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Chapter Seven - Pain in the Back..

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Kaila stumbles across some difficulties. D:

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Sorry this hasn't been updated in a while.
Had a busy life lately, and also the Internet was off for a few days.
After this I have two other chapters written, after that I don't know when I'll get the next one done, sorry.
Thank you so much for all and any reviews I've been getting.
Means so so much. (:

We've been sitting down here for a while watching some stupid film. I'm hugging my knees and Patrick's leaning back on the sofa, looking awkward. He also looks really bored. I sigh. I'm bored too. He looks over at me, then looks away. I don't take my eyes off his face, it's hard not to look, besides, the film's nothing special. I realize he has his contacts in today, no glasses. I take in every little detail of his face. He's so beautiful. I move a little closer to him, not much left between us now.

He looks at me again and smiles, I smile back, he looks back at the film. I get up on my knees and crawl right over to his side, then kneel down, my arms by my sides. He looks back again and I press my lips against his. He kisses back and then turns his body towards me a bit. I bite his lip and then push him backwards a bit, so he's almost laying on the sofa. I kneel right up close to his side and then continue the kiss.

“What's this for?” He asks, pulling away from the kiss. I shrug, then smile and kiss him again, leaning onto him lightly. His hat falls completely off and I run a hand through his hair. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me closer. I lay myself down on top of him and entangle our legs, we're now both laying on the sofa. Me on top, as always. The kiss goes on for a long time but the magic never dies out.

I'm starting to get too warm in my hoody and jeans. I pull away from the kiss and kneel up, straddling one of Patrick's legs because of the way our legs were tangled. I pull my hoody off and drop it to the floor,

“Mind if I..?” I ask motioning lifting my top, he laughs lightly.

“Go ahead.” He says and I pull my t-shirt off. I lean forwards and kiss his lips softly, then I start to pull off his shirt. To my surprise he lets me, I drop it to the floor. I kiss him roughly, moving my leg so I'm now straddling him properly. He runs a hand through my hair. He's being more confident than usual. He lightly pushes me from the kiss and I sit up, I notice how tight his pants have gotten and I start to undo them, he lightly moves my hand from them.

“What?” I ask, giving him a questioning look.

“I can't do this.” He says sadly and tries to sit up, I climb off him and let him sit up, then sit beside him.

“Why not?” I ask, tilting my head and looking into his eyes.

“Kaila, you're fifteen.” He says, looking away from me.

“That never mattered before.” I say, then shrug.

“We never did this before.” He frowns, staring straight ahead.

“So, you'll never want me, this way?” I ask, he sighs awkwardly.

“I do, but it's wrong.” He says, then I feel my vision blur a bit.

“So you don't wanna be with me anymore?” I ask, a tear falling down my cheek.

“No. I mean, I do want to be with you, forever. But you're not ready for this.” He says, looking up at me, he sees my tears and opens his arms. I crawl over and bury myself into his bare chest.

“I am ready.” I whisper. Patrick lets out a sigh and kisses the top of my head.

I can't help it, I let out a yawn. Before I know what's going on Patrick's carrying me upstairs, bridal style. He brings me into his room and drops me lightly onto the bed. I lazily pull of my jeans and he sits on the bed, I take off my socks too, but leave my bra and girlish boxers on and I climb under the covers and onto one side of the bed. Patrick tugs off his jeans and socks and gets into the bed beside me.

I wiggle over to his side and hug into him.

“G'night.” He says softly.

“Good night.” I reply with a smile and lean up to kiss his cheek, then bury my head in his neck and fall asleep.

I wake up, my head hurts. I didn't have the nightmare last night, but I didn't dream either. I try and sit up but my back is hurting so much. I look to my side, Patrick's gone somewhere. I try and sit up again, my right shoulder is killing me. So is my lower back, but not as much. I use my left arm to lightly push myself up against the back of the bed. I sit up and let out a groan.

My neck is aching too, but nothing compared to my right collar bone and shoulder. I swing my legs around and off the bed slowly. I lightly stand up. My head thuds. I slowly walk over to the bed room door, I remember I'm only in my underwear and listen outside the door for a second, there's no noise. I walk across to the spare room as lightly as I can, without moving my right arm.

I push the door open with my left arm and walk over to find some of my old clothes, I grab some jeans and sit on the bed and pull them on with my left arm. It hurts my back but I ignore it. I've lost weight, the jeans are kinda baggy now. I don't feel like bending over to search through the little pile of mess to find a top so I make my way back into Patrick's room and easily grab one of his tops from his drawer. It's a black one with some sort of cartoon character on the front. I pull it on lightly, trying not to hurt my arm. Then I start to head downstairs.

