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Chapter 4

By: Brynn Parker


Hawkeye walked down the street furiously, barely able to keep the tears from pouring out. The air was cool and it was drizzling a little, but it didn't really help her face to cool off a little as well. She barely even noticed the car that was following her down the street...

She heard a yell from the road and she spun on her heel, angry that anyone would dare to mess with her at that moment. She was ready to pull out her pistol and shoot when she realized who it was.

"Do you..." Havoc gulped, "Do you want a ride? Looks like it's..." he gulped again, "...going to rain..."

She raised her eyebrows, "I would appreciate it Havoc," she said coolly, opening the door violently and sitting down in the car.

He regretted stopping immediately; after seeing her walk out of Roy Mustang's house late at night, he had been ready to interrogate her about what had happened, and make fun of her later. Now she looked quite angry, and Havoc knew that she had a tendency of shooting things when she was angry. "So, uh..." he started. She turned towards him and glared, but he bravely swallowed the scream that was ready to emerge from his throat and continued, "Is something wrong?"

"Don't ask," she said, gritting her teeth.

Again, he swallowed his fear, "Why were you coming out of the colonel's house?"

She turned towards him as the parked, getting out and quickly running around and dragging him out of the car by the collar of his shirt. She pulled the keys out of the ignition and locked the car, holding up the shocked Havoc by the front of his shirt. She turned towards him and glared at him, putting the keys in her pocket, "Now you get to find out," she said, dragging him up the stairs.


Roy stood there for a moment, shocked, as Lilly got up from the couch, but seeing that she was barely wearing anything, he turned around quickly, realizing that being with Hawkeye for even that short of a time had given him a sense of decency he'd never possessed before. "Please, put some clothes on!" he yelled as he walked towards the door, "I'll deal with you later..."

Riza was nowhere in sight. He ran out into the night as it started to rain harder, "Riza!" he yelled, not caring if anyone heard him calling the lieutenant colonel's name, "Riza!" Not getting a response, he turned around and stalked back inside, slamming the door behind him. "Shit!" he yelled, running a hand through his hair.

Lilly walked up to him, having pulled on a thin dress, "Looks like you need some comfort too..." she said.

He pushed her away, going to sit down at the table, "What are you doing here..." he sighed.

She sat down across from him, "Well, you've changed...I never thought you would be one to not just go along with it when a half-dressed woman showed up at your house and offered to let you..."

He glared at her, "Why are you here?" he asked again.

"Oh fine," she said, "I just got back to Central and I thought I'd pay you a visit. Is that good enough?"

"Yes it is, now get out," he said.

"I'm not going anywhere," she said, crossing her arms, "I come to see you and you just blow me off? Why don't you just take some comfort, huh? The last time you were heartbroken was the first time we..."

"I remember," he said, cutting her off, "But I don't want you anymore, Lilly. You should go..."

"I told you, I'm not going anywhere," she said, standing, "Now...I'm going to bed...see you there." She left before he could do anything about it.

"I'm calling the police!" he yelled after her, and then walked over to the phone, dialing Hawkeye's number. "Damn it..."


Normally Havoc would have been thrilled if a beautiful woman was dragging him to her apartment, but in this situation he was afraid for his life.

"Sit," Hawkeye commanded. Havoc sat down on the couch, scolding himself for being an idiot and getting himself into the near-death experience he was in now. "Havoc, I'm sure you've guessed by now what's been going on..." she stopped her pacing for a minute and glared at him. "Answer me!" she yelled. Black Hayate sat at her feet, sensing Hawkeye's anger and growling at the unfortunate Havoc.

"Y-you and the c-c-colonel?" he stuttered.

"Yes," she said, and then sat in a chair across from him, putting her head in her hands. Havoc was shocked to see her shoulders begin to shake.

"Damn it..." she muttered, "I was so stupid..."

"What did he do?" Havoc asked incredulously. What could anyone have done to make the sharpshooter cry? He didn't think he'd ever seen her cry...not once.

She looked up at him angrily, "What do you think he did?"

Havoc rolled his eyes, understanding the meaning and having a sudden epiphany that if she was crying, she was more likely to kill Mustang than him. "Oh..."

The phone rang and Hawkeye got up and walked over to it, picking it up quickly. "Hello?"

Havoc wondered if he should make a run for it, but then realized that she could probably run faster than him, that it was probably OK to stay and, more importantly, that she had his car keys in her pocket. He watched as her expression changed from sad to extremely angry.

"Oh, there's no need to apologize," she hissed, "This was too much. I was stupid to think that you were anything more than a womanizing bastard." She paused for a moment. "No, you can't come over. I've got company...who?" She looked over and Havoc paled as a maniacal smile appeared on her face. "Oh, it's Havoc. Havoc's over here, and we're having a fine time." With that, she hung up and returned to the chair, sitting down triumphantly.

"What did you do that for?" Havoc asked, his cigarette nearly falling from his mouth. Now he didn't know who was going to kill him first: Hawkeye or Mustang.


"I'm going to kill that bastard!" Roy said after the moment of shock. Havoc...HAVOC! This was the worst insult any woman could ever throw at...well...anyone, and Roy Mustang had just been hit right in the gut. Riza had left him...and was with Havoc? He grabbed fistfuls of his hair and yelled in frustration. That son of a bitch was going to DIE!

Lilly walked back out into the living room and yawned, "God Roy, what's wrong with you?"

He turned towards her angrily and she flinched back as he put the phone in her hands. "Call a cab and get out of here before I get back," he said threateningly. She nodded and gulped, but he decided to add more, "I'm not sleeping with you, and if you're in my bed when I get back, you'll wish you'd left." She dialed the number quickly and he didn't even make sure that she was really calling before he left. He knew she'd be gone before he got back.

He pulled open the door and slammed it behind him, getting in the car the same way. As he started driving, he realized that he was angry at Riza as well. He hadn't done anything, that girl had just shown up at his house, he hadn't touched her, and now Riza was with Havoc! He wanted to cry when he thought of that...Havoc?

He had to stop at a red light and planned ahead. He almost threw up when he thought of catching them together... (AUTHOR'S NOTE: yeah, I know that's gross, I'm trying not to think of it) The thought sickened him, and he drove faster when the light turned green. He slammed the door after him and stalked up to the stairs.


Meanwhile, poor Havoc had gotten off of the couch and was pacing back and forth, every so often trying to get the keys back from Hawkeye. "Crap!" he yelled, "He's probably on his way over here right now! RIGHT NOW! He's going to beat the life out of me...he's probably going to kill me..."

"No, that girl was at his house, I'm sure he'll probably just wait to kill you until tomorrow," the still-upset Hawkeye said. She was actually very proud of herself for what she'd done; she knew that being with Havoc was the worst thing she could do to Roy, even if it wasn't true.

"Did you hear that?" Havoc asked, "Was that..."

Hawkeye looked at him, suddenly feeling another emotion: guilt. "Oh no...Havoc, I'm sorry..."

"Hide me!" he whispered, then ran off to go find a hiding place. He had to settle for a small closet in the bedroom (Brynn: probably not the wisest place to be!).

Riza listened as she heard the unmistakable footsteps of an angry Roy Mustang stomp up the stairs. She had a strange mixture of happiness that he was actually jealous and guilt that she had probably sentenced Havoc to a very painful death or a future without if any woman would ever have his kids anyway...

Havoc's cigarette finally fell out of his mouth as he heard the door fly open.
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