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Chapter 2

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I looked away quickly and cleared my throat.
"Here,come on!Push me on te swing!",Jan said.I nodded smiling at her and she ran quickly to the swings.I walked behind her ignoring the pair of eyes that I could feel just melting on my back.I sighed and started to push Jan.
"Nat,don't you have a boyfriend or something?",she asked.
"No.",I said.
"Why not?",she asked.
"Well,I don't really like anyone,and I doubt that anybody likes me.And besides...I like being alone.",I told her.
"But who wants to be alone.There's never any fun.",she said.
"Well,being alone means peace,and relaxation.You can't have that if your boyfriend keeps texting you.",I said.
"Well,my brther says that it's better to have company than to be alone.",she said.
"Your brother said that?",I asked,surprised.
"Yeah.He says that anybody who wants to be alone is somebody that has no feelings,or soul.Somebody that will die with nobody to miss the person at all and cry over the person.",she said.I stayed silent for a moment pushing her softly.
"...will die with nobody to miss or cry for them..",I repeated in only a whisper.
"Don't worry!I'll always be your friend,no matter what!If you die,I'll miss you and cry for you.",she said.I smiled,as she pulled me away from my thoughts.
"Thanks,Same to you.You can count on me to be miserable when you die.",I said.She laughed and I laughed along with her.
"Hey,what is love?",she asked.
"What are you talking about?",I asked.
"Love.You know,when people are all mushy and kiss and hug alot.What does love mean anyways?",she asked.I chuckled and sighed.
"Love is something for only grown-ups to know.You're too little.",I said.
"I am not little!I learned what condoms are!",she said.My eyes widened and I was very shocked.
"Who taught you about that?",I asked.
"I heard my brother one day talking about using one when he was in his room with his girlfriend.I asked him a couple days later,and he explained it all to me.",she said.
"So you already know what people bed...and not sleeping?",I dared to ask.
"Yeah,he said that condoms are what you use to throw away quickly if somebody asks you if you want to make-out on the bd,for if you do,you win a game.The games supposed to be wether you are very smart or not.If you throw it away fast,then that means the boy will love you forever.",she explained.I stared at her wierdly,and looked to where Tye sat,but he was no longer there.
"Your brother told you all of that?",I asked.
"Yep.",she said.
Well,at least he knows how to say nothing so disgusting in front of his younger sister.,I thought to myself.

The day had passed and it was dark,and I was in my room,Jan had already gone back home.I was onmy laptop,once again staring blankly and wondering what to write.
Yet,all I can think about what was Jan told me Tye said.
That somebody who loves to be alone,has no feelings or soul.That they are going to die,and nobody is going to miss them.
It for some reason made me feel so shaky,my stomach felt so wierd.
"Alright,Natalie!Enough thinking of that!Concentrate!",I told myself.I took a deep breath and started to type.
So far I wrote about the time I went to disney with my parents,and the time I had first went to the beach in my life.
Gosh,if only I can stop there.But there had to be exactl 2,000 words...or else.
"Nat,we're home!",I heard my mom.I saved my work and closed my laptop running downstairs.
"Hey,mom.Dad!",I said.
"So,how was your babysitting?",my dad asked.
"Great.So,how was work?",I asked.
"Perfect.We met the people from across the street.They are lovely.",,my mom said.
"Yeah,they are very nice.",I said,leaving the hot satan out.
"In fact,we invited them over for dinner for tomorrow night.",she said.
"Cool.",I said sitting down.
"They will be bringing their son and daughter as well.",she said.I smiled nodding.....
"WHAT?!!",I yelled.
"Honey,calm down.",my dad said.
"Their son is coming????",I asked.
"Yes.",they both said.
"B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b...But why??",I stuttered out uncontrollably.Heck,my freaking legs were shaking.
Him eating on my table and in my house is bad news.
Of course there's bad news if satan is in your freaking house dining with your family and you!

I jumped at the bell.I was upstairs fixing my hair for it was now the night that the Nights Family and their satan brother and son were coming and eating in my house.
I sighed and looked at myself in the mirror.
I wore a dress with heels and my hair in a bun.
Okay,maybe not something I should wear.
"Nat,come down!They're here!",I heard my mom call.I sighed in relief as I quickly finised changing.
So,this seems better.
Jeans with a white short-sleeved white v-neck shirt and converse,my hair in a ponytail.
"Nat!",my mom called again.I opened the door and practically ran downstairs,but managed to calm myself before I just fall on the floor.
I walked into the dining room and looked up as both my family and the Nights sat there with food in front of them untouched.
"Finally,you had two hungry families waiting for you.Come on.",my dad said.I nodded and walked to an empty seat,when I noticed the seat was right beside Tye.My eyes widened and I skidded to a stop.
"Sweetie,sit down.",my mom said.I gulped,and Tye looked up at me with a smile.
Oh,god!That smile was so sweetly and hotly evil!
"O-ok.",I stuttered.I sat down by him and cleared my throat.
"So,how you liking it so far here?",my dad said starting up a conversation.
I silently ate my food as they talked amongst themselves,when Tye suddenly cleared his throat.I froze for a slight moment,but then looked up at him.
"You always quiet with company over?",he asked.
"N-no.",I whispered.
"So,got a boyfriend?",he asked.
"N-no.",I stuttered again.
"Want a boyfriend?",he asked.
"No.",I whispered quickly.
"Why not?Insecure?",he asked.
"No.",I said.
"That the only thing you say?",he asked.
"No.",I said.He chuckled and I looked down.
"Anyways,take me to your room.",he said.My eyes widened and my head shot up to him.
"W-what?",I asked,stuttering.
"Come on,don't be scared.I'm not going to rape you or something.Just want to see your room.",he said.I sighed and looked away.
Don't know why I am even thinking of letting Satan in my room,by ourselves.
Too late,we are now excusing ourselves from the table.
I hope people are praying for me.

Alright,maggots,you all read what she hoped!
But you should,because you do not know what will happen to her.
So,just pray!
Hope you liked it!
Review if you would like.
Bye Bye!:3^^
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