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No one knows how the first Summoner was made. But we do know of the great powers they poses. They can summon Life, and Death.

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The first Summoner

We do not know how the first Summoner was made. But we do know how great their powers are. For a Summoner can beckon health, life, and death. For at this time there was one lurking in the shadows. They say he was the most powerful. Being a Summoner had some downsides. One- it was very hard to get men to follow you. Two- there is one Summoner every thousand years. And three - they did not have eternal life and that was exactly what the Summoner needed.
"Where are they sir?" asked one of his few followers.
"Quiet!" hissed the Summoner. His voice was like ice, "Mentally, not verbally."
"Sorry sir," said his comrade. Mentally not verbally.
"Close," said the Summoner smirking, "Very close." There was movement in the brush and suddenly they were surrounded, by the Keli. The Summoner smiled, exactly what he wanted.

The Keli are the most magical beings in the world. Their healers are immortal by wearing a magic ring, and that was what the Summoner needed. Men call them elves. Keli are nothing like the elves. The elves are an extinct race, killed off by the war of Anikal. Keli, were the bat people. They, like the little ones, could sense things around them. The Keli were not blind, but could smell a foe from a hundred miles away. Plus their fangs were poisonous, and they could read men's minds. But not the Summoner's, he could put a wall around both his men's minds and his own. The Keli looked almost human, with skin and hair.
"What do you want, humans?" said the leader.
The Summoner asked, "Do you have a healer? One of my men is sick." He looked at his youngest follower. Mentally he whispered, "Anakil ha Kanathia." The man started moaning; he lost balance and fell to the ground. "You see we are not foes," the Summoner said, "We are only trying to get this man safely back to our town. But the man's health is failing and we are not sure he will live."
The Keli leader was hesitant, "Are you sure? There is not a town for miles. I must talk to our chief."
"What is your name?" asked the Summoner, the only way he could control a mind was to know ones name.
"My name is Malian", he answered.
"That is a powerful name. You are named after the Summoner are you not?" asked the Summoner, whose name was Malian.
"No that is my last name. My name is Kamahi Malian". Suddenly Kamahi frowned; the Summoner knew that it was because he could not read the minds of the people standing in front of him. Kamahi nodded to a Keli with a bow. The Keli shot the sick man.
The Summoner screamed, "How you dare you shoot one of my men!" When he calmed down he said "Tell me do you fear a Summoner's wrath?" The Keli group suddenly knew what they had just done. They began to scream as their necks tightened. The Summoner's wrath is one of the most painful ways to die. Every Summoner has their different styles. Malian had a very painful one, both mentally and physically. They screamed even louder as their worst fears appeared in there eyes. One saw his family suffering the same fate as he. Another saw his wife dying in birth. The Summoner only left the leader alive. And whispered "Fancoren"The Keli leader jerked up came forward like he was being forced. This is a hard mind to break into, the Summoner thought. He must be powerful. "Fancoren!" Kamahi relaxed.
"Good. Show your hand." The Summoner said. Kamahi did. There was a ring. The Summoners heart began to pound. The Keli jerked again and stood up taking out a sword. Keli were amazing swordsmen. The Summoner took out his. Kamahi's eyes widened.... an elf blade. These were rare. The elves were legendary swords smith. Elvin blades were amazingly fast. And even though they were thin as sticks they could break the thickest trees in one slice. Kamahi knew he had no chance. He looked down at his ring. This is what the Summoner wanted, he thought, to be immortal. Kamahi took off his ring fast as he could and just after he threw the ring the Summoner thrust his sword right through him. The Keli's limp body fell to the ground.

The Summoner needed to get the ring before other Kelis' sensed the massacre. He tried to call it. That did not work. He tried ten different things. Then he would have to do the same petty thing as normal humans would. He took his sword and cleaned it. Then he gave it to one of his men (who were still looking at him in awe) "Don't lose this," he said "I am tired and don't want to use the Summoner's Wrath again." The man nodded. Malian dove into the water. The cold water made him lose his breath. Mentally he said "Eka Noritan". He could breath. He swam deeper. He saw something move and recoiled. He the one thing he feared was sea serpents. He went on ready to swim fast as he could if he saw one. He saw a twinkle not far below. There was the ring; he was almost there when he saw it, the sea serpent, of Shonrio Lake.

He forgot that it was this lake, he cursed himself for his stupidity. He swam as fast as he could, and grabbed the ring. Malian turned around and bolted upwards. The serpent followed. He was almost at the surface when he heard and felt a terrible chomping. The serpent had bit his leg. When Malian reached his men he screamed "My sword! Give me my sword!" They quickly handed it to him. He was dragged under. He leaned over and taking a swipe of his sword, and cut off his own leg. The pain was almost unbearable. But at least he got out alive. He groaned as he climbed out of the water. "Sir?" Asked one of his men "Can't you summon healing? You know, grow it back?"
"No idiot!" growled the Summoner, "I can only get my leg back if I have it right in front of me."
Through the pain the Summoner smiled. He opened his palm, relishing what was in it. The ring, it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. The silver ring enlaced a black stone with a gold crack down the middle. From know on, he was immortal.
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