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I Guess I Just Lost My Husband...I Don't Know Where He Went

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Gerard posibley dies...and then something crazy happens...

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Aaaaand now we find out what happens to Gerard...

Lilli-anna's P.O.V

A peice of my soul is missing,
My dead heart like frozen ice.
Will I ever be whole again?
I won't is the blunt answer,
Without you I am nothing.

Eugh, Gerard was right. Poetry is soooo not my strong point.
I don't want to read his letter. It'll make it real. Well...more real that it already is.
"You should read it" Rachel said quietly. I looked up at her from the envelope. I gave her a small sad smile, which she returned.

My fingers trembled as I opened the envelope. My stomach churned as I thought about what the letter could say. I ran the envelope under my nose inhaling deeply, smelling the faint trace of Gerard's natural scent. I gently un-folded the letter, running my fingers over the bumps and ridges of his hand writting. Tears threatened to fall as I read his letter.

Dear Lilli-anna,
first of all I'm sorry for what happened earlier on. I'd like to point out I NEVER betrayed you. Bert is a complete dick and tricked me.

Secondly like I said before, I love you so fucking much. Never forget that. It's not death thats scaring me, it's the idea of being without you. You annoy me so fucking much somtimes with all that crazy shit you do. But I wouldn't have you any other way.

If you ever go back to the castle, Frank has your birthday present. He hid it for me a while back.

I don't think I've ever been happier than the day we got married. When you agreed it was the best feeling in the world. The same feeling I get everytime we kiss, or you tell me you love me. Especially when I see that marks of your fangs on my arm, which right now are practically glowing. I love you too Lilz.

I'm sorry I have to leave you this way.
I love you, I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU!
I wish I could see you one last time. I wouldn;t let you go untl the very last second.

Good-bye my love. Never blame yourself for anything that happened. Good luck with everything.

Oh and before I go, move on from me and find someone else. Someone who can give you all the things I couldn't. I love you sugar.

xoxoxoxo G

The tars began streaming down my face again. The paper already had blothes from where he had been crying while writting it. My tears fell on it too. I blotted them away with my sleeve. I wiped the tears off my face too.
"What did he say?" asked Frank, is voice was thick so I'm guessing he was crying or not trying too. I silently handed him the letter. He read it quickly and then nodded.
"That's Gerard all right" he said quietly. I gave him a small smile.
"Yeah...that's him"

Frank's P.O.V

Dear Frank,
I'm gona miss you dude. We've had some pretty crazy times together. Look after Lilli-anna for me, I've got the feeling she is gonna be even more difficult than she already is. I've told her about that present you his for. Thanks for that.

Also, look after Rachel. She's really something Frankie. And I mean that in a good way. Although I'd never admit this to anyone, she is pretty...for a human. I like her. I know I'm a hypocrite for saying that. DUDE! This isn't good! I'm admitting things! I need to go, Gee is coming soon for these.

Remember look after Lilli for me and that human girl of yours.

yours pissed offly, G.

I smiled to myself. Trust Gerard to remember something that happened hundreds of years ago. He does that though. We'd be talking about something and he'd randomly launch into some reminising story that happened so long ago everyone has forgotten about it.

Lilli was looking out the windo. Dawn was minutes away.
"It's time" she said. Again her voice was devoid of all emotion. Her electric blue eyes were a dull black/silver. No life shone in them. Just empty vacant pools. I told Rachel to stay here, that it wasn't something she wanted to see. And everyone would smell her a mile off.
"We'll be back soon" I whispered kissing her forehead gently before turning around, taking Lilli's hand and leaving.

We kept walking until we reached the man hole cover. I opened and Lilli tied her hair back and pulled up her hood. Then put on large singlasses which covered most her face. It was the best we could do with such short time. I put in contacts, took out my piercings and put my hood up, hiding my tattoos. And my fingerless gloves hid my halloween tattoo across my knuckles. Then we jumped down.

