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Chapter 16

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Full moon was fast approaching, and as Brendon had said, the guys were slowly changing, their appearance was a rougher look and their personalities changed suddenly. They changed slightly each day until, the afternoon before full moon, they were almost completely changed.

I didn’t much like the werewolf Brendon.

“Breeeeen, I don’t suppose you could get me a red bull whilst you’re out? I asked sweetly, fluttering my eyelashes at him. A growl came from his mouth as he looked at me from the door, he snapped his teeth together. I jumped out of my skin and pulled a purple cushion from beside me up to my face in case he struck me. I was terrified of my own boyfriend.

Brendon saw I was scared and covered his mouth with his left hand, opening the door with his right hand and ran out of it quickly. The door slammed behind him, making me jump again. Tears slowly began to fall down my face, gradually getting heavier and heavier. I grabbed my phone from the coffee table in front of me and ran up stairs to my room. I locked the door and jumped onto my bed, dialling Brandy’s number. I bit my lip nervously as I waited for her to answer, tears still falling down my face.

“Hello?” Brandy sobbed.

“Brands…I can’t take this much longer”

“Oh Hayles, I know me neither, but it will soon be over”

“I knew they would change, but I had no idea it would be this bad…”

“What’s happened?”

“Brendon just growled at me and snapped his teeth, I'm so scared”

“Oh dear…Jon just scared the shit outta me by tearing a pillow to shreds”



“Come over please, and the girls”

Sure, ill grab them on the way, love you”

“Love you”

I flipped my phone shut, chucked it to the end of the bed and rested against the headboard. I rubbed my temples, trying to stop the headache I could feel coming. Any sudden sound scared me, I grabbed the little plushie Skelanimal cat Brendon gave to me and held it tight…then suddenly threw it across the room as if I found a bee on it. It hit the door and fell to the floor. I never knew I could be so scared of Brendon that I couldn’t even hold a toy from him.

I got up; tears seeming to be on repeat, kicked the little cat aside, unlocked the door and ran downstairs to the kitchen. Seeing as Red Bull was kind of out the question, I boiled the kettle, set out 4 mugs and filled them with Hot Chocolate. As I took the milk out the fridge, there was a knock at the door, and then it opened. I poured some milk into each mug.

“Hayles?” Emma called her voice thick with tears.

“In here!” I called back, now pouring the boiled water into the mugs and stirring them. I turned around to see Diane Brandy and Emma in the kitchen, each with swollen eyes and wet pink cheeks.

“Aww girls” I cried and ran to hug them. We hugged and did our best to stop crying, without much luck.

“Is anyone in?” Brandy asked. I shook my head no.

“Liam’s at one of his little friend’s house and mum is at work” I said. They nodded. Diane came forwards and took a mug.

“Come on lets go upstairs” She said and started leading us upstairs. We followed and went into my room, closing the door behind us. Sitting cross legged on my bed, we held our mugs in our hands and looked around at each other.

“Come on, who’s first then” Emma asked, sitting more comfortably on the bed. Diane sat up a little straighter.

“Okay, get this, me and Spence were making out, as ya do, and he started kissing my neck and stuff yeah…then suddenly he growled and tried to take a bite out of my neck, obviously I pushed him away” She said. We gasped.


Diane pulled her scarf away from her neck with her deep purple nails and showed us a huge bite mark, we gasped yet again.

“Oh shit Diane…that musta hurt” Brandy said. Diane nodded as tears fell down her face again. Emma placed a hand on her arm and smiled watery.

“Well me and Ryan were…you know, in the bedroom and I tried to take his shirt off over his head, and he snapped at me and started tearing the room up” Emma sobbed.

“Aww darl” I said, reaching over to hug her, careful not to spill any drinks in the mean time. Brandy sniffed then started talking.

“Okay, me and Jon were mucking around, having a pillow fight this morning coz we like a good pillow fight, haha I sound like an old person, but yeah and he hit me way hard, so I got revenge earlier by sneaking up behind him and whacking his head with a pillow. He jumped up, grabbed the pillow and ripped it to shreds…then after he saw how scared I was he fucking ran away” Brandy said.


“Yeah, that’s what Brendon did, we were hanging out at mine and I was in the mood for Red Bull, so when he left for band practise,” The girls nodded at this, “I asked him to get me some, really sweetly, and he growled at me and snapped his teeth, I was scared shitless” I said. The girls nodded. We drank our drinks in silence for a while; the only noises were heavy breathing, light sobs and slurping.

Brandy fidgeted then spoke up.

“Wow, now I know what the guys feel” She said. We looked at her weirdly.

“What the fuck Brands?”

“Well, sudden mood swings, rough looks…clearly the boys are on male periods…I got this werewolf shit all worked out” She said simply.

We just looked at her for a second. Then a smile broke through our tears. Then next thing I know, we’ve dropped our empty mugs on the floor and started rolling around on my bed laughing our arses off. All the tension from the last few days were let out by laughter and it felt really good. We laughed so much that we didn’t hear the door knock. We didn’t hear the door then open, or the footsteps on the stairs.

