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Move Fast, Don't Look Back

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Will the boys be able to escape? Or will they get caught again?

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Chaos whispered Vex's name so quietly only Vex heard it. He nodded, shifted into a better position and waited. As expected, the other man in the vehicle came around to the back to see what had happened. Before he could even ask if his partner was all right, Vex leaped out of the van and slammed a foot into the man's chest. The man's head cracked against the pavement as he hit the ground and he was instantly unconscious.

Ripping the mask off his face, Vex quickly looked around. Besides a curious onlooker, no one else seemed to be paying them any attention. They hadn't made much noise and it was late at night, maybe even early morning. He couldn't be sure.

Nodding to show the coast was clear, he held out a hand and helped Solace out of the van. Blight removed the blindfold he'd been given as Havoc tore off his own mask. They all followed Vex out quickly. Giving Blight back his mask, Chaos looked around the side of the van.

"All right," He said, waving them forward, "This way. Move quickly."

Without further warning, he took off. Moving as quickly and quietly as possible, they followed him out onto the sidewalk. Still suffering a little from the effects of the sedatives, Solace stumbled sleepily a few times and eventually fell to the ground. Coming to an abrupt halt, Havoc helped him to his feet.

"Come on, Sol," He said quietly, "We have to keep going."

Solace leaned heavily on him, mumbling sleepily, "Don' wanna run . . . too tired. . ."

Havoc glanced at the others. They were waiting, but looked anxious. Turning his back to Solace, he knelt. "Come on. I'll carry you."

Carefully, Solace climbed onto Havoc's back and held on tight as he stood. Supporting Solace's weight, Havoc nodded to show he was ready and kept up with the others as they started running again. Solace was heavy, but Havoc insisted that he could manage, no matter how far they went. After nearly ten blocks, he was starting to feel tired. Then, Solace stirred.

Freeing one of his arms, Solace pointed out towards the road as a car passed them. "Mama . . ."

Havoc sighed. "Not every woman that passes us is 'Mama,' Sol." But the car pulled to the side a ways in front of them and came to a stop.

"Mama!" Solace insisted firmer, reaching out towards the car. "Slow down," He sent his heel down on Havoc's thigh, nearly tripping him, "Mama! Mama, came back!"

"What?" Havoc hissed through the pain, "What are you talking about? Back to where? We're not home anymore, Sol, we -"

"Mama!" Solace thrashed and kicked, getting louder. "Mama! Mama!"

"Sol, stop!" Havoc snapped, trying to avoid getting hit without releasing his hold on his brother’s legs. "Stop! I'm gonna drop you!"

Solace kept struggling and Havoc was forced to kneel, putting Solace's feet on the ground so he wouldn't fall and hurt himself.

"Mama!" Solace shouted again and started to run towards the stopped car.

Chaos caught his arm, bringing him to an abrupt halt. "Wait." He said sternly. "Just wait."

Solace didn't struggle. Even he knew better than to disobey Chaos. When he looked at the car, the driver's side door opened. A woman stepped out.

Blight watched her curiously. "Natalie?"

The doctor looked over at them. "Get in. We don't have much time."
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