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Chapter 2

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I got a text shortly after that. It was from Becky telling me she found 2 more tickets and that Megan has to come with. I just told her ok. I am still not up to going to this concert. I don’t want to see Eminem, I don’t want to get back into that crap. I was a young stupid and only 19. He’s 10 years older than me. “Megan! Come back here!” I yelled. She came to my room a few seconds later.
“What?” she asked.
“You’re coming with me to the concert,” I told her.
“Ok,” she said.

CONCERT TIME!! >>> WOOT (haha)
Its been a week, and we are all packed up to go to Wisconsin. It was Aug 10th 2005 , Keith’s birthday is in one week. I hope I don’t run into Marshall because I want to be back in Minnesota on his birthday. “Whos car are we taking!?” 7 year old Jessie asked bouncing in front of you and her mother Becky.
“We’re borrowing Cole’s van,” I said.
“Whos Cole!” she demanded. I looked at her in shock.
“Honey, that is no way to get answers from people, he works at the day care center,” Becky said.
“Im sorry,” she said quietly, as Cole pulled up with his van, we are trading cars for a few days until we get back.
I got in the front seat next to Becky who was driving sense it was her idea to go. I let out a sigh as we drove out the drive way. Megan leaned in and stuck her face right next to my arm. “Be excided!! You used to be obsessed with Eminem,” she says smiling. I looked down at her with the look that said leave me the fuck alone on my face. “Don’t look at me like that,” she yelled then went back to her seat.
“Im not in the mood guys, I just fell so nervous. What if we run into Marshall at the suite or something, I don’t wanna see him. And I know if he sees me he’ll wanna talk, cause that’s just the way he is,” I whined.
“Quit your whining!” Becky said and hit me on the leg. I glared at her. “Everything will be ok,” she said. I sighed and stared out the window and we proceeded to Wisconsin. About a half hour of chatting between Megan, Becky and the kids went on, I didn’t say a word the whole time. They all kept talking about the concert, the kids kept asking about Marshall. And Megan kept saying random things about Wayne. I sort of zoned off and started thinking about the past, when I was with Marshall…

Home alone with Marshall. Yey! He knew that my Mom and Bruce were at work so he wanted to come over. Well of course I’d let him. I was sitting in my room and there was a knock on the front door. “Come in!!!” I screamed. Marshall walked in a few seconds later.
“Damn you can yell,” he joked.
“Well Im a girl, and girls are supposed to be able to yell loud,” I said with a smile. Proud of myself in a way. He just smirked. “Soooo,” I said trying to break the awkwardness between us. We never been alone together like this before because my Mom didn’t trust me and would never let me go hang out with him unless Megan came with. She knew how much I liked Marshall and she just thought we were going to have sex. This time I told her that Marshall is in Detroit spending time with friends and family. I lied of course.
“Sooo,” he repeated. “Where’s my hello kiss?” he asked.
“You want one? Come and get it,” I smiled.
“Oh, that’s how its gonna be?” he asked with the cutest smile I’ve ever seen. He practically jumped on top of me. He started kissing me, I kissed back, knowing what was going to happen, but I didn’t care what anybody said, I wanted to do this and I was gonna…he started to slowly move his hand down to my waist ….

“Mom!!” my son screamed at me. I didn’t even notice that we stopped at Taco Bell.
“Oh,” I said. I got out of the car and shook my head trying to get the memories of my resent thoughts out of my head. Even know it was one of the best times of my life, it was something I wanted to forget.
“Zone out?” Megan asked me as she came around the van and put her arm around me. I shook it off.
“Don’t, and yeah,” I said. She giggled. “Shut up,” I said and hit her, she hit me back.
“No hitting!” Keith yelled at us as we were about to walk into Taco Bell. We both stopped and acted normal as we entered.

THE NEXT DAY>> (Aug 11th 2005)
Its about 6pm now, which should be the time that we leave, but Im taking my time. “Come on Meleah!” Becky shouted from the living room part of the suite. The suite had two rooms. Me and Becky got the room considering the fact that we both had children. Megan slept on the pull out couch. Which for a pull out couch was very comfortable. Last night we watched a few movies and sat there.
“Im coming chill!” I yelled from my room as I did my make-up. I don’t know why I did my make-up, I wasn’t trying to impress anybody, especially Marshall, we were in the front row, and he would probably notice me. Great! Haha not really. I sighed then waked slowly out of the room. Becky grabbed my arm and leaded me out the room.
Once we got to the concert place thingy, stood there in line waiting for to get in the stadium. I sighed loudly as I saw a bunch of groupies freaking out over a life size cut out of Marshall. “You know you like it,” Megan giggled pocking me.
“No, not really,” I lied. Of course I still thought Marshall was cute, just cause we broke up doesn’t mean I cant find him attractive. But like I said I DON’T have feelings for him.
“Yeah sure,” she said knowing I was lying. I rolled my eyes. Finally we got to the front and this fat rent a cop guy scanned us with these things to make sure we had no weapons. Some guy on the left of us started beeping. I thought it was funny. He had a pocket knife, they took it and he got mad.
We got past security then searched around for someone to tell us where to go, another fat guy pointed us to go downstairs and to this other place, this time some skinny guy showed us our door entrance, and pointed to our seats. RIGHT in the front row, pretty much RIGHT were Marshall would be standing the whole time. I sighed as I sat in my seat.
The concert started and Marshall came out. I tried to keep from looking up at him, but I couldn’t help it. I had to look at him, he looked sexy, just as he did when we were dating. Everyone around me seemed to disappear, even my friends and son. I stared at him. He didn’t seem to notice me. I sort of felt sad that he didn’t notice me. He sang some songs I knew, and I sang along, I couldn’t help it. “Oh you’re singing!” Becky said with a smile. I looked over at her and frowned , and stopped singing. I didn’t say anything to her, and I didn’t sing anymore.
Once the concert was over we just had to with until we knew Marshall was out of the building before we could leave, I found it annoying that I was forced to wait. But I felt depressed, kinda like I wanted to cry, I think it was because Marshall didn’t notice me. I think seeing him made some old feeling come back, and I didn’t know weather I liked it or not. I carried my son out the doors, he was tired, he was starting to fall asleep on my shoulder.
We got back to the suite and put the kids to bed. Becky kept talking about the concert. “You sang,” Megan said like a child then giggled.
“So,” I said.
“Well, you must like him,” Becky said. “Why did you look sad when we left the building,” she asked.
“I didn’t look said, Im tired,” I lied, I wasn’t tired.
“Then go to bed,” Megan told me.
“No,” I said. Just then I heard a loud blast of music from the next room. It made us all jump. “What the fuck!?” I yelled.