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Chapter Three - Truth Or Dare?

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How come almost EVERY fic with Pete in it has at least one game of truth or dare? :P Awe well. I guess I'm making this one fall into the cliche. O_o

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Chapter Three
Today has been amazing, I'm laying in my bunk, staring at the ceiling thing, the bottom of Joe's bunk. Day dreaming and wondering how I lived without Patrick. Even how I lived without Pete. He's a jerk but he's my big brother, I guess. I'm tired but I can't sleep. I miss Patrick already. And I know if I go to sleep I'll have that nightmare again. I have the gut feeling. I don't want to have the nightmare, not now, it'll mess me and Patrick up again, because I'll be afraid of him. I sigh and climb out of my bunk, then slowly open the back door, the light's off in here. I listen and hear Patrick's soft breathing, he's asleep. I go in and shut the door quietly. I can see him every once in a while, when the bus passes a street light and the light comes through the window. I go and sit on the floor in front of the sofa.

“You look so sweet when you're asleep.” I whisper, lightly stroking his cheek. He smiles, but his breathing's so slow and steady, he must be asleep. I smile and tilt my head to one side, watching him sleep with awe and interest. The bus does a sudden stop and he falls off the sofa, I try to save him, but he just ends up sitting on my lap.

“What?” He says, waking up and sitting up.

“Shh, bus jumped, it's okay.” I say, calming him down and hugging into him. He sighs in relief, then hugs into me. Staying on my lap, he's not crushing me 'cause his weight is mostly on the ground between my legs. I lightly lay us both down on the floor, taking my legs from around him and just hugging him. The floor's pretty comfortable anyway. He smiles then lightly falls back asleep. I smile and rest my head on his chest, he starts fiddling with my hair and I snuggle into him more. Before long I fall asleep.

I wake up, I'm laying on something soft. I sit up, I'm on the sofa, Patrick's not here. I stretch then stand up, wondering around the back room, then going into the bunk room, nobody is here. I go to the front of the bus, the drivers sitting, reading a newspaper.

“Hey.” I smile shyly.

“Oh, hey.” He smiles at me, putting the paper to the side.

“Know where they went?” I ask him casually, he's not much older than the guys, and not half bad looking actually. But he has nothing on Patrick.

“For a walk around the lake.” He smiles, nodding out of the window, there's a huge, gorgeous lake.

“Thanks....” I say, hinting him to tell me his name.

“Jake.” He smiles.

“Thanks Jake.” I smile. “Are you their new bus driver?” I ask, he sounds American.

“Yeah.” He nods.

“Where you from?” I ask.

“Chicago.” He smiles.

“Sweet. I'm gonna go find the others, wanna join?” I offer, I hate leaving people out.

“Nah, I'm happy enough here.” He says, picking up the paper again.

“Byee.” I say, going into the back and getting changed, then heading off the bus. I walk along the edge of the lake, trying to spot them. I can't see them at all. Then as I get half way I spot them on a bench. I walk along the edge, towards them. I can't swim that well, so if I fall in I'm dead. I laugh to myself. I get closer to them, they haven't noticed me. I don't want to interrupt, so I sit on the edge of a little bridge going over a stream that runs into the lake and swing my legs.

“Lonely?” I hear a voice say behind me. I turn and see a girl I've not met before. She looks a little older than me.

“My friends are over there, I was leaving them have some space.” I smile, “So yeah, lonely.” I laugh.

“Mind if I join you? We can be lonely together.” She laughs.

“Sure.” I tap a space beside me and she sits down.

“You're American aren't you?” She asks.

“Yeah.” I laugh, “You're local?” I guess.

“Yeah, I live up the road.” She smiles.

“If you don't mind me going stalker for a minute, how old are you?” I ask and she laughs.

“19 last month.” She smiles.

“I'm 16 in January.” I grin.

“Young one.” She says in a nerdy voice.

“That's right, elderly one.” I laugh and she laughs too.

“What you doing over here anyway? If you're American, I mean.” She says, swinging her legs and looking over the lake.

“I ran away from my friends, over there, and they came back for me.” I laugh. She looks over at them for the first time.