I gently took Lilli's hand again and we ran as fast as we could to Execution point. Execution point was a cross-roads in the pipes. A large stage had been built so that other vampires could see "justice" in action.I've alwasy thought it was a load of bullshit. It's all a show of propoganda. Make everyone think everything is peachy, when it clearly wasn't. The Lyncansw ere getting closer everyday, more vampires that ever were committing mutiny against the Elders. Innocent vampires were being slaughtered in a senseless war. But I was here when it started, I know about the lies and the betrayal on both sides.

We reached Execution Point fairly quickly. Quite a large crowd had gathered around the stage. Why Lilli wanted to watch this I'll never know. Maybe to make it more real?

We watched as the 3 Elders walked onto the stage. The crowd cheeres and the applause echoed all around. Lilli's eyes were pitch black and I could see the tips of her fangs. Her eyes had a red ring around the iris and around the pupil. On her face was a look of anger and dispare.

Gerard was dragged on stage by Bert. The crowd watched with baited breath as the list of charges were read out. It was Adela who read it out. She unfurrled the scroll and began.
"Gerard Arthur Way, you ahve been charged with introducing a human to our world, breaking free from prison, helping Lilli-anna Maria Elizabeth Way escape from prison, running away with the human and Frank Anthony Iero and again Lilli-anna Maria Elizabeth Way"
Gerard didn't say anything. His eyes were large and wild. His hair stuck to his sweaty face and he had a large gash on his cheek which was heeling rapidly. His frightened eyes scanned the crowd, his face lingering on us. Lilli blew him a kiss and his already wide eyes somehow managed to widen further. The fear vanished had was replaced by love and sorrow. He quickly blew a kiss back. Adela saw and backhanded him. Gerard stumbled and fell onto his knees. Lilli-anna gasped ans her hand clutched at mine so tight I'm pretty sure she broke my fingers.

I stroked the back of her hand with my thumb. I think they were "talking". Gerard's eyes never left hers. She would tell him something through her eyes and she would read his reply through his thoughts. Gerard looked at me and I held up my hand that was holding Lilli's. He gave a kurt nod and before looking back at Lilli.
"Any last words?" sneered Adrik.
"Yes" smirked Gerard. Roscov sighed.
"Very well but make it quick" Gerard's smirk was still firmly in place.
"Merci pour le venin" he grinned. I gave a snort of laughter. Lilli's kaw dropped and several other vampires who knew about it cheered and hooted.
"SILENCE!" screamed Adrik.
"This ends now" scowled Adela. Roscov nodded.
He clapped his hands twice, thunder rumbled over-head and lightening flashed even though we were inside.

Gerard's eyes glazed over and he crumpled to the floor with a thud. Lilli-anna fell with him, her eyes were closed. It was as though she had died too. Tears were streaming down her face again. I bent down and picked her up. There was nothing I could say. I carried her back to Rach's flat. Her eyes were still shut and her lips were pimched tight, trying not to scream.
"He's still alive" she whispered after a while.
"I wish that were true Lilli" I whispered back. Her eyes sprung open.
"No, no, no! It's true! It's true! I feel it..." she trailed off.
"Shh baby. It's okay. Don't worry" I soothed.
"No! You're not listening to me! He's alive Frank, he's alive!" she screamed. Her body shook with sobs.
"Can't we go see Frankie" she pleaded. Her voice was like that of a little lost kid.
"Pleasseeeee?" she sobbed, her fist clenching in my shirt. I bit my lips. I hated seeing her like this.
"Oh...I don't know...wouldn't they...catch us?"
"Please Frankie?" she whispered. "I just noeed to see if he's really...if Gerard isn't..." Lilli couldn't bring herself to say the word. And I couldn't bring myself to say no. As anxious as I was to get back to Rachel, I knew she really needed this.

I sighed and turned around. She would have made me if I hadn't eventually agreed.
"Can you walk?" I asked. She nodded so I set her down. Lilli wobbled about alot but she refused to let me pick her up again. So I held onto her elbow just incase.

Whenwe got back to Execution Point, Gerard's body had been moved. He was lying on his back, his arms by his sides. His eyes were shut, lips parted slightly. His hair partly covered his face and faint tear tracks could be seen.

