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I Don't Remember Much.

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'I remember running.'

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I don't remember much.

I remember tucking in my shoelace.

I remember standing up and seeing him there.

I remember the conversation we had.

"Hello, you're very pretty."
"Hello, you're very greasy."
"You're very drunk"
"No I'm not, anyway my boyfriend has just gone to find his friends then we're going home" I could call Gee my boyfriend, he didn't have to know that he wasn't.
"You mean Gerard Way?" I nodded "He's in their kissing some other girl. He's not your boyfriend." What? How could Gerard do this to me? This is why I liked being a loner. I couldn't get hurt.

I remember feeling the tears run down my face at the fact Gerard had a girlfriend.

I remember quickly brushing them away.

I remember turning my back to him.

I remember grabbing my Fanta and taking a mouthful.

I remember it didn't taste right.

I remember him smirking at me. Looking at his watch. Calculating.

I remember how the lights got brighter, the shadows got darker.

I remember how time went slower, how my heart went faster.

I remember how I realised what he had done to me.

I remember how I realised his intentions.

I remember realising he was going to rape me.


I remember running.

I remember thinking if I made it Gerard's house I'd be safe.

I remember stopping in my tracks.

I remember realising the floor in my plan, Gerard's house was empty.

I remember hearing his footsteps.

I remember running again.

I remember taking a wrong turn, down an alleyway.

I remember realising I was trapped.

I remember taking out my phone, dialling a number.

I remember him finding me.

I remember him pushing me to the ground.

I remember closing my eyes.

I remember his hands up my skirt.

I remember begging, pleading, crying.

I remember hearing the sound of a zipper being undone.

I remember thinking about anything except for what he was doing to me.

I remember thinking about my favourite book.

I remember I tried to stopped myself from thinking about the book, 'The Lovely Bones' wasn't the best thing to be thinking about in the circumstances.

I remembered a line from the book;
'I was the mortar, he was the pestle.'

I remember it being over.

I remember pulling up my tights and crawling to the end of the alleyway.

I remember him stopping me.

I remember him hitting me repeatedly in the head with a trash can lid.

I remember the feeling of the warm, sticky blood gushing from my head.

I remember screaming.

I remember the blackness.

A/N: okay, here we are, this was actually six pages long to start with so I've edited lots out. Also in a recent turn of events, have you heard about Gerard's Voice! O_o I wrote a little thing on it, see if you can find it. I actually cried when I found out.
Also, a disclaimer; I do not own the line from The Lovely Bones though it is an amazing book, so read it.
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