“They look familiar.” She says. She looks like the type to like Fall out Boy, actually.

“They probably do.” I say, giggling.

“I know them?” She asks, turning towards me.

“Might do.” I say, looking down at the lake. “Why're you over by the lake anyway?” I ask her.

“Family issues. I wanted to get away for a minute.” She explains.

“Awe, I'm sorry to hear that.” I frown.

“It's okay.” She smiles. My phone goes off, it's “It's Not A Side Effect Of The Cocaine” so, it's Patrick. I answer.

“Where are you?” He asks casually.

“On the bridge you silly boy.” I laugh and he looks over at me and waves, I wave back. Then he hangs up and walks over.

“What's your name again?” I ask her.

“I haven't told you.” She smiles at me, “It's Sarah.”

“Mine's Kaila.” I grin. Patrick is walking onto the bridge, he sits the other side of me and kisses my cheek.

“Hey.” He says, leaning forwards to wave at Sarah.

“You-you-you, You're PATRICK!” She squeals and I giggle.

“Yes, I am.” Patrick laughs too.

“You didn't tell me your friends were FALL OUT BOY!” She screams, then puts her hand out and Patrick shakes it.

“This is Sarah.” I say to Patrick, waggling my eyebrows and making him laugh.

“Hey Sarah.” He says and she grins.

“Wait, why did you kiss Kaila?” She says, squinting her face, “Isn't she like, 16?”

“HEY PETE! GET YOUR FAT ASS OVER HERE!” I yell, distracting her.

“I'M NOT FAT!” He screams back and me and Patrick laugh, then the others walk over and Sarah gets up to fangirl over them.

“Close one.” Patrick says, letting out a sigh of relief and I nod in agreement. We give her backstage passes to their next show, she's going anyway. Once she's gone we all head back to the bus slowly. Me and Patrick leading, and walking close.

“Thanks for putting me on the sofa.” I smile at him.

“Thanks for helping me sleep.” He replies, then holds the bus door open for me. We get on and go the the back room, the others rudely follow us and me and Patrick sit on the sofa. Pete comes over and sits down too. Then Joe tries to fit.

“MOVE OVER!” He screams. I climb onto Patrick's lap and Joe fits, then Andy sits on the side of the sofa next to Joe.

Patrick shuffles around a bit, and I move my weight a bit to make it more comfortable for him. His pants are a tiny bit tighter than when I first sat on his lap, already. 'He must be desperate' I think, then laugh to myself out loud.

“What?” They all say at the same time.

“Don't worry.” I grin and they all give me weird looks. I shrug.

“I have an idea.” Pete smiles.

“What?” Andy asks.

“TRUTH OR DARE!” Pete grins.

“NO!” The rest of us say loudly at the same time.

“Please?” He begs.

“Actually, sounds like fun.” Joe gives in.

“Go on guys, to celebrate Kaila's return.” Pete grins like an angry monkey.

“Fine.” I say, rolling my eyes, then Pete high fives me.

“Patrick?” Pete says.

“Okay.” He says, giving me an evil look.

“Andy?” Joe asks.

“I'll do it.” He smiles.

“Okay, out by the lake we go.” Pete says and we all follow him out, it's already starting to get dark out. “Forfeit is diving naked in the lake. Agreed?” We all nod, sounds like fun.. not.

“Who's first?” I ask.

“You pick someone, it's your welcome back game.” Patrick smiles, nudging me, we're all sitting on the floor in a little circle type thing, I'm leaning against his side.

“I pick.. Pete.” I smile. I feel evil.

“Dare.” He says smugly.

“I dare you to..” I think, no ideas. “Swim naked.” I decide to go with the forfeit, that way it's a win win. He shrugs and gets up, stripping down. I hide my face in Patrick's neck. I don't wanna see that.

Patrick taps me when Pete's facing the opposite way. He happily walks to the lake, then dives in, yelling about it being cold. We're all falling over in laughter. Eventually he comes out, then puts his clothes back on, his fringe all wet over his face.

“My turn.” He grinned. Oops, I forgot that meant it'd be his turn. “I pick Patrick.”

“Truth.” He says, staying safe, well, safer.

