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Chapter 19

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Pulling myself up from the floor, I quickly rushed upstairs, ignoring my head-rush from getting up so quick. I grabbed some clean flannels and ran them under cold water, then hurried back downstairs again into the living room where Emma, Brandy, Diane and Jeremy were all standing, mouths slightly open. Crouching down next to Brendon, I took his top off over his head delicately and started with horror at his wounds. They looked pretty deep.

“Emma, im gunna need some sort of bandage. Brandy, clean towels. Diane, put MCR on, I need to calm down a bit” I said quickly. Without a word, the girls went to fulfil their jobs. I started wiping away the blood from Brendon’s wounds. He flinched a lot, bu t didn’t stop me. A few minutes later, Brandy arrived with some clean purple towels, and Helena was playing in the background. I instantly got soothed by it and carried on cleaning. Jeremy just sat there with a worried look on his face.

“Are these okay Hayles?” Emma asked, coming back with a loud of bandages.

“Yeah that’s great thanks” I said as I used the towel to dry the wounds. Jeremy grabbed a cushion from the sofa and gently placed it under Brendon’s head. I nodded and smiled gratefully at him, he smiled back and sat down.

As I was putting the bandages on Brendon, the front door burst open and two figures came in, making us all jump and scream in surprise. I stood up as fast the bandages fell to the floor. I was shit scared. But I took a big breath of relief when Pete and Patrick emerged in the living room, although they both had scared looks on their faces. I sat back down and carried on helping Brendon.

“What’s happening guys?” I asked casually, knowing what they were about to break to me.

“Hayley…we erm, we had to…” Pete started. I finished up the bandage and held up a hand.

“I know, you killed my mum” I said. Everyone gasped and even Brendon let out a little noise.

“What!?” Diane shouted. I kissed Brendons forehead and sighed.

“She tried to kill me and Brendon…I didn’t want to follow her beliefs and traditions and shit, so she tried to kill us both, said she didn’t need me, and she just didn’t like Brendon. If it weren’t for Pete and Patrick, we’d be dead” I explained. Everyones jaws had dropped a little and was looking at me in disbelief.

“But…your mum was so cool?” Brandy whispered. I shrugged.

“Yeah, about as cool as wanting to kill your own daughter is” I said as I helped Brendon sit up.

“So…whats going to happen with Liam?” Brandy asked. I slapped a hand to my forehead.

“Oh shit! I forgot about him, he’s still at his friends house” I said, biting my lip like I do when im nervous.

“No I mean…your mums not here, whos going to look after him properly?” She corrected herself.

“Well im going to have to look after him here wont I?” I said. Pete stepped forwards slightly, shaking his head.

“Every Valerian and Werewolf are after you too, you cant stay here” He said. I clutched my head in frustration.

“What am I going to do with Liam?! And what are me and Brendon gunna do?” I said to no one in particular. Brendon coughed slightly.

“Liam can stay at mine, my mum and dad think he’s really sweet. They wouldn’t mind at all” He said weakly. I looked at him.

“Bren…are you sure, its a lot to ask from your mum and dad” I said. He nodded, giving me a smile. I smiled back and kissed his cheek.

“Okay, Liam’s sorted, what about me and Brendon?” I asked. Jeremy stirred slightly.

“Stay at mine, im going to England tomorrow, but you can totally stay at mine” He said. We all looked at him.

“Once again, that’s a lot to ask for Jeremy” I mumbled. He shrugged and smiled.

“Its completely fine, im not 100% sure whats going on. I mean Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump are in your living room talking about Werewolves and ‘Valerians’, but theres a room at my place if you need it” He laughed. We all smiled warmly at him.

“Jeremy your so kind, thanks so much. And about the Pete and Patrick thing. We will explain tonight, im pretty sure we can trust you” I smiled. He nodded and grinned.

“Okay, so first off we need to pick up Liam. Then take him to Brendons place. Then go to Jeremys yes?” I listed. Everyone nodded and Diane ran upstairs to pack some clothes for Liam. As we were waiting for her, I tried to help Brendon up, but he appeared to be making a slight recovery as he got up by himself. I smiled and hugged him gently.

“Okay, well we better be off. We’ll patrol the streets for you okay?” Pete said. I nodded.

“Thanks Pete, thanks Patrick. For everything, I owe you loads” I said, giving them each a hug. They smiled and hugged back.

“Don’t mention it sweetie” Patrick said.

Diane came running back down stairs with a little back pack in her hands. She waved goodbye to Pete and Patrick as they left and walked into the living room.

“Okay, I got Liam his clothes and his favourite toy” She said, holding up the bag. I smiled and took it from her, putting it over one shoulder. I quickly grabbed my messenger bag before we all filled out of the house and into the street. Down the road we saw two figures that were Pete and Patrick. Or so we hoped. The girls turned to me.

“Hayles…good luck and be careful please” Emma said. Brandy and Diane nodded. We all hugged.

“I will be, thanks loads girls” I said, tears pricking my eyes.

“What for?” Brandy asked, smiling slightly. I shrugged.

