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Slow Down

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Dodger, meet Phil. Dodger, meet Jeff and Adam. Guys, meet Daylin

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My attention was diverted from this beautiful man by another pair of arms that pulled me into a tight hug.

‭"‬Easy,‭ ‬Mike,‭" ‬I consoled.‭ "‬I'm fine.‭"

"Brooks,‭" ‬Orton hissed,‭ ‬getting the attention of the newcomer.

‭"‬Orton,‭" ‬the vampire-‭ ‬as I noticed his fangs-‭ ‬shot back.

‭"‬Well,‭ ‬aren't you heroic‭? ‬But mark my words:‭ ‬you won't always be there to sweep in and save the day,‭ ‬Superman,‭ ‬and the moment she's left unprotected,‭ ‬she'll be mine.‭"

Brook's mouth was set in a thin line,‭ ‬his hands clenched into tight fists at his sides.

‭"‬We'll be waiting,‭" ‬Mike countered.‭ "‬You even think about touching her and you'll be staked before you can make a move,‭" ‬he hissed,‭ ‬stepping forward threateningly.

A smirk spread across Randy's features.

‭"‬You certainly care about her,‭ ‬Mike,‭" ‬he stated.

‭"‬Well...she...she's my best friend.‭ ‬Why shouldn't I care about her‭?" ‬Mike stumbled,‭ ‬not expecting the comment.

Randy's smirk broadened into a grin.

‭"‬You forget I can read you thoughts,‭ ‬Mizanin.‭"

Mike's face blanched,‭ ‬and he looked to John helplessly.‭ ‬John merely shrugged,‭ ‬obviously understanding the situation better than I did.

A soft chuckle came from Orton's right-hand man,‭ ‬and my eyes immediately flew back to Randy.

He now had a broad smile on his face as his eyes lingered on Mike.

My own eyes instantly narrowed in suspicion.

Mike suddenly clutched at his head,‭ ‬crying out and buckling to his knees.

‭"‬Mike‭!" ‬I kneeled beside him,‭ ‬raising my gaze to Orton,‭ ‬sure that he was the culprit.‭ "‬Stop it‭! ‬Let him go‭!"

"Oh,‭ ‬I intend to,‭" ‬he promised,‭ ‬a malicious gleam in his eyes,‭ "‬once I have you.‭"

I was wrenched to my feet,‭ ‬and I felt the cold of a steel blade against my throat.

‭"‬Dodger‭!" ‬Mickie called.

Brooks attempted to charge at my captor,‭ ‬but Matt grabbed his arm.

‭"‬Not now,‭ ‬Phil,‭" ‬he said quietly.

The vampire behind me chuckled,‭ ‬seemingly delighted with the situation.

‭"‬Smart choice,‭ ‬Hardy,‭" ‬the southern accent drawled.‭ ‬It sounded slightly western.‭ ‬Texas,‭ ‬maybe‭? "‬You wouldn't want your pretty little friend hurt,‭ ‬would you‭?"

Phil growled audibly,‭ ‬and Mickie sneered.

‭"‬It figures you'd pick on the youngest of us all,‭" ‬she accused,‭ ‬narrowing her eyes.

I was confused.‭ ‬She said it as if that made me weaker than the rest of them.‭ ‬Was she trying to make him underestimate me‭?

A very subtle nod from Phil answered my unspoken question.

‭"‬The youngest,‭ ‬huh‭? ‬Well,‭ ‬Randy,‭" ‬he started,‭ ‬his body turning to face the other vampire,‭ "‬you'll have to let me have a go.‭ ‬There's nothing better than young flesh.‭"

My heart stopped at about the same time a feral growl ripped from Phil and Randy's throats almost in unison.

I'd had enough of this.‭

Rolling my eyes,‭ ‬I swept my leg backward,‭ ‬knocking the vampire off his feet and onto his back.

Pinning him to the ground with my foot,‭ ‬I held out my hand.

‭"‬Dagger,‭" ‬I calmly called to Mickie.

She tossed me the blade with a grin.

I knelt down,‭ ‬replacing my foot with my knee,‭ ‬and poised the blade over his chest.

‭"‬Tell your friend to get out of Mike's head,‭" ‬I demanded.

He gave no reaction,‭ ‬so I pressed the tip of the dagger against his skin.


"Let him go,‭ ‬Randy,‭" ‬the vampire said,‭ ‬defeated.

Orton seemed to consider it a moment,‭ ‬before,‭ ‬apparently,‭ ‬deciding that his lackey's life was more important than torturing Mike.

He looked back at Mike,‭ ‬supposedly undoing what had been done.

‭"‬Now let me go,‭" ‬demanded the vampire under my knee.

A twisted smile crossed my face.

‭"‬Why would I do that‭?" ‬I asked,‭ ‬watching fear crawl into his features.

‭"‬I...I did what you said‭!"

"And that automatically means I'm gonna let you go‭?"

Before he could answer,‭ ‬I shoved the dagger roughly into his chest.

He let out an agonized scream of pain,‭ ‬bursting into ashes moments later.

I stood,‭ ‬brushing off my knees,‭ ‬and throwing a smirk at Randy's clan.

Some looked impressed,‭ ‬while others looked upset.

Randy had a confident smirk on his face as he looked me over again.

‭"‬We could use someone of your talent,‭ ‬Dodger,‭" ‬he started,‭ ‬his voice a seductive purr.‭ "‬Just imagine yourself:‭ ‬mistress of the most powerful vampire on the planet.‭"

Mike and Phil growled violently.

‭"‬The mohawk's threat stands,‭ ‬Orton,‭" ‬Phil started,‭ ‬discretely nudging me behind him.‭ "‬Come near her,‭ ‬you're dead.‭"

Randy opened his mouth to retort,‭ ‬but was cut off by the arrival of two more to our side.

‭"‬Bautista,‭" ‬the blonde hissed,‭ ‬glaring at one of the men behind Randy.

He immediately growled,‭ ‬stepping forward slightly.‭ "‬Copeland,‭" ‬he spat back.

The second man-‭ ‬who I instantly recognized as Jeff,‭ ‬Matt's younger brother-‭ ‬rolled his eyes,‭ ‬placing a hand on the blonde's chest and pushing him back slightly.

‭"‬Honestly,‭ ‬Adam,‭" ‬he patronized,‭ ‬shaking his head.‭ "‬You're like a teenage girl holding a stupid grudge.‭"

Adam smirked,‭ ‬wrapping his arms around Jeff's waist.

‭"‬At least I'm not like a teenage girl with a stupid crush,‭" ‬he retorted,‭ ‬waggling his eyebrows.

Matt rolled his eyes,‭ ‬fake gagging as Mickie laughed.

I didn't miss the cold glare John shot at him.

Phil just shook his head,‭ ‬chuckling quietly.

‭"‬Are they together‭?" ‬I asked Phil softly.

‭"‬Yeah,‭" ‬he answered just as quietly.‭ "‬Five years in September.‭"

A flash of movement to my right caught my eye,‭ ‬and I turned my head in time to see a fist headed my way.‭

I ducked quickly,‭ ‬sweeping my leg around in an attempt to knock the attacker off her feet.‭

Expecting this,‭ ‬she jumped,‭ ‬avoiding my leg,‭ ‬and aimed a kick at my stomach.

I grabbed her foot,‭ ‬finally bringing my eyes to her face.

‭"‬Daylin‭?" ‬I asked,‭ ‬shock flitting across my features.
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