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143 to 150

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A Few Words: 143 to 150

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A Few Words: 143 to 150

Word 143: Life

All was quiet and the three friends watched the stars. It was a time of peace and philosophical musings that contemplated the meaning of life. "What is the meaning of life?" Seifer wondered.

"Cookies?" Raijin suggested, speaking the first thing that came to his mind.

Seifer decided to pretend he didn't hear and looked to Fujin who shook her head. "I wonder..." Seifer whispered, if anyone knew how to properly answer that, he thought it would be Fujin, but she refused to say it or did not know, Seifer wasn't sure what her gesture meant.

Fujin remained silent with her deep thoughts, life was many things and most of all, life was something that could only be experienced and not explained in simple words.

Word 144: Mimic

In perfect unison they walked their steps in harmony, as if precisely calculated. One stopped without indication and so did the others, no indication needed. One looked to the left, to the right, to the sky, anywhere without warning and the others did the same, their senses attuned, their minds working as one. They looked back and saw three small children, two boys and a girl, a classic group, they were no where near as precise as the posse, but they were playing shadow, trying to do when they did.

Then in perfect unison, the three children looked up at the trio of taller figures, smiled innocently and pretended not to know why the older three were looking at them. Two boys and a girl, a classic group, a common form of posse, one that would exist through the generations.

Word 145: Nightly

Seifer was always the last one to go to sleep, as if an unspoken instinct kept him awake to watch over the others. The sound of Raijin's loud snoring filtered through the half open door to his room, which Seifer quietly closed to block out the sound. He then went to Fujin's room for his nightly visit as he always did. He opened the door gently and watched her sleep for a few seconds, a few seconds longer each night, then gently closed the door and retreated to his own room.

Fujin was always the first to wake up. She got up with the sun, no alarm clocks needed. She opened the house windows and half opened the door to Raijin's room, allowing the soft breeze that invaded the hall to filter in so he wouldn't wake up to a stuffy room. She went to Seifer's room, opening the door noiselessly and watched him sleep for a few seconds, a few seconds longer each day. Then she went to make breakfast, knowing that the scent would wake Raijin and his noise would wake Seifer.

Word 146: Oxymoron

Silver hair glittering in the sunlight,
The shining figure fades to a void,
To darkness with contradictory ease,
Her stride, firm and strong, yet light,
If all the gazes she wished to avoid,
Somehow, someway, she did.

But when she wished to be seen,
All heads turned in her direction,
Towards her loud silent scene,
And her wordless communication.

They knew, even if she made,
No action of indication,
That she was a unique creation.

Word 147: Pale

He gritted his teeth in agony, his eyes irritated by the effort to hold back all the sounds caught in his throat. He felt like crying as one inevitably did when pealing onions or faced with a bad cold, but not because of the pain, he could withstand it and in a strange way, he thought it was well worth it.

Fujin sighed softly and applied more cream to Seifer's bare back. He got it in his head that he was too pale and needed to tan, assuming that it could be accomplished faster without sun-block.

Word 148: Quickly

It all happened so quickly that they weren't sure how it happened. Rinoa was at it again, pleading for the posse to join the little party that she and Selphie would host. In the end, Raijin caved into the offer of food and Seifer and Fujin went along.

Raijin walked to the snack table, tasked with delivering a tray of freshly baked cookies. He wanted to eat them but Rinoa watched him from the corner of her eyes to make sure he didn't start on the snacks too early and make them run out.

Distracted, Raijin tripped over the amplifier's cord while Selphie battled with the cables for the instruments, the tray of cookies went flying and in a split second, Fujin reacted quickly, seizing the tray in mid air and moving with amazing speed to catch all the cookies on it in a gust of wind.

Word 149: Robust

"Seifer said no," Raijin reminded Fujin, who was having a personal battle with the common cold, but she insisted she was well enough to carry on with her life, despite Seifer trying to baby her.

"Move," Fujin warned.

Raijin gulped but stood firm, vigorous, strong and robust. Then a gust of wind blew him away, sending him to crash into Seifer who was approaching not far behind. They crashed into the wall and watched as Fujin walked past them, vigorous, strong and robust, despite her common cold-infested slender frame.

Word 150: Smile

Fujin stood in the middle this time, the two boys left and right looking at her, instead of the camera. They were surprised by the change in her often expressionless face, though still beautiful Seifer would add. She was smiling, she never smiled for the camera but for some reason that time she did, and much to Selphie's frustration, Seifer and Raijin had to ruin it by looking away from the camera. Even so, despite Selphie's complaints, it was worth it to see Fujin's radiant smile.

More to come...

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VIII. Words 143 "Life" and 144 "Mimic" were requested by PhinalPhantasy. There's a small reference to Kingdom Hearts in 144. Words 145 "Nightly", 146 "Oxymoron", 147 "Pale", 148 "Quickly", 149 "Robust" were requested by Xeno the Hedgehog from Word Disassociation. Word 150 "Smile" was requested by Romantic Jester.
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