“How many times have you gotten hard since Kaila's been back?” Pete asks, no thought needed, this is Peter. Patrick blushes.

“Uh,” He thinks. “About 5 times.” He says, looking down. The others laugh, I hold back giggles, then hug him tight.

“Don't increase that number now Kaila.” Pete joked and I glare at him.

“Patrick's turn.” Andy says, saving him.

“I pick Joe, he's being too quiet.” Patrick smiles and I un-hug him and lean into him again.

“YAY ME!” Joe squeals. “Dare.” He says, giving a daring, brave look I can't help but laugh at.

“I dare you too.. put Pete back in the lake, fully clothed.” Patrick says, an evil smirk on his face.

“OHH GOOD ONE!” I say, smiling like mad. Joe goes and easily drags Pete, and drops him in the water. Pete climbs out, pissed off and soaking. We all laugh at him again.

“My turn!” Joe smiles. “Hmm, Andy or Kaila?” He says. “ANDY!” He screams.

“Truth.” Andy says instantly, he's so straight edge it's unreal.

“Hmmmmmmmm...” Joe thinks. “Butt sex, or giving a blow job?” He finally comes up with, I let out a chuckle. Joe has issues.

“Blow job one.” Andy says after some thought. “Butt sex would hurt.” We all laugh.

“Andy's turn.” Pete smiles, he's in a better mood now.

“I pick Kaila.” He smiles, “You haven't had your turn yet.”

“Dare.” I say, I'll save my truth in case Pete gets a turn. I think a dare's safe with Andy.

“Make out with Pete.” He says, the others except me and Patrick laugh. That's evil.

“No.” I say sadly. Patrick hugging me to him.

“Then dive into the lake naked.” Pete smirked. I rolled my eyes.

“Some welcome home game this is.” I mumble, then kiss Patrick before walking over to Pete, then sitting beside him. Then I press my lips against his, and he makes the first move, making out with me, he pushes me down and straddles me, before I get a chance to push him off Patrick pushes him away from me,

“Pervert.” I say at Pete, glaring. The guys laugh. Me and Patrick go back over to our spot and Pete sticks his tongue out at Patrick. I try washing all the Pete out of my mouth.

“Your turn again.” Patrick grins.

“You can't pick me, you already have,” Pete smiles evilly.

“Then I pick Patrick.” I smile at him, “So no-one else can and be evil.” I grin and Patrick smiles back.

“Has to be a dare, I've used my truth.” Patrick says.

“I dare you too...” I think, what's fun but nice? “make out with me, and show Pete how it's done.” I laugh and so do the others, Pete pulls a pouty face.

“Will do.” Patrick laughs, then presses his lips against mine, he falls backwards lightly, pulling me with him. I straddle him, and we continue kissing, the feeling's amazing, even in front of the others. I pull away after a while, and look to see the others are staring at us, open mouthed. Me and Patrick laugh. I notice his pants again, he sits up.

“Six times?” Pete says jokingly, I sit on Patrick's lap to hide it from the guys, even though they know.

“Your turn.” I smile at Patrick.

“I pick..” He looks around. “Wentz.” He says, giving him an evil look.

“Dare.” Pete says instantly. Patrick leans into my ear and whispers,

“Let me ask you first, mind if I use you to embarrass Pete?” I nod, I instantly get it. “Okay, if my hard on's so funny, I dare you to try and NOT get one.” Patrick grins. I climb off him and make my way over to Pete again, who looks scared. I push him back and straddle him, on his tummy. For two reasons. One, I don't have to feel it. Two, the others get to see it. Then lean down and kiss him. Before long I hear the guys laugh, and get off, skipping over to Patrick and getting back onto his lap.

“That was a good dare.” Andy praises us.

“Andy.” Pete says, ignoring his pants.

“Dare.” Andy says, defeated, poor guy.

“I dare you to give Joe a hard on.” Pete grins.

“HEY WHAT DID I DO?” Joe whines.

“Nothing, I just feel evil right now.” Pete smirks.

“Fine.” Andy says sadly, going over to Joe, straddling him, then kissing him. It doesn't work so he starts kissing his neck and soon enough, his job is done. He says sorry to Joe then walks back to his sitting spot.