“Everything, ya know?” I said. We laughed and hugged again, and they walked over to Diane’s where they decided to stay that night. Me, Brendon and Jeremy turned to Jeremy’s orange hummer and jumped in. Me and Brendon in the back.

“Okay, where is it?” Jeremy asked. I told him the address and we sped down the street to pick up Liam. We were pretty quiet on the way, just taking in what was happening. I felt Brendon take my hand from next to me. I turned towards him and smiled, he smiled back and rubbed the tip of his nose on mine.

When we got there, I quickly jumped out the car, ran to the door and knocked on it. Liam’s friends mum Alice answered it smiling.

“I’m so sorry I am so late” I said to her, she laughed shaking her head.

“No problem at all, Liam has been an angel” She said, I smiled and waited as she went and got Liam. He hugged me when he saw me and said goodbye to his friend and Alice.

We walked back to the car and got in again.

“Brenny!” He cried when he saw Brendon. He jumped at him, making Brendon flinch a little, but he ignored it.

“Hi Liam, have fun?” He asked. Liam nodded and let me put his seatbelt on. Jeremy started driving again.

“Liam, you are staying at Brendon’s house tonight okay” I said. Liam looked up at me confused.

“Okay, but why, wheres mummy?” He asked nervously. I tried to reply but my throat suddenly became dry and I couldn’t utter a word.

“Shes in this special place full of rainbows and sunshine little man, you wont see her for a while, but she loves you, don’t forget that” Brendon said quietly to him. Liam nodded, happy with this answer and snuggled into Brendons arm. I held back tears as I looked up at Brendon, he smiled at me. I mouthed thank you as tears pricked my eyes yet again. He took my hand and kissed it in a ‘no problem’ sort of way.

When we reached Brendon’s place, I kissed Liam goodbye and Brendon took him up to his house. He knocked and waited a while for someone to answer. Finally, his mum came to the door smiling. Brendon started talking to her, then disappeared into the house for a couple of minutes. When he emerged, he was without Liam. He jumped back in the car.

“Your mum didn’t mind then?” Jeremy asked, taking the words from my mouth.

“Nope, she asked why but I didn’t say anything. But yeh she was more then happy to look after him” Brendon replied. He put his seatbelt on then put an arm around me. I snuggled into him, just as Liam did. Brendon soothed me as Jeremy drove to his house.

He pulled up in the drive way and we all got out. He led us into the living room, then showed us the different rooms and told us to use whatever we want.

“Right, I have to go see a friend for a while because I wont have time in the morning. But just make yourself at home okay?” Jeremy said, jangling his car keys. We both nodded and said goodbye as he left the house. I sighed and went into the kitchen.

“Bren, do you want some hot chocolate or something?” I asked him. He came up behid me and hugged me.

“That would be awesome thanks” He said, kissing my cheek and letting go to sit at the kitchen table. I poured some water into the kettle, switching the power on, then prepared two mugs of hot chocolate, adding a little milk to each. I sat with Brendon at the table whilst I waited for the kettle to boil. Brendon took my hands.

“You know its all going to be alright, don’t you?” He asked. I smiled and nodded.

“I have you, and you make everything alright for me” I said. Brendon grinned.

“I love you. And im sorry that your mum died such a horrible way” He said sadly. I shook my head.

“1. I love you too. 2. In a way, im not sad at all, I mean she tried to kill us. But in another way, I cant believe shes gone, we were so close me and Mum, stuck together through everything…I had no idea she could be such a…”

“Bitch?” Brendon said. I laughed and nodded.

“Yeah, a bitch. But oh well, she cant be a bitch anymore. I feel sorry for Liam though” I said, Brendon agreed as the kettle clicked, telling us the water was boiled. I stood up and filled the mugs, giving the air around us a chocolate smell. Putting the spoon in the sink, I picked up the two mugs, passed one to Brendon and made my way to the room me and Brendon were using. Brendon followed and shut the door bedroom door behind us. I placed the mug on the bedside table and sat cross legged on the bed. Brendon copied this and sat opposite me. He looked around the room quickly.

“Do you have your iPod?” He asked me. I nodded and pulled out my black iPod from my messenger bag and passed it to him. He took it and quickly left the room, returning a minute later with some iPod speakers.

“Jeremy wont mind if we borrow these will he?” He asked as he plugged them into a socket. I shrugged.

“Nah, im sure he will be fine with it” I said. Brendon nodded and put the iPod in, making The Used spill out of it. I smiled as he sat back down on the bed.

“I love The Used. Their lyrics are pretty amazing” Brendon explained.

“Yeah I agree” I said, taking a sip from my hot chocolate, and then lying down on the bed. Brendon lay next to me and hugged me. I looked at him and kissed his lips. He kissed back with a little more force. Our kissing soon turned into making out and things were getting a little heated in the room. As things were getting faster, I slowly tugged at Brendon’s shirt. He quickly pulled away and gave me ‘that look’. I bit my lip and nodded to him, he smiled and let me pull it off and throw it on the floor, it was soon accompanied by both my clothes and the rest of Brendon’s.

They both had no idea that one night of passion, could have disastrous consequences.

That although they made next to no noise…they could still wake the dead.
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