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Chapter One - Getting her back. Easy.

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He's coming back for her. (:

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Kaila's POV-the whole story is, I think.
I sniffled my nose, I have a cold again, I'm not used to the cold UK weather. I'm sitting in an English class at a Catholic Comprehensive school, in a disgusting uniform. I'm pretty new here, and in last year. I'm 15, 16 in January. I started school a month ago and everyone hates me already.

Great. I sigh and rest my head on the desk, the class isn't listening to the poor teacher and are all playing music on their phones loudly and talking.

I doodle in my English book, little stick people everywhere and the odd guitar or rain cloud. I know why, just because. Suddenly a familiar riff plays on someones phone. I listen carefully. Fall out Boy. I rest my head on the desk for a bit, but then I pack my bag and get up and walk out, it's the end of the lesson in about a minute anyway. I can't listen to Fall out Boy. Not yet. I walk across the yard, trying to pack my bag while walking, it's raining heavily and it's freezing. The buzzer goes off and everyone starts walking across the yard. Some kid runs straight into me and I falls, my books going everywhere.

“AHAHA FUCKER!” The kid laughs, running away. I get a lot of shit, not only for being new so late in the school, but also for the way I look. My hairs a deep, bright red. Like blood. My eyes are bright green, and always lined with eyeliner. And I always dress in really baggy uniform. My school bag is a Prince bag, HE got me a long time ago. And I'm never really washed too well, I'm living in a temporary thing, no family over here so I'm basically homeless. Oh, and I'm American, they hate American's at this school.

I get all my stuff picked up, but I'm drenched. I get up from the floor, pissed that not a single person stopped to help me out in this weather, and almost everyone walking past had a hoody or umbrella on. I'd be wearing my hoody too but the useless staff are washing it, and have been all week. It's the end of the day so I get onto my bus, as close to the front as possible, and stare out the window. I get a text.

'Kay, I'm sorry I didn't mean it. The UK tour is soon, please take me back. X'
From Patrick. Pfft. I hit reply,

'What you did was out of order 'trick and you know it! Sorry doesn't cut it, sorry.'
Sent. He expects me to take him back, what an idiot.

'C'mon Kay, it was one drunk night, I messed up. At least I admit it. Please please please take me back. X'
He won't give up will he?

'Patrick. You may have been drunk but I can't just let you get away with what you did.'
Sent. What a prick.

'How would I know what will work? You won't even tell me what I did, I was too drunk to remember.'
He has a point,

'Then I'll tell you?'
I send it, reply is fast.

'yes please!'

My bus stop, I put my phone in my pocket and get off the bus, walking slowly through the rain towards the center, I get in and walk to my room, they know how I like to be treated here, left well alone. I get into my room and lay on the bed, still in my wet uniform. I take out my phone.

'Patrick, you asked for sex, I said no, so you hit me.'

I cry thinking of the memory. But I left out some of what happened, I don't wanna start re-living certain things. Long wait for a reply.

'oh, Kay, I didn't know, I'm so fucking sorry. I, I am so sorry. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
I sigh, a tear dripping off my face.

'sorry doesn't cut it.'
I put my phone to the side and hug my knees. Another reply.

'I will make it up to you somehow, I am so sorry, I didn't mean it. Xxxxxx'
I roll my eyes and don't reply.

A few weeks later, the Fall out Boy tour dates. One day after school I'm sitting in my room at the center, there's a text from Patrick.

'let me in.'

What? I sit up and hit reply.
'In where? What are you on about this time?'
Sent. There's a knock at my door. I get up and go answer it, and Patrick's standing there, drenched from the rain.

“How long were you outside the center?” I ask, leaning against the door.

“About half an hour.” He replies and I roll my eyes, letting him into my room.

“Idiot.” I mutter.

“Thanks.” He grins. He's about ten years older than me, you'd never guess by how childish he is sometimes. I grab a blanket and throw it to him so he can warm himself up.

“How did you find me?” I ask.

“I tracked your phone.” He smiles.

“You're a fucking stalker.” I say and he laughs. “What do you want anyway?”

“I'm sorry Kay, I didn't mean to hurt you.” He says sadly.

“But you did.” I say.

“I was drunk.” He pointed out.

“I know, you would never do that without the drink, but that doesn't make it okay.” I look away from him.

“I'll make it up to you.” He pleads. I shake my head, “Please. I love you.” He begs, I feel a tear run down my face, great.

“Patrick, if I did forgive you I'd be at risk again.” I say, looking at the wall to my right.

