Fawn screamed from her bedroom upstairs. "TESS. GET THE DOOR I'M NOT DRESSED."
I rolled my eyes. Yes ma'am. But the constant years of doing whatever Fawn told me to prompted me to.. well, do what Fawn told me. And I was dressed and downstairs. I skipped down the hallway to the door, a spring in my step. I'd been excited all day about the beach party, I couldn't wait to finally let my hair down after months of college, revision and exams. I unlatched the door, but before I could open it fully, Bo came tumbling in, a huge grin spread across her porcelain face.
"Hey Tessie! Wow, love the outfit, you look great." She said without a breath or pause.
"Hey Bo. You're early, Fawn isn't ready yet. You look great too." She was wearing the same shorts as yesterday, but this set were white, the gold buttons gleamed as if they were brand new. She had teamed them effortlessly with a cute navy cami, gold ballet shoes and a few wooden bangles. Her hair was down, and looked softer than it had done the day before. I wasn't sure if it was just the light, but she looked oddly... polished.
"Well, never mind, we can have a little chat, right? And if Fawn hurries up, we can leave early, you know, introduce ourselves to some people." She said, still grinning away like a red-headed, topshop inspired cheshire cat. I tilted my head and squinted at her. She was happy about something... and I was sure she wanted to get to the beach as quickly as possible. She did look like she'd made an extra effort. I put two and two together, clicking my fingers.
"Aha! There's someone you want to see at the beach party, isn't there!? Who is he? Come on. Spill."
Bo fidgeted on the spot for a moment, holding her silence, hiding that grin by pressing her lips together, as if she were hosting an in-head debate as to whether or not she should explain, although the smile still showed through. She broke out smiling again.

"Okay, okay. But keep it hush, yeah? It's supposed to be a secret." I nodded. Bo continued. "So I was in the cafe this morning and Emily, she works there, she's coming later, told me that apparently Panic At The freakin' Disco just finished up a tour nearby a few days ago and they've been here hanging out or whatever for a little holiday. A couple of them were in a bar talking to a friend of Emily's who works there and they told her that they're going to the beach party tonight. They figure that since it'll be dark, no one will recognize them." She said, again in one breath. I just blinked at her, trying to piece together what she'd said.

"Wait. Explain that again, slowly." She sighed, taking a deep breath.

"Panic At The Disco, Tess! Here! In Newquay! GOING TO THE BEACH PARTY. TONIGHT. The same one that we're going to! Listen, I don't know about you, but I'm not like, the hugest fan but that singer guy is cute with a capital Q." That made it much simpler. God, she really did know the happenings of Newquay. I nodded.

"Wow. Well. Still. You could have been mis-informed, right?" I turned away and yelled up the stairs to Fawn. "FAWN. BO'S HERE. WE'RE LEAVING WITHOUT YOU."

"Well, maybe. But still, no harm in keeping an eye open, right?"

"I guess not." Not that I would have recognized them. At this moment, Fawn came thundering downstairs, only stopping to grab her keys and phone before heading out the front door. She turned back as she was in the middle of the pathway.
"Well, come on then, you two, get a shift on!" I locked the door and me and Bo quickly trotted after her.
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