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Found Once More

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Ooooh what's going to happen now??? I just don't know! No seriously, I don't. I'm making it up on the spot. Haha.

MIIIIIKKEEY!!!! screamed Kichi's voice in Mikey's head. Mikey bolted out the door, running out into the night.
"KICHI!!! KICHI!!!" Mikey's voice screamed out into the night. It echoed around the streets.
"Mikey? What the fuck?" Gerard ran alongside his brother.
"What's going on?" asked Frank in a quiet voice.
"Mikey, calm down! What's happened?" Gerard was worried for his little brother, he'd never seen him so freaked out. Mikey took a deep breath and explained as calmly as he could, what just happened.

They all split up and agreed Frank should stay at the house in-case she went back there. Gerard went with Mikey and Bob and Ray went down another street. Mikey would "call" them if they found her.
Mikey squeezed his eyes tight shut as he walked, listening as hard as he could for the faintest sound of her voice in his head. No visions of the future came. He couldn't find her. They searched for what seemed like hours around the frosty dark streets looking for Kichi. Mikey half expected her to peek out from around the corner with a small smile playing on her lip from hiding successfully from them. But he knew it was false hope.

Mikey and Gerard turned into a little side alley way which joined two streets together and there in the middle was a curled up figure. Mikey ran over to the figure and gently turned it over. Dark hair fell over her face and Mikey brushed it off. He's found her.
"Kichi?" he whispered sadly. Gerard stood a few steps back. Mikey gently pressed her fingers onto his neck, feeling for a pulse. Kichi had one, but it was weak.
"What did they do to you Chi-chi?" he murmured, gently stroking her cheek. She was ice cold. Mikey picked her up carefully and carried her back.
"Gerard's she's ice cold. Do you mind?" Gerard just shook his head and a few seconds later they were surrounded in a warm bubble.
Talk to me Kichi, please?...nothing. Gerard called everyone on his cell, Mikey couldn’t concentrate. Frank turned up the heat in the house to make sure it was warm and he ran about tidying his old room for Kichi to stay in for now. For once he didn't feel as happy or hyper as he usually did, he was quiet and reserved. He waited in silence for everyone to return.
Eventually the door opened: Mikey came in first carrying a broken looking Kichi, then Gerard and finally Bob and Ray.
"Thanks guys" Mikey said quietly before taking her up-stairs. He never left her for the four hours she was unconscious. To anyone else it would look like he was sitting silently next to the bed, holding her hand and watching her intently but to the other 4 guys they knew Mikey would be talking to her in his own special way.
Eventually Kichi woke-up, she never moved or spoke. Just lay in silence, soaking up all the heat he could. Her body ached all over and she felt slightly sick. But Mikey could feel her consciousness and hear the little thought she did have.
You can't stay silent forever Chi-chi Kichi's lips twitched slightly, fighting a smile, as if to say 'oh can't I?'
No you can't. I, well we, won't let you he said with a smirk. Kichi mentally flipped him off.
You want me to go? he asked, not sure if he wanted her answer or not. Kichi considered telling him yes but then just shook her head. Mikey couldn't help but grin because she wanted him to stay.
"How are you little patient?" Frank asked, peering around the door. Kichi just glared at him.
"I'll take that as good then" he giggled. Kichi just continued glaring at him.
"I'll bring you coffee, yeah?" Kichi sat up quickly as soon as Frank mentioned coffee. Mikey just rolled his eyes, secretly jealous that Frank was the one that had made Kichi happy.
Jealous much she teased.
So your talking now?
Nope she smirked.
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