“Kaila, I never ever drink you know that, I'll never touch alcohol ever again, I haven't since. I promise!” He pleads, he sounds really desperate. Another few tears run down my face, even more than the rain had made my eyeliner run already. I go and sit on my bed, against the wall, and let the tears fall.

“Patrick, leave.” I say quietly, he either doesn't hear me, or ignores me. I feel the bed go down a bit, then Patrick's arms wrap around me from the side. I have to admit, I missed these warm hugs. They're warm even when he's wet and cold. Even more tears run, I don't hug him back though, I can't let him win.

“Kaila, I love you.” He whispered, I tried to push him off, after a light push he let go. I couldn't bring myself to tell him to leave again though.

“How long are you in the UK?” I asked.

“Four days I hope...” He said, sounding hopeful.

“Can you come back tomorrow?” I ask.

“No, we're gonna be the other side of the UK, and that's where we're flying from.” He frowned.

“Fine.” I frowned too, and look down at my hands.

“Kaila just come with us, please. If you ever want to we can drop you home, it's better than where you are now at least, I can see you're not happy staying here.” He said, wrapping the blanket that was keeping him warm around me instead.

“No, I'm fine here.” I lied.

“I know how you're copying in school, and you don't really like this place do you? No posters on your wall, no t.v, no stereo system. You've gone too long without your music. This place isn't you.” He rambled off, keeping his eyes on my face.

“I'm fine.” I sighed, looking up to meet his eyes then forcing a smile.

“No you're not.” He frowned.

“Okay, but I will be fine one day.” I said.

“Kaila, just come back with us. Even if you don't want to be with me one of the others can make sure you're okay, I hate to see you living like this.” Patrick made a pouty face at me.

“Fine, I'll come with you but I'm staying away from you. I'm not ready.” I give in and a wide smile spreads on Patrick's face, I can't help but smile back.

“Get your stuff ready?” Patrick asked and I nodded, getting up to pack my stuff. Patrick helped me. It took about 1 minute, I own next to nothing. The center staff had finally washed my hoody and left it on the chair beside my bed, I grabbed it and put it on over my wet uniform. Patrick carried my bag and we walked out, the center staff didn't notice me leaving. I put my hood up, it was raining still. Patrick had no hood.

“How far are we going?” I called through the heavy rain and wind.

“Hotel a few blocks away.” He called back, I reached out and took my bag, then took out an old hoody I'd gotten from Patrick a while ago, it used to be his and he's lost weight so it'll fit him. I passed it to him and he put it on, then I put the hood up for him, then he took the bag back off me and mouthed a thanks. We walked through the rain in silence, until we got to a average looking hotel. Patrick held the door open for me and we walked in, a warm blast of air hitting me from inside.

He led me to some stairs and we walked up, when we got to his floor Joe walked towards us.
“KAILEY!” He yelled, running then hugging me, I laughed and hugged back. Joe's like a big brother.

“It's Kaila you stupid fuck.” I laughed and he pouted.

“I wanna call you Kailey.” He complained and I rolled my eyes.

“I missed you.” I smiled.

“I missed you too, we all did. Patrick's been so whiney without you here to shut him up.” Joe smiled at Patrick.

“Sorry but you're gonna have to deal with it a bit longer, I'm not spending much time with him yet.” I said, frowning.

“Oh.” Joe said. “Well, I'm going to go tell Andy you're back. Pete's out in some posher hotel.” He laughed then smiled and walked past us.

“Have I got my own room?” I asked Patrick shyly.

“There weren't enough rooms, Joe and Andy share. There are two singles in my room?” He offered.

“Or you could switch with Andy or Joe?” He added.

“I'll be fine in your room.” I said, then he opened the door for me, the room was pretty average. Two beds, a bathroom, and a small t.v.

“Pick a bed, I haven't slept in either yet.” He said, nodding towards the beds. I went to the one in the far corner and sat on it. “I guessed.” He smiled, I laughed lightly then he came over and put my bag beside me. “Wanna shower or something?” He offered.

“Yes please.” I smiled.

“I brought the clothes you left on the bus with us.” He grinned, getting a case from under my bed and dropping it on top of the bed, I opened it and got the clothes I needed.

“Thanks.” I smiled, then went into the bathroom and locked the door. Once I was done I wrapped a towel around my hair and got dressed. When I was dressed, I opened the door and walked into the bedroom, before I had a chance to see who it was someone hugged me. He was really skinny,

“I MISSED YOU!” He said loudly.

“Andy.” I laughed and rolled my eyes.

“You didn't miss me?” He gasped.

