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Chapter 1

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The pup begins his adventure in a way he didnt expect.

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Chapter 1
- - - - - -
A pup sat in his den, wriggling with excitement. Today was the day he would take place in the ancient ritual to earn his Windhowler mark. He just had to wait until the pack got back until he took part in it though.
"The pack must come before anything young one." The pack leader, Bidziil, had said to him.
Even though the Demons had become the mortal enemy of the wolfs, they still used their names for them.
As the pup sat in his den, he heard a rustle outside. He shook his head, dismissing the sound. 'Probably Ahiga…' the pup thought. Then a loud crunch, like the sound of a tree getting ripped from its trunk, and a yelp startled him. He peaked his head out and saw Ahiga's body crushed under a full grown tree. The pup gasped and ducked back under in his den. He heard the sound of running around his den. Then the light darkened as a wolf looked in.
"AI!! I found one!!" the wolf yelled. Then he scooped his paw in and pulled the pup out.
The pup yelped and wriggled around, dangling from his scruff. The wolf laughed and the pup growled.
"Aww…is somebody angry? HA!" The black wolf laughed and two more black wolfs surrounded him. The pup decided to be brave and jump to wolf, biting it on the snout. The wolf jumped back, letting go of the pup. The pup ran off, not daring to look back.


Months later the pup had named himself, Lonesoul for obvious reasons. He had learned how to hunt, beginning with many failures. After about one demon year a mark appeared on his right shoulder, a spiral leading from his ankle to his neck. He had become stone-hard, having no use for softer emotions. Soon he perfected the art of hunting…and avoiding other packs. To become this quiet as a wolf took many demon years to perfect.


This day, the forth day of the first month, began like all the others. He woke up in his makeshift bed and looked around, making sure he was exactly where he fell asleep at. He then sniffed the air and got up, stretching. The lone wolf glanced around and sighed. Another day of solitude for him, another day away from that terrible day. He started a slow gallop starting to smell deer. Then he saw it. A nice, fat buck not even five meters away, was ahead of him, not even aware of his presence.
He smiled and lunged, claws and fangs piercing the deer. The deer made a stiff grunt and collapsed, bleeding furiously. Lonesoul smiled and bit the deer's throat, gripping hard. The deer shook a little but the buck was suddenly motionless. Lonesoul smiled and started eating the deer meat. Then he heard a rustle behind him and he spun around, growling. He looked around but saw nothing. He shrugged and went back to his deer.
"Kinda young to be a lone right?" A pup's voice sounded behind him and Lonesoul froze. He slowly looked back and saw a pup, not much older then he, stared back at him with curious eyes. He was a light grey male pup with a light blue cresant moon around his right eye.
"Well? Aren't you?" The pup pressed, tongue lolling out the side of his mouth.
"Who...are you?" Lonesoul asked, startled that he managed to sneak up on him.
"Me? I'm" The young pup asked, crystal clear blue eyes drilling into his like a drill.
" did you sneak up on me?"
"Huh? Well...I just saw ya sleepin and followed you from there...your really quick though and when you took down that deer..."
"YOU WERE FOLLOWING ME EVER SINCE I WOKE UP?!" Lonesoul cried, startled.
"Ya...I was with my pack's recon team and-"
Lonesoul's eyes went wide." Packs....recon team...?"How could he get this lazy?
"Yeah...Wait...your one of those lone wolfs that don't like other packs huh?...oh ok...well Ill get back to mine!" The pup walked back to the direction he came and stopped, curly tail drooping.
"What is it?" Lonesoul asked.
"I'm not sure how to get back...."He responded
Then Lonesoul sighed. He knew this meant that the annoying pup would have to stay with him until they found Moonhowler's pack again.
" can stay with me until we find your pack" Lonesoul sighed. This would be a long month.
"Really? Thanks!" He ran to the lone wolf and smiled.
"Were gonna be BEST FRIENDS just you watch"
Lonesoul sighed.
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