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Chapter 1

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A CEO and his chauffeur are killed when the limo they are in explodes. It's up to Michael and Kitt to protect the CEO's daughters and find out who is behind it.

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Arthur Peterson - a fifty something man, slightly chunky, with brown hair and amber eyes - finished his breakfast, and turned to look fondly at the two of his three daughters who were at the table with him. All three of them had their mother's auburn hair, and her nose and chin, but these two had his eyes and mouth. The features blended well, and both girls were very attractive, judging by the appreciative looks they received from the men who were in the room with them.

Right now, they were reading the paper. More often than not, the girls wanted to read the same section at the same time. So they received two copies each morning. He had learned quickly that it was easier than listening to them fight over who gets what. But today, the peace in the room wasn't what was on his mind. He began to frown.

"Where's Kelly? Where is your sister? I need to talk to her before I go."

Shauna looked up. "Her door was open as I passed her room on my way down," she replied. "I happened to glance in, and I saw a breakfast tray in her room. She was on her computer."

"Did she see you? Did she say anything to you?"

His youngest daughter sighed and looked slightly disgruntled. "Yes. She saw me, and said she was working, and to tell you she'd be in the office later this morning. I told her I wasn't her personal messenger and she should tell you herself. But I guess she got her way, after all, didn't she?"

Peterson cursed under his breath, picked up his briefcase, kissed his two daughters goodbye and went upstairs. The girls looked at each other knowingly when they heard raised voices for a brief time, then silence. A few moments later, he descended and got into his chauffeured limousine. After the car pulled away, Kelly, his oldest daughter, came downstairs and entered the dining room. She glanced out the window. "He's gone," she said, sighing in relief. "And right on time, as usual."

Shauna asked, "What were you two arguing about up there? We could hear Dad's voice all the way down here."

"Even though I had told him I wouldn't go in with him today, he still expected me to. He said there were a couple of reports he wanted from me first thing this morning. Even though I told him they were done and would be on his desk when he arrived, he was still mad. And he got angrier when he thought he was leaving a minute later than he always does. I swear, he's a slave to the clock."

Laura, the second daughter, replied, "What do you care? You don't even have the courtesy to have breakfast with him, to ride into town with him, or even to be down here to say goodbye when he leaves. You act as though you don't even want to be part of this family."

Kelly glanced at her sister. "Do you really think I'm so stupid that I would constantly subject myself to his contemptuous remarks? Or yours? Or Shauna's?" She nodded toward her other sister, who was sipping her coffee while she listened. "No, I've had enough of that to last a lifetime and more, thank you very much." She turned back to the window and watched as the limo slowed to give the automatic gate time to open fully.

Laura started to reply, but was interrupted by an explosion. "My God! What was that?"

Kelly turned to her, a shocked look on her face. "It's the limo! It exploded at the gate!" She raced outside, heading for the site. Her sisters ran after her.

When they reached the gate, the estate guard was already there. He stopped them from getting any closer.

Laura screamed. "No! Daddy! Someone do something!"

"I'm sorry, ladies. There was nothing anyone can do. We've already called the police."

Shauna fell to her knees, sobbing. "Oh God, no! Please, no!"

Kelly just stood there with a strange look on her face.
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