“No, I was glad to be away from you!” I joked and he put on a hurt face. “Nah I missed you.” I

“Good. That's what we wanted to hear.” He smiled. I walked past him to my case on my bed, Patrick was sitting on his bed, watching me. It was kinda creepy. I looked through my bag for my hair dryer and found it. I found a plug and started to dry my hair. It didn't take very long. When it was done I put the dryer to the side and turned to see who was still in the room, Pete was standing in the doorway smiling.

“Well done Patrick, you won the bet.” He grinned, I rolled my eyes.

“Is there anything you won't bet on Peter?” I laughed.

“Probably, haven't found it yet.” He smiled at me.

“You stupid prick.” I grinned, walking over to him and hugging him.

“I missed you little one.” He laughed, hugging back.

“I missed you too, you asshole.” I replied, pulling from the hug.

“Thanks.” He rolled his eyes at me.

“Anytime.” I nodded and then walked back to my bed, sitting down. “How much did you guys put on this anyway?”

“Only 50 bucks.” Pete smiled, getting money out of his shoe then handing it to Patrick.

“I don't think I want it after it's been in your shoe.” Patrick said, pulling a disgusted face.

“Take it or leave it.” Pete smirked.

“You keep it.” Patrick laughed. “I'm just happy we got her back.” He smiled.

“AWEE HOW SWEET!” Pete cooed, putting his money in his jeans pocket.

“Fuck off Pete.” I laugh.

“Someone woke up on the wrong side of the homeless shelter.” He smirks.

“Once again, fuck off Pete.” I laugh, trying to look offended.

“Fine, but you two be good.” Pete raised his eyebrows and turned to leave.

“We will, it's not like we're going out.” Patrick said.

“You aren't?” Pete asked, turning around.

“No.” I said, folding my arms.

“You guys have to take care of her.” Patrick told him.

“Oh, okay. Sorry to hear that.” Pete frowned. “See you around.” He waved and then left, shutting the
door behind him. There was an awkward silence after he'd gone, I watched Patrick, he was looking down at his crossed legs and chewing his lip. He turns to look at me, I didn't even realize I was staring.

“What?” Patrick asks, a smile playing on his lips.

“Nothing.” I blush, looking away. I hear him get up and walk over to me, I look up and his arms are
open for a hug. I get up and hug into him.

“I missed you.” He says quietly.

“I missed you too.” I say, honestly. “I'm glad you came and got me.” I add, not wanting the hug to

“So am I, I almost chickened out, that's why Pete made the bet. He thought it would help me get the
guts.” He laughed, not letting go either.

“Did it?” I ask.

“Yeah, a bit, but it was mainly how much I missed you.” He said shyly, I hugged him tighter.

“Well, thanks.” I smiled and took in a big breath of Patrick's scent.

“I'd do it a million times again.” He whispers. I pull away from the hug before it gets uncomfortable and awkward.

“It means the world.” I smile. I can't help but be happy when Patrick's happy.

“Good.” He smiles, blushing a bit. There's another silence.

“I don't wanna stay away from you.” I say sadly, sitting down on my bed again.

“Then don't.” He says, sitting close beside me.

“But, what if you do it again?” I ask, looking to meet his eyes.

“I won't. I promise.” He says, his eyes pleading and honest.

“Okay, but I can't trust you enough to date you again, yet.” I say, sighing.

“I understand.” He replies, frowning a bit. I sigh and keep looking into his eyes. He just looks back.

“I missed you.” I say again, frowning deeply.

“I know.” Patrick smiles. The door opens and I turn to see who it is, it's Joe.

“Hey!” I smile and laugh as Joe walks in.

“Thanks for knocking.” Patrick says, rolling his eyes.

“Did I interrupt something?” Joe asks.

“No.” Me and Patrick say at the same time.

“So knocking didn't matter.” He grinned.

“What do you want anyway?” I ask.

“Andy sent me to ask whether you wanted to swap room with either of us, so you don't have to be in here with Patrick. But you seem to be getting on better so it doesn't matter. Just, don't shake the beds too much please, we're next door.” He waggles his eyebrows and I laugh and roll my eyes.

“We will try not to.” I joke.

“See ya.” Joe smiles and leaves. I let out a yawn.

“Are you tired?” Patrick asks.

“Very.” I reply.

“Go to sleep?” He asks, getting up off my bed and going to sit on his own.

“Okay.” I reply, snuggling under my blankets. Patrick goes and turns off the light and locks the door.

“Goodnight.” He whispers as he gets into his own bed.

“G'night.” I reply.

“Love you.” He says, really quietly.

“Love you too.” I say, even quieter, not intending on him hearing.
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