From all the movement my arm is throbbing. I find Patrick in the kitchen making himself a hot drink. He doesn't hear me come in and sit down.

“Hey.” I speak up. My voice croaks a bit and I cough. Patrick turns to look at me.

“Morning. You don't look too well.” He frowns, walking over to me and resting a hand on my head. “You're freezing.” He says, a worried look on his face. “How do you feel?”

“My right shoulder and collar bone are in major pain, my neck and lower back ache, my heads pounding and my voice feels weird.” I list honestly and his eyes look worried.

“I'm bringing you to the doctors.” He says instantly, then goes to head out of the kitchen.

“Finish your drink first.” I call weakly.

“Nono. It's alright. Do you want something before we go?” He calls back. I turn and see him putting his shoes on.

“I'm okay, thanks.” I say, getting to my feet. My vision spins for a second and my reflexes mean I reach out and grab the chair with my right arm to steady myself. I yelp out in pain, my shoulder throbs even more. Patrick runs over to me and holds me up a bit.

“What happened?” He asks frantically.

“I got dizzy and grabbed the chair so I didn't fall and my shoulder hurt more.” I whisper, my voice has gotten weaker and I don't like it.

“Can you hold it out 'till the doctors or should I ring someone to come here?” He asks.

“I'll be okay.” I say, almost just breath out. My voice is gone, I take it.

“C'mon.” He says softly then goes to my left side and supports me as we walk. We get to his garage and he opens it, then helps me into his car. Good old Honda Civic. He puts my seat belt on for me and then walks fast around to his side and gets in, starting up the engine and driving to the nearest doctors.

We get there and he gets out of the car, coming around to my side and helping me out then into the doctors. We get in and he instantly sits me down in the waiting room then goes over to explain what happens. I take it they know who he is, we get brought into a little examining room straight away. Patrick explains what's wrong with me to the doctor, I can't talk anymore. The doctor nods then he goes through the tests on me.

After not long he hands Patrick a sheet prescription for me, strong strong pain killers. Then the doctor explains what's wrong with me. I don't listen, but then I listen to what he tells me about how to heal up.

“It will be hard at first, but you need to start exercising more regularly and eat more often.” He says, “And I recommend you take the suggested dose of the pain killers to stop the pain.”

“Thanks.” Patrick says for me and I give the doctor a friendly smile.

“As for your voice going, I have this prescription here. These pills should clear up your throat a bit, but no screaming or yelling for a good month.” He adds and I nod.

We make our way out, Patrick helping me, and we go to the desk and get the drugs. As we leave I notice the small crowd of camera's that has gathered, already. I swear they'll take pictures of anything and everything. We walk quickly past them and I keep my head down. We get into the car and head home.

He helps me into his house. “Bedroom or living room?” He asks me.

“Living room.” I say, my voice croaky. He practically carries me into the living room then sits me down on the sofa.

“Hungry?” He asks me, still standing, I shake my head. “You have to have breakfast.” He says, frowning at me.

“I'm not hungry.” I whine.

“Cereal or cooked?” He asks me.

“Cereal.” I say, giving in. He goes into the kitchen and brings back a bowl of cereal. He hands it over then sits beside me and takes out his phone. He looks through his contacts. I know it's not one of the guys 'cause he has them on speed dial. “Who are you ringing?” I croak.

“Physiotherapist.” He replies. I go to tell him not to but he puts a finger on my lips and shh's me. He explains what is wrong to the person on the other end and I listen. I have a swollen something in my back. He hangs up. “They'll be here tonight.” He says, then rings Pete.

He explains to Pete what's happened and then I hear, loud, Pete telling him he'll ring the others. Once he hangs up he looks over at my cereal. Uneaten. I don't wanna eat. Before he says anything I speak up, “Aren't we going back on tour tomorrow?”

“Only if you're better.” He replies.

“Nononono.” I say, then cough. “You're not canceling dates for me.” I frown at him.

“I can't take you on tour if you're this ill.” He says and gives me a sad look.

“Then leave me here, I can take care of myself.” I say.

“Prove it, you aren't even eating your breakfast.” He points out and I take a spoonful and chew it. Once it's swallowed I give him puppy eyes.

“Now can you go on tour?” I ask him.

“Kay.” He says. I know he means my name, and not okay. “I can't just leave you, what if it gets worse? We'll figure something out. Eat.”

“Fine.” I say sadly and get on with the chore set.

“You have an hour until the chiropractor gets here.” He says then sits back on the sofa. “Maybe if you prove you can take care of yourself tonight I'll go with the guys.”

