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Chapter 3

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I sat in class boredly,my legs on the desk and my hands behind my head.
All I could think of was Nanai.So,she was the one.I finally found her.
"Mr.Rodriguez.Would you like to answer the question?",the teach said.I sighed and looked ahead.
"No.",I said.
"I'm sorry,do you have a problem?",teach asked.
"No.",I said.
"Do you want me to inform the office of your behavior?",the teach asked.
"Tye,what's wrong?",Mike asked.I sighed,and I turned my attention to Mike.
"Go find Nanai right now and bring her to the class.",I said.Mike nodded and stood up walking out of te classroom.
"That is it.Ordering a student around is very bad.I am going to tell the principal.",teach said.
"Go ahead.I'm sure the principal won't have a problem dealing with me.",I said.
"And why is that?",teach asked.
"Boys.",I said.The three stood up and crossed their arms.
"He's the president's son,idiot!Tye Rodriguez!",Rick yelled.I smirked as the teach's eyes widened.
I could see the fear in his eyes.
"It's okay,teach.I'll give you another chance.",I said.He cleared his throat and nodded.The guys sat down and I looked over as the door opened.
"Hey!",Nanai whined as Mike pushed her inside.
"Nanai.",I said.Her head shot up and I sighed.
"W-what?",she asked.I pointed a finger at her and pointed to the ground next to me.
She walked up to me,I could see how nervous she was.
"Yes?",she mumbled.
"I have an important test coming up and I need notes.But I haven't been sleeping and I need my rest.Take my notes for me.",I said and held up my notebook.
"What?",she asked.
"No questions,slave.Do as I say.",I said.She nodded and grabbed it.
"Chair.",I said.A chair was pulled up immediately,of course,and she sat down.
"Go on,teach.",I said.
"Yes,sir.",teach said.I smirked.
"Sir?",Nanai said in a low voice.I tapped on the notebook.
"Get to work.",I said and layed my head back again closing my eyes.

I ighed as I sat on the bench reading the book again.Nanai was sitting down with the guys eating.
"Nai-Nai,let me have some.",Toader whined.Nanai smiled and gave him a piece of he sandwich.
"Tye.",she said.M eyes went from the book to Nanai.
"What?",I asked.
"When can I get my book back?",she asked.I sighed and looked back at the book.
"When I'm done reading it.",I said
"Fine.",she murmured.
"Nate!",I heard Rick said.I looked up to see Nate walking up to us with a smile.
"Yo.",he said.
"Where have you been again?",Toader asked.
"At home helping on things.No need to worry.I'm here.",Nate said.
"Nanai!",I called.
"Eh?",she asked.
"I'm hungry.Feed me.",I said.
"What?",she ased.I looked at her and pointed to my open mouth.
"Feed.",I repeated.
"Why?",she whined.
"No back talk.You're my slave.",I said.She sighed and stood up walking over to me.
"What do you want?",she asked holding out her lunch box.
"The grapes.",I said.She sighed and sat down by me fedding me them.
She's more obediant then I thought.
"Tye,what's up with you?",Nate asked.
"Bored.",I said.
"Oh,I think I know what could cheer you guys up!",Nanai suddenly said.We all looked at her.She gulped and looked down.
"What?",Rick asked.
"Well,I heard there was a fair downtown.Maybe we could go.",she murmured.
"A fair!Perfect!Haven't been to one in years!",Toader laughed.
"Yeah,let's go.",Mike said.
"Good idea,Nai-Nai!",Toader said.Nanai smiled up at them.
"Grape.",I said.She looked at me and held up a grape.I took it from her hand with my mouth as I continued to read the book.
"Tye.",she said.
"Hm?",I murmured.
"Why do you like reading my book?",she asked.I froze for a moment,before sighing.I closed it after putting the bookmark in and set it aside.
"Don't know.",I aid shrugging.Sh smiled at me.
"Well,what's been your fav part so far?",she asked.
"What?",I asked narrowing my eyes.
"Your favoritr part in the book.",she said.I scoffed and looked away.
"What favorite part?Books boring.",I said.
"But you are reading it.",she said.
"So?It's because I'm bored.",I said.She sighed and I looked at her.
She stared at me with teared up looking eyes.
"Hey!What are you doing?",I questioned with narrowed eyes.
"You're so mean.",she whimpered.
"Hey!",I warned.She sniffed.
"Aw,so mean.",she whimpered on.
"Don't dare!",I warned with wide eyes.
"Aw!",she cried out.Okay,I'm beginning to freak out!
"Um?Um?My favorite part so far was when the guy began to think the girl was cute,even though she saw so annoying and loud and didn't believe in love!",I yelled out immediately.Suddenly,her head shot up and she smiled.
"Really?I loved the part when she surprised him by beating him easily in the basketball game between them.",she said.
My eyes anrrowed and I sighed.
"What was that?!",I yelled.She cringed but continued to smile.
"Now,I do remember when I used to trick you like this.",she said laughing.
"You little!",I yelled holding up my fist.She yelped and jumped off the bench running away."You're dead!",I yelled and got off myself running after her.
She ran fast,but not fast enough.
I caught her hugging my arms around her.She yelped,and I couldn't help but smile.
She laughed as I grabbed onto her,and I laughed myself.
This girl.Nanai.She was affecting with her little smiles and laughs.
"Aw,look at the beautiful couple!",Mike said,and they all began to clap.I looked over and let go of her immeidately.
"Shut up!This girl is too ugly to be with me.",I said.She turned to me and gasped.
"How mean!",she huffed.I smirked.
"I know that.",I said.She narrowed her eyes at me,but then smiled laughing.
I smiled myself and laughed.
Next thing I know,we were all laughing.
I guess we did seem like a happy group of friends.
Too bad I didn't notice before...
How slowly we were actually breaking apart...

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