Lilli knelt next to him and leant down. Listening very closly.
"Nothing" she whispered. She pressed her lips against his cold dead ones.
"If only we had pulses" she muttered.
"It really would be helpful" came Gerard's quiet voice. "But then again, we wouldn't be immortal and I'd have never met you" Lilli sighed.
"I know but you ca-" Lilli never finished her sentance as she flung herself on top of Gerard and pressed her lips hard against his.

I couldn;t say anything. I heard Gerard mumbling a faint 'ow' against her lips quite a few times. I prised Lilli off him.
"Thanks" he grinned. Lilli's fingers gently stroked his cheek.
"You should be dead" she murmed before leabing in to kiss him again but not as hard this time. I took a couple of steps back, not wanting to intrude. Their eyes locked. Not a word passed between them in any form. Just silence, reveling in Gerard's miracle survival and just being whole again.

Lilli-anna's P.O.V

Gerard was alive! Somehow...Not that I'm complaining. I could literally feel my heart re-heal and my half a sould join with his half a soul. I felt complete again. How are we gonna sneak him out though?

Then one of the most randomnest ideas occurd to me.
"Gerard?" Iasked, trying to sound casual.
"Yeah?" He was lying very still, pretending to be dead.
"How opposed to dressing like a woman are you?" I asked, again trying to sound casual whilst playing with his long pale fingers.
"What?" he gasped. Frank collapsed into giggles next to us.
"Well...think about it. Put on my bra, tie your hair back, contacts, my tee and a lil bit of make-up and Viola! Gerard becoms Geraldine" Frank laughter than before and a blush crept across gerard's cheeks.
"If I must" he grimaced.

I took of my bra which is really hard when you have a hoodie on and are trying not to accidently flash someone. Gerard was all too happy to help me get it off. I handed Frank to rubber bands and he did his best and putting Gerard's hair into 2 pig tails. He looked at my bra oddly for a minute before I sghed and ulled him to make him sit up. He took of his hoodie and his shirt revealing his gorgeous smooth pale chest. I couldn't help but stare at it for a while before Frank gave a pointed cough and Gerard just smirked at me. I rolled my eyes and put the bra on him. Frank pulled some gloves out his pocket and I stuffed them in the bra, even though it didn't really help but it made them look a bit better. I somehow manged to slip my tee-shirt off from underneath my hoodie as well and handed it to Gerard. It was tight on him and showed of a couple of inches of skin which he was really pissed off about.
Frank pulled eye-liner out of his pocket as Gerard put in the blue contacts. I gave Frank a questioning look and he just shrugged.
"Never know when you're going to need it" he said haughtily. I rolled my eyes before attempting to put it on Gerard. His eye kept going all tweaky. I told him to stop it and he told me to deal with it. I gave him cat flicks with it, just to make it seem more like a woman than a guy. A quick slick of lipgloss (from me not from Frank and his mysterious pockets) and we were good to go.

Oodly enough Gerard looked kinda hot as a chick and apparently some other vampires thought so to cause he got quite a few wolf whistles. Everytime it happened he would blush furiously and walk faster with his head down. I think the best of it was when Frank and I pinched his butt at the same time.
"Would.You.Stop.That?" he hissed. I giggled.
"Sorry Gee but you've got such a fine ass" Frank drawled. Gerard looked so shocked. His face turned redder and reder. I couldn't help but laugh harder. Frank shrugged.
"What?" he said faking innosence "It's true"
I tried to stiffle my laughter but it just wasn't for happening. I burst out in giggles again. Frank winked cheekily at me behind Gerard's back.

Even though I should have been terrified, Gerard being alive made me ridiculously happy. I couldn't help but keep an eye out for anyone suspicious or the Elders etc. I was whole again but the pain of loosing him left a mark that would never heal.

[*As if I could really kill of Gerard!!! Well maybe later on, death and mortality is such a major theme for the last chapter. Which I'm almost writting about but we are quite a few chapter away from there yet. hang on dear peeps, it's gonna be one bumpy ride!

Oh and GEEEEE! UP-DATE YOUR STORY NOW! I'LL KILL YOU OFF IF YOU DON'T! (Nah, just kidding, totally won't. You're too awesome to kill. I have plans for you ;) )

xoxox Sam
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