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Chapter 6

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We slowly made our way back to Spencers house, we were slow because we were weighed down by all the duvets and pillows and everything else we were carrying. As we knocked on the door, Brendon swung it open grinning.

“Heeeeey! Come on !” He said, dragging us all in. We laughed and were pushed into the living room. Suddenly there were loud bangs as party poppers were set off. Balloons had been blown up and were floating around the room lazily.

“Happy birthday!” They all shouted, I grinned.

“Aww thanks guys!” I said, we all group hugged then let go laughing.

“Lets set beds up, sort food and drink out then watch some movies!” Ryan squealed, yes squealed. So that’s what we did. We put some mattresses and cushions on the floor then dumped all the duvets and pillows on top and sat where we wanted to sleep. Luck have it, Brendon sat right near me.

We put all the drinks out in front of us, all the chocolate, biscuits, crisps and sweets as well. Instead of lying around in our clothes we decided to get changed into our PJ’s. Brandy winked at me as we all went into separate rooms to get changed. I put on the red set of under garments, then pulled the lacy nightdress over my head. I looked in the mirror, I had to admit, I DID look pretty sexy haha. When I left the room all the girls were waiting outside. Thankfully they were wearing similar things. I grinned as they silently shrieked.

“You look fucking HOT Hayley!” Bella said, I laughed and we made our way back to the living room. As we entered the guys smiled at us. They were in their PJs (just boxers, yuuuum haha) This was obviously a regular thing, not for Brendon though as his eyes, I noticed, were practically popping out at the sight of me. Not being vain or anything cheesy smile

“So what are we watching first?” Spencer asked.

“NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS!” We all shouted and feel about laughing. Once we calmed down a little, Diane went and put the DVD in the DVD player and came back and snuggled into Spencer. We all settled down but as it was just about to start Brendon suddenly stood up.

“Wait we forgot popcorn!” He said, we all sighed and paused it.

“Come help me Hayley!” He whined, pulling me up and into the kitchen. I stood by the kitchen table, arms wrapped around myself.

“Can you get a bowl please?” Brendon asked me, I looked though all the cupboards looking for a big bowl. I finally found one and passed it to Brendon who smiled in return. There was an awkward silence as we waited for the popcorn. Just as Brendon was about to speak he microwave pinged. I grinned as he replaced the cooked popcorn with a packet of uncooked popcorn. He turned around to face me again.

“As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted,” At this he gave the microwave an evil glare which made me giggle. “I haven’t given you your birthday present yet!”

“Brendon I wasn’t expecting one!” I laughed, Brendon stepped closer.

“But I think you’ll like it” He whispered. The microwave pinged again.

“For fuck sake!” He moaned, he took the packet out and emptied it into the bowl. He came rushing back over to me and took me by surprise as he held my face in his hands and looked deep into my eyes. I looked into his as our faces got closer and closer. Not wanting another distraction, he quickly closed the gap. Our lips faintly touched for no longer then 5 seconds, but those 5 seconds were the best of my entire life. I felt like I had been rushed up to heaven as Brendon caressed my cheek with his hand. As he pulled away he smiled.

“Happy birthday” He said, taking a step back. I bit my lip nervously then walked over to him. I placed one hand on his bare chest and one on the back of his neck. He placed his own hands gently on the small of my back, pulling me softly towards him. We closed the gap for the second time in a space of about 10 seconds. This time was more magical, this was a proper Love Movie kiss. This was BLISS.

He broke away and grabbed the popcorn bowl. He smiled and beckoned towards the living room. I smiled and followed after him. We sat back down in our beds and passed the popcorn around.

“Took your time!” William laughed.

“Well sor-ry !” I laughed back. They un-paused the movie and we all settled down again. Under the duvets, Brendons hand found mine and laced our fingers together.


By the time we had watched 3 DVDs, it was getting dark out, but the party was still going on inside. We had managed to get though most the alcohol with the exception of two bottles of WKD and the bottle of vodka.

“Lets play a gaaaaaame” Spencer whined, slightly slurred. Emma grinned evilly.

“Maybe a bit of…truth or dare?” She giggled. We all formed a circle and Ryan passed Bella an empty WKD bottle. She spun it whilst giggling, making the bottle go slightly wobbly but was fine. It landed on Jon.

“Truth or hic dare?” She hiccoughed. He squealed.

“Dare!” He shouted causing Bella to giggle again. She thought for a moment then looked up with an evil smirk on her face.

“I dare you too strip off, go to Spencer’s next door neighbour and ask if you can borrow some milk!” Bella said. We all burst out laughing as Jon took off his boxers and made his way out the house. We rushed to the window to watch him. He knocked on the door…seconds later we heard a deafening scream. We burst out laughing again and sat back in our seats. Moments later Jon walked in, holding a bottle of milk. He grinned, put it down and pulled his boxers back on.

He spun the bottle and it landed on Diane.

“Truth or dare?”

“Truth” She picked.

“Okay, is it true that when we all went to the beach that time, and you were to ‘ill’ and Spencer looked after you, you actually fucked?” He asked. I gapped at Diane who giggled.

“Yeah” She said.

“Diane!” Spencer laughed. She laughed and kissed him.

“Wow erm okay, so who is still a virgin here?” Brandy asked. I slowly put my hand up, scared id be the only one. But Brendons, Ryans, Emmas, Brandys and Jons hands all shot up to.

“Oi! When did you to have it?” Ryan asked William and Bella. They grinned.

“When we visited my parents, they went out, we had the place to our selves” William said, I giggled.

“When do you wanna lose it Hayley? And where?!” Bella asked. I thought for a moment.

“Errm I don’t mind when, as long as its before im like 20 or something, and where….erm a bed? As long as Im with the right person” I laughed.

“Aww, what about you Brendon?” Spencer asked. He shrugged.

“Same as Hayley really” He said.

“Sure you don’t mean TO Hayley?” Ryan smirked. I laughed as Brendon chucked a pillow at his head.

“Okay how about you Emma?” Brendon asked. She smiled.

“Pfft, as long as its with this sexy beast I don’t care, I would do it now if he wanted!” She giggled, clinging to Ryan.

“Second door on the right” Spencer laughed, pointing upstairs. Ryan stood up and pulled Emma with him.

“Oh god…” I said as they ran up stairs giggling. We blocked that out and turned to Jon and Brandy.

“And you two?” I asked.

“Whenever we are ready” Jon smiled and kissed Brandy.

“Aww” Brendon said. They smiled. I glanced at Brendon, he was grinning at…grinning at me !

“Anyway, back to the game after MAJOR interruption” Diane said, looking up too the ceiling. She spun the bottle and it landed on me.

“Truth or dare?”

“Dare” I said reluctantly.

“Okay, I dare you to make out with Brendon, BUT only in your underwear!” She laughed. SHIT ! I hesitated…meh, you only live once! I pulled my nightdress off over my head and crawled over to Brendon. I looked into his eyes and the magic started again. We both lent in and started to kiss. My hand went though his hair and up his chest. While his hands ran up my side and thigh making me go goose bumpily.

What felt like minutes later, we broke apart, smiling nervously at each other. I pulled my nightdress back on and sat silently. Everyone was gapping at us. Suddenly Emma and Ryan burst back into the room.

“Did we miss anything?” They asked, sitting back down, their hair slightly ruffled.

“Erm yeah, Brendon and Hayley just made out and…just wow.” Brandy said.

“Oh damn!” Ryan laughed. I grinned as Spencer spun the bottle and it landed on Brendon who picked truth. Spencer asked the question I had a feeling was coming.

“Is it true you want Hayley to be your girlfriend?” He asked. I looked at Brendon and bit my lip. He looked into my eyes, took my hand, smiled and nodded without hesitations.
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