We didn’t hear tiny coughs at the bedroom door…hell we didn’t even notice the bedroom door open. We were just in our own little bubble of laughter, and we didn’t want to come out, but the bubble popped once Diane fell on the floor with a thud from laughing to hard. Laughs turned to giggles as we pointed at Diane. She giggled as well but also stuck her middle finger up at us, making us smile. A small cough from the door made us all turn towards it and Diane pop up again.

Jon, Spencer, Ryan and Brendon were huddled in the door way, carrying things. We jumped off the bed and ran towards each other, linking arms in a protecting way. The guys nodded, they looked guilty, embarrassed and sad, all in one.

“Erm…” Jon said, rubbing the back of his neck with his right hand, in his left was a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates. Each of the guys were carrying them, except Brendon who was holding what seemed to be a crate of 20 Red Bull’s.

I smiled slightly, but stayed linked in with the girls. Brandy, of course had something to say.

“Oh…you think you can just turn up with flowers and chocolates and expect everything to be better?!” She shouted, the guys flinched, but not as much as Jon.

“Baby, I’m really really sorry, I didn’t mean to act the way I did, its this…thing inside of me, I cant control it!” Jon explained, Brandy seemed to be softening a little. I don’t blame her, I mean its not reeeealy their fault.

“Jon I was so scared…I thought you were going to attack me or something” She mumbled. Jon laid the flowers and chocolates on my desk and held his arms out. Brandy hesitated, then left our sides to run into Jon’s arms. Jon smiled huge and wrapped his arms tightly around her. They kissed and started whispering to each other.

The other girls slowly made their way over to the guys, but I stayed still. I was still scared and didn’t know what to do. I watched Brendon put the crate down and pick up the little Skelanimal Cat from the floor, and from his hoodie pocket he pulled out his matching one, they both had little collars. Mine had a blue one saying Brendon, and his had a pink one saying Hayley. He looked at me then made the little cats kiss. I smiled and ran over to him. He dropped the cats and wrapped his arms around my waist. I put my arms around his neck and lay my head in his neck. He rubbed my back soothingly.

“I’m so sorry Hayles” He whispered. I nodded slightly.

“Its okay…I over reacted, I mean you did tell us you’d be like that” I whispered back. Brendon pulled away slightly and looked me in the eye.

“I know, but I tried to not be like that, but it kinda slipped out…I got you some red bull” He said, motioning to the Crate at our feet. I smiled and laughed, placing a kiss on his lips. He smiled and kissed back. We turned to the others, they looked like they had all made up…and made out.

The girls looked happy with their flowers and chocolates, and the guys looked happy that they hadn’t fucked up a relationship.

We walked downstairs and sat in the living room for a while playing guitar hero.

Ryan was currently thrashing Spencer, Diane and Emma were laughing, Jon and Brandy were making out on the sofa, Brendon had my legs on his lap and was reading the latest Umbrella Academy and I was filling my nails when my mum phoned. I told everyone I would be back in a second, got off Brendon and ran into the kitchen, answering my phone.


“Hey darling, what are you doing?”

“We are all here playing guitar hero”

“Oh right, okay well I’m just checking up on you”

“Okay then…”

“Well I need to go back to work today, is anyone staying over?”

“Erm not that I know of yet, but I’m sure some people might”

“Okay, ill see you later”

“Okay byee”

I hung up and went back into the living room. Brendon was now playing a happy Spencer and Emma was hugging a sulking Ryan, who got beaten at the last minute by Spencer. Brandy and Jon were still on the sofa and Diane was talking no the phone.

“Who is it?” I mouthed to Emma, she shrugged and went back to stroking Ryan’s hair.

Diane said goodbye and hung up. We all looked at her, except Brendon and Spencer who were playing Through The Fire and The Flames on expert (A/N if any of you haven’t seen it before, its fucking impossible. Well its not, but it is to me haha). Diane looked at us scared.

“What…?” She asked nervously. We smiled.

“Who was on the phone?” Jon asked. Her expression softened.

“OH, it was Pete, he said if you don’t get your arses to band practise now he’s going to rip up and signing contract he might of wrote up and kill you all” She said. Brendon and Spencer jumped away from the guitars and ran over to the door, followed by Jon and Ryan. Us girls laughed and followed them. Brendon hugged me and kissed me softly on the lips.

“I love you…oh and don’t go out tomorrow”

“I love you and why?” I said back. Spencer spoke up.

“Because we could see you and seriously damage you, and tomorrow night…that’s just crazy to go out” He said, all sternly. The guys nodded, agreeing and the girls nodded to show we understood.

“Okay…well how about you girls stay over here yeah?” I asked. They nodded, smiling and kissed their men again. They left for band practise and we went back into the living room. I ran to the kitchen, grabbed some orange juice, red bull, crisps and popcorn and ran back into the living room.

“Guitar hero?” Emma asked. We grinned and sat down on the sofas with our snacks and guitars.
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