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Reflections and Decisions

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We finally see what was going on back in England...

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A/N: I know quite a few of you have been itching to see the repercussions of what happened to everyone who betrayed Harry, so here are your answers!

Chapter 10: Reflections and Decisions

Standing outside on the front doorstep, Neville told Harry what happened with everyone else back in England.

Firstly, Dumbledore had passed away less than a year after Harry "died," and now McGonagall took his place as Head of Hogwarts, and Snape was the Deputy Headmaster. Harry didn't know what to feel about that, so he pushed those thoughts aside.

Sprout had moved on to another job some years afterwards, leaving Neville in charge of the job. However, after Professor Binns had just faded away one day, Hermione Granger-Weasley took his job as History of Magic professor. Otherwise, the other professors were still there, and after some new legislation had been passed, Lupin resumed his job as Defense Against the Dark Arts.

The thought of those two being among his son's professors nearly made Harry rescind his decision to let Dan go to Hogwarts. However, between Dan's choice, his own trust in Neville, and Amanda backing up her son's decision, he knew it would lead to more problems.

There had been some backlash against the Weasleys, but it didn't last as long as Harry thought it would. Within a year, pretty much all of the hatred and animosity for the family that betrayed Harry Potter had died down, mainly because it was pointed out that everyone had betrayed Harry in some form or another. Harry didn't know quite what to think about this, but not necessarily being a glutton for punishment himself, he filed those thoughts away for later.

Speaking of traitors, Fudge and Umbridge were the last people to receive the Dementor's Kiss for treason and other crimes (mainly serial murder), before the newly elected Minister Bones outlawed the Kiss as a form of punishment and banished the dementors. Harry felt a bit of vindictive pride at hearing what happened to those corrupt politicians, and as far as he was concerned with Amelia Bones... well, of all the people in the Wizengamot, she seemed to be the only one e could tolerate for some reason.

The Weasleys all tried to move on from what happened, and managed to do so, although their feelings of guilt, remorse and sorrow could still be felt if one knew where to look. The current generation of Weasleys had more than a dozen children, including a few who were still at Hogwarts. Ron and Hermione's daughter and eldest child (named Jessica) would also be starting at Hogwarts that year.

It also turned out that all those who testified against Harry (especially Ron and Hermione) came close to being punished for their twisted testimonies, but for all of Fudge's corrupt laws, there were no laws against what Muggles called "perjury." However, Madame Bones was quick to put such a law into place after being elected Minister, among several other laws, so none of the judicial mistakes made countless times in the past could happen again in the future.

Enough time already spent at the Potter household, Neville bade his old classmate farewell and departed.

Once Neville got back home and was greeted by his family, he made his way to his chair in front of the fireplace and promptly sat down, his mind currently a jumble of confused thoughts.

During his sixth year at Hogwarts, Neville stood off to the side as Ron and Hermione acted like king and queen of Gryffindor Tower. Once, at the beginning of the year when Neville had politely suggested that Harry could have been framed, and he had gotten chewed out over it and ridiculed for it. It died down after a month, but he was still looked upon with suspicion because of it.

He may not have been in Azkaban, but Neville was in a kind of prison of his own, and felt like he was slowly going out of his mind over it. He didn't care about proving everyone wrong just so he could shove it in their faces; he just wanted it all to end.

For the rest of the summer after Harry's "death," all those who betrayed Harry seemed to shrink until they became former shades of themselves. For reasons Neville couldn't quite fathom, Dumbledore made Ron and Hermione the new Head Boy and Girl during seventh year. However, both of them stepped down from their positions by Halloween, since they were having enough stress from not only their positions themselves, but also from homework and grief.

Dumbledore had retired before the start of that year, but it was in December when people were suspecting that his health was deteriorating. A couple of months later, he passed away, and there was much mourning for another lost hero.

Time passed, and after a while, Neville was almost on civil terms again with those whom he had previously argued with. Now, he was married to Luna, and had a couple of children of his own, the oldest of whom would be starting Hogwarts this year as well. There was their 11-year-old daughter Michelle and 8-year-old son Paul.


It was Luna, who had come to sit down in the chair next to his. "It's about Harry, isn't it?"

One thing that Neville could never entirely get used to was Luna's uncanny powers of perception, which were for the most part great.

"Yeah, it is."

"I'm sure that sooner or later, he'll get used to things again."

"If you say so, Luna."

Back in his own house, Harry was brooding. Walking up to Amanda, he asked her, "Why were you so supportive of Dan going to Hogwarts before you knew all the facts, anyway?"

Amanda shrugged. "I don't know... I guess it just felt right, to let him go to a place where he would fit in. Besides..." here her voice dropped a little. "I didn't think it would be right for you to prevent him from going just because of your grudge."

Harry felt as though he'd been jolted. "Grudge? I'm just trying to prevent my own son from being hurt or worse! Besides, you know I was holding back on lots of the things which happened to me. You want to know what those things were?" Before she could even respond, she told him about what Voldemort, Fudge, Umbridge and other evil people had done to himself and others, and by the time Harry was done, Amanda's face was pale, but with a little green in it.

"That was then, Harry, and believe me, I'm sorry you had to go through all that," Amanda told him. "But from what your friend Neville told us, things have changed. There's no Dark Lord or whatever going around at the moment, no politicians like that... What's there to worry about?"

"I don't know... maybe other people I'd rather not see again whom I don't want anywhere near my son?"

"Are you absolutely sure about that, Harry? I mean, a lot of those people like the Weasleys are family!"

"Family..." Harry muttered. "You know something, Amanda? I wondered from time to time how the people in that world could have possibly believed how I preferred being famous over having my family, as though my parents meant nothing to me. Only I've seen how those people think and act, Amanda. I've even seen for myself how some of those people will sacrifice family for power."

There was a moment of silence, after which Harry said, "I'll allow him to go there. He can pretend to be of no relation to me whatsoever, and just be another person whose last name is 'Potter.' I don't want to fight with you, Amanda, but I'm telling you, trouble will come... one way or another. I just know it, and believe me, I've become very good at knowing when things will happen."

After a moment, Harry shook his head and said, "I'm sorry, but I need to go out for a moment. I'll be back shortly."

With that, he went out for a walk, hoping to get out before he said something he would regret.

(End of Chapter 10.)

A/N: Well, this should answer your questions in a nutshell...

Next chapter is skipping forward a little to when Harry takes Dan shopping in Diagon Alley... -Quillian
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