“Andy's turn.” I smile.

“Who's left?” He asks.

“Kaila and Joe.” Pete says.

“I pick Joe, I've already picked Kaila.” Andy says.

“DARE!” Joe shrieks.

“I dare you too.. rape Pete's face.” Andy smiles. Luckily Joe's hard ons gone down already, he shrugs, then goes and rapes Pete's face. It's hysterical.

“MY TURN!” Joe smiles, going back to sit down. “Kaila.” He says.

“Dare.” I shrug.

“I dare you too..” He thinks.. “eat Patrick's hat.” He smiles.

“That's not possible.” I laugh.

“TRY!” He shouts. I laugh, then take off Patrick's hat and chew it. We all laugh, I put the hat back on Patrick's head.

“Game over.” I smile and Patrick gets up then helps me up, we all head back into the bus. Once we get on Jake comes over to us.

“Hey Jake.” I smile, the others have all walked straight past him, into the back room.

“Hey Kaila. We'll be leaving in ten, make sure you didn't leave anything out there.” He smiles back, then salutes and goes back to his little driver booth. I wonder when he sleeps. I head into the back room. They're all sitting on the sofa, the same way they were before we went out. I roll my eyes then smile and walk over, sitting on Patrick's lap again and he wraps his arms around my tummy.

“Where'dya go?” He asks me.

“Jake was trying to talk to y'all but you ignored him so I stopped to talk.” I say, trying to sound pissed off with them. “He said the bus is leaving in ten minutes.” I add, smiling to show I'm not really angry.

“Oh, I didn't notice him.” Patrick says sadly and the others all agree. Andy yawns loudly.

“I think it's bed time for some body.” Pete grins.

“Bunk time it is.” Andy says, climbing off the side of the sofa, then going out of the back room. I'm feeling tired myself, but I don't say anything. Being so close to Patrick's giving me butterflies and I don't wanna leave him to go to my bunk. I notice the guys are talking about some movie. I don't feel like talking, just snuggling. I turn my body around on Patrick's lap so my feet are in the gap between him and Pete. It's a pretty spacey sofa. I huggle into Patrick's chest sideways and he holds me close, ignoring his conversation with Pete and Joe for a moment to check I'm comfy and then kiss my lips caring.

“Cut it out.” Pete says, pulling a sicky-face.

“Cut it off.” I say, leaning forwards and pulling his hair. Patrick and Joe laugh and I hide in Patrick's neck from Pete's evil glare. They get back to their movie conversation and I snuggle myself into Patrick and breath in his scent with deep breaths. He hasn't changed one bit. Soon enough the conversation gets more and more distant, silence filling my ears.

I feel like I'm flying. I'm asleep. Every thing's perfect, I'm just flying in darkness, I can hear Patrick's breathing, and smell him. Then suddenly I hit the floor, still in darkness. Patrick's gone. I open my eyes and I'm sitting on a cold bathroom floor. I know this place, it's the hotel bathroom. From the day I left Patrick. I get up to my feet. This can't be happening again, I try to wake up. This shouldn't be happening, I'm happy again. I hear the hotel room door slam open, then slam shut. I know it won't work, I've tried but I try again, leaning up against the bathroom door.

“Kaila?!” Patrick yells. Tears stream down my face. I look for something, anything to use as a weapon. Before me, on the floor, there's a big kitchen knife. I pick it up and it's sharp. I turn and face the door. It opens, and the angry drunk version of the man I love throws the door open. I hold the knife up. He doesn't even see it. His eyes are burning and there's a fixed frown on his face.

“Stay away.” I say, stuttering and tears running down my face fast. He steps towards me and I hold the knife up higher, he's close enough to stab. I go to stab him, but he just smiles at me. I can't hurt him, not even when he's like this. I drop the knife to the floor. He leans down slowly and picks it up.
I walk backwards until I hit a wall.

“I like this new twist.” He says quietly, walking towards me, then pinning me against the wall with my body under one arm, the other one holding the knife to my neck. “I really like it.” He whispers, I feel his breath on my skin and shudder in fear. The cold metal touches my neck.
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