“Okay.” I smile, finishing off the cereal then lightly standing up. I let out a groan unintentionally. Then walk out into the kitchen, putting the bowl and spoon into the dish washer. My back's in agony, but as I walk in I try not to show it. I sit back down.

“Other than that groan you seemed better.” He smiles.

“Can I have the pain killers now please?” I ask and he nods, then starts to stand up. “No, sit down.” I say and he does. “Where are they?” I ask. He takes them out of his pocket and hands them to me. I stand up again, holding back the groan of pain and then walking slowly into the kitchen and making myself a cup of water. I take the pain killers, then put the cup into the dish washer. I leave the pain killers on the table top then walk back into the living room and sit gently beside Patrick.

“That's the last time you're getting up.” He says, a worried look on his face.

“I'm fine!” I lie.

“No you're not. You've gone pain and your eyes are watering.” He frowns. “Want to go lay on your bed?” He offers and I shake my head, slowly.

“This sofa's comfy.” I say, leaning back and smiling. Patrick's phone starts to ring, Hollywood Whore by Papa Roach so it must be Pete. He puts it on speaker.

“Hey bro.” Pete says.

“Hi.” Patrick replies.

“Did you see the pictures those papz were taking outside the docs?” He asks.

“I haven't seen the pictures, but we saw the cameras. Why?” He replies.

“Well I've been emailed one already and it's from some magazine. Asking for my explanation on why there's a minor walking out of the doctors in your tee, with your arm around her.” He says calmly.

“They knew it was my tee?” Patrick asks, a scared look on his face.

“Yepp. You wore it to a photo shoot for some magazine a few years back probably.”

“Say that I slept over Andy's with him last night and his cousin, Kaila, got ill, and Andy wasn't home as he had gone shopping.” Patrick suggested.

“Good one.” Pete said, I could hear the faint tapping as he wrote the reply email. “And about the tee?”

“It was nearby and baggy, so easy for her to put on as her back is injured?”

“Clever.” Pete praises.

“Is that all?” Patrick asks.

“Shall I add that you're taking care of her tonight as Andy's going to be busy with other things?” He asks.


“In case there are any pics of her coming out of your house or something.” Pete points out.

“Oh yeah, go for it.” Patrick says. “Or I could get Andy to come stay in the spare room, that'd be easier.”

“Yeah, that's good. Do that. Bye bro.” Pete says then hangs up.

Not long later there's a knock at the door and I go to stand up but Patrick does faster, then goes and lets the physiotherapist in. It's a friendly looking guy, not much older than Patrick.

He leads me through the exercises and I follow, it's painful even with the strong pain killers but I put a strong face on as Patrick keeps an eye on me. Once it's done I'm in agony. Patrick pays him and he leaves. I hug Patrick on the sofa, letting tears fall down my face. So much pain.

“I can't leave you like this, Kay. I'm sorry.” He whispers. Just then his phone rings. The tone is some Panic! At The Disco song, and I see a glimpse of the screen, it's Brendon. He puts him on speaker.

“Hey 'Trick!” Brendon says, you can hear the grin in his voice. Patrick smiles.

“Hey Brend. What's up?” Patrick replies.

“I'm not on tour with you guys any more, by the way.” He begins.

“You aren't? Damn.” Patrick frowns and so do I.

“But I heard about Kaila. I bet she can hear me?” He laughs.

“Loud and clear.” I say, my throat croaking a bit.

“Are you leaving to tour with the guys?” Brendon asks Patrick, I think.

“I'm not sure yet, I can't take her but I can't leave her behind either.” Patrick says, giving me a sad look and I give him a weak smile.

“How about I take care of her? I'm gonna be in town anyway.” Brendon asks and Patrick's face lights up.

“You sure bro?” He asks.

“I'm sure.”

“Thank you so much!” He grins and I smile back. Finally, Patrick can go back on tour with the guys!

“It's no problem at all.” Brendon says in his don't-sweat-it voice. “I'll come over at about 1pm tomorrow, as you're leaving for the bus?” He offers.

“Thank you.” Patrick says again.

“See ya!” Brendon says then hangs up.

“See, it's all okay now.” I smile, then Patrick kisses me. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss back, ignoring the pains in my back. He lightly wraps his arms around my waist and pushes into the kiss. I don't mean to, but I groan in pain quietly. He stops the kiss.

“Are you okay?” He asks and I nod. “Wanna take the throat medication?” I nod again and he brings me the pills and some water. I obediently take them then lean back on the sofa.
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