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the girl and the green smoke

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who is the girl, and why does she need Frank to save her?

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I've changed Frank's last name in this, so that people in my english class won't guess which Frank it is as easily XD and i know it's Iero, not Lero haha thanks soo much for reading the first chapter and i hope you enjoy this one too! rate and review please! =] xo

'What's your name?' The doctor asked me after he had finished with my mom and let her start her drive back home. I'd already decided I didn't like him, but maybe that was just the way he insisted on mentioning my phobia to me every chance he got.

'Frank Simmons,' I had been Simmons until my dad died three years ago, about when my phobia started getting really bad, but had decided I wanted it back instead of Lero as was my mom's name, just to see if it made my phobia go away-it had never really been noticeable until my name changed. Of course, my name made no difference to my fear, and in the end I kept it out of respect for my father.

'Your mother's name is Lero, correct?' I nodded. 'Care to tell me why you changed your name?' My face went blank, and I filled my eyes with all the hatred it could muster for this man, letting it out in one go. He seemed to fidget, becoming uncomfortable, and instead of looking me in the eye, he glanced down at his sheet. 'You'll be in room 237,'

I stared at him. What the hell?

'Isn't that the room out of The Shining?' He thought for a moment before nodding.

'Yes, but your phobia is spiders not horror films, so you'll be fine,' Shivering, I ran my hands across my back, sure I had felt something...crawling...

I snapped my hands like pincers at my hood, trying to empty it, and in the end, settled for ripping it off, tearing it down the seams. I shivered again, but this time from the cold as I was left in only my favorite black Anthrax shirt.

The doctor gourmed at me for a moment before walking away, leaving me to find my room alone. I slung my bag over my shoulder and started around the corner.

You'd expect, surely, in a place like this, to have at least ten rooms occupied, but every room I walked past was empty, the doors bolted shut, and the food hatches shut and locked. There wasn't even people in the games room, the bathrooms, therapy rooms, or the kitchens. If I didn't know better, I would have said I was alone there. Only that was impossible-I had seen people staring out the windows at me as I walked up the steps not fifteen minutes ago. On thing thing was..where were they?

Finally I made it to room 237, and, slotting the key into the lock, I was surprised to find it already open. Trust me to get the faulty door..maybe they'd swap me?

I stepped in, dumping my bag on the cot that was to be my bed, and then took in my surroundings; plain, clinical colored walls, thin MDF wardrobe that was impossible to hurt yourself with, a lamp bolted down to a small round table in the corner, also bolted down, old-looking metal blinds (no curtains. I'm assuming one of the crazier dudes put in this place had used them as a noose), and a small desk that looked like it hadn't been cleaned in years.

I felt like I wasn't alone, so I swung round, expecting to find the doctor there, telling me I had the wrong room as this one looked like it hadn't been used in years, and instead found a young girl, her dress all torn and battered. Her face was shrouded in darkness, the only features that stood out being what I thought was a nose, but it was slightly too abstract of a shape to be natural.

Her voice, when she spoke, was high but distant, ringing through the room even after her words had finished.

'' Her form flickered, almost like an old T.V running out of signal, the eerie ringing making me shudder. She flitted again, before a piercing screech left her lips, her chest imploding and then shooting outwards, filling the room momentarily with dark light, before evaporating into an emerald colored smoke.

I stood there for a moment, unsure of what had happened, before an overwhelming feeling of fear, unlike anything else I had experienced washed over me, forcing me backwards until my knees hit the bars on the cot. I slumped down and watched as black creeped into the corners of my vision, a welcome retreat from what had just become reality. I let myself fall back until I was flat across the mattress, closing my eyes as I did, and letting the darkness carry me away.
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