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Chapter 9

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“Mum that’s awesome, what do you do?!” I asked.

“There’s this amazing magical kinda of shop in town when I went today, I started telling them some things about Wiccan, as you know I love that sort of thing, and well, they offered me a job” mum said happily.

“Aww no way, my mum loves that shop!” Brendon laughed.

“Well I get discount now, so just get her to tell me what she would like from there and Ill get it!” Mum said.

“Okay sure that would be great” Brendon smiled.

“Aww mum im so happy for you” I said, and hugged her.

As we were eating some banoffee pie, yeah its an obsession, the doorbell went. I got up, reluctantly leaving my pie where Brendon was eyeing it, and answered the door. All the gang came bouncing in. I shh-ed them quickly.

“Mums got a new job, go congratulate!” I whispered. They all squealed and ran to the kitchen. I followed after to see them all hugging my mum at once. I laughed at them and sat down in my seat.

“Thanks guys!” Mum laughed.

“WAIT!, Brendooon!” I whined. Brendon looked up, his cheeks bulging.

“Whab?!” He said, banoffee pie spilling out of his mouth, MY banoffee pie. I laughed and kissed his cheek. Once we had finished, we helped mum wash and dry up then went upstairs and sat in my room and talked.


It had been 4 months since I had moved to Las Vegas and everything was perfect. I had fun at school but still got good marks. I had great friends and an amazing boyfriend. My mums job got us quite a bit of money coz they all loved her there, and everything was running smoothly.

I grumbled as my phone went off, I was hanging off my bed, Bella was lying on a bean bag, Brandy was lying across her, Diane was lying under the bed and Emma was lying on my bed, legs on my tummy. Needles to say there were empty bottles around. I looked at the time. 10:15. Meh…
I moved my hand around, picking up my phone and answering it.

“Hello?” I said groggily.
“Hey babe, good night?” Brendon asked. I was a little happier, hearing Brendon’s calm voice.

“Breeeen my head hurts, come over pleeease” I whined.

“Aww darling, ill be right over” He said. I smiled and shut my phone with a snap. Slowly falling back asleep. 3 minutes later, Brendon was in my room carrying a glass of water and a tablet.

“Hayley, Hayles, come on take this, it will help” Brendon whispered. I sat up a little and took the glass of water, popped the pill in my mouth and swallowed it with the water. He took back the glass and put it on the bedside table. He bent down and I smiled as our lips touched. He broke off and brushed hair out of my eyes, then resting his forehead on mine. I held out my arms for a hug. He smiled and took of his converse and got in the bed, trying not to wake Emma up. He lay down next to me and hugged me, I hugged back laying my head on his chest. He stroked my cheek which was relaxing and made me slowly fall asleep.

I woke about an hour and a half later. Looking around the room, I saw no one was awake yet.
I sighed and slowly got out of Brendons grip, stepping over the girls and made my way to the bathroom. I had a quick wash, then went downstairs. It was now 12:00. I flicked the coffee machine on and sat down at the table rubbing my temples. I saw a piece of paper on the table and picked it up. It was a note from mum.

Hey sweetie,

Ive taken Liam to his friends house for the day, and ive gone to work. Ill pick Liam up and we will be back home about quarter past 6. Okay, be safe and don’t reck the house if you lot stay in, call if there are any problems.

Love you xxx

I scrunched up the note and put it in the recycling bin, then proceeded to make some coffee. As I was putting the milk in, two arms went around my waist. I smiled and stirred the coffee.

“That looks good” Brendon said.

“I know, that’s why im gunna drink it” I laughed. Brendon pputed and let go of me.

“But I saved you this morning!” He whined.

“Tough, my coffee!” I said. He stomped his foot and crossed his arms. I burst out laughing, spraying coffee everywhere, but mostly on Brendons face. I bit my lip to stop me giggling, as Brendon opened his eyes, face now dripping with hot coffee. I let out a giggle by mistake.

Brendon smirked and grabbed a tea towel. I squealed and ran away as he started rolling it up. He ran after me into the living room. I couldn’t find anywhere to hide so I started running around the coffee table again and again. Brendon was right behind me, trying to whip my arse with the towel. I screamed every time he got close. I jumped on the sofa and screamed as he advanced forwards.

“Ahem?” Someone coughed, we both turned towards the living room door. All the girls were standing there, eyebrows raised. Brendon took this chance to whip me.

“Ow!” I laughed. Brendon laughed also and wiped the coffee of his face.

“Do I wanna know whats going on?” Brandy asked.

“I know I don’t!” Diane said, and headed towards the kitchen. We all laughed and went into the kitchen. Bella and Emma started to make pancakes for everyone. Whilst Brandy made coffee, Diane got the cutlery out and Brendon just sat on the kitchen table, legs swinging. I didn’t have to do anything so I decided to see who was online. I signed onto MSN and a convocation popped up.

Iero_the_hero! says:

Hayley (L) says:
Hey Frankie

Iero_the_hero! says:
Love me?

Hayley (L):
Depends, whats have you done?

Iero_the_hero! says:
Only got you Backstage passes for Tuesdays show…

Hayley (L):

Iero_the_hero! says:
Love me? :P

Hayley (L) says:
Oh fuck yes!

Iero_the_hero! says:
Haha I thought so, anyways, you can bring a friend with you. Me and the guys cant fucking wait to meet you!

Hayley (L) says:
Ditto, wow im finally going to meet my saviours ! :D anyways, breakfast is ready.

Iero_the_hero! says:
Breakfast? You mean lunch ?

Hayley (L) says:
Nah, crazy night haha, love you xxx

Iero_the_hero! says:
Lol haha, love you too xxx

“BRENDON!” I screamed, making Brendon, who was daydreaming, jump.

“Whats wrong?” He rushed over.

“Me. You. Backstage. My Chemical Romance. Tuesday!” I breathed. His jaw dropped.

“You’re kidding me!” He said. I grinned.

“I kid you not Bren” I said. He picked me up and spun me around. I laughed and clung to him.

“Oh I see, take the boyfriend!” Bella said. I laughed as Brendon put me down and hugged me.

“Sorry girls, I can only take one person” I explained, biting pancake off my fork.

“NO, I don’t want your pity!” Brandy said. I laughed.

“How did you get the tickets?” Emma asked, sipping her coffee.

“Frank Iero himself is giving them to me” I said.

“You know FRANK IERO !” Emma shrieked. I laughed.

“Well I used to be really…erm depressed, sad and kinda troubled. I used to always send MCR messages and they helped me out a lot, and now I suppose we are good friends” I explained. Brendon took my hand on the table and stroked it with his thumb. I smiled at him.

“You are so lucky” Emma said, shaking her head.

"Emma! You know what she went through to know them!” Diane said. I laughed.

“Its fine, im over that shit now, I got you guys and MCR, thats all I need” I said.

“Aww!” Everyone smiled. I grinned and we all finished are breakfast talking about My Chem.

Brendon went home to get some money whilst we all got dressed. I put on some black leggings, an orange dress, and some orange pumps. It was sunny so I grabbed some black sunnies and headed downstairs with my orange messenger bag.

“Ready?” Bella asked us all. We all nodded and left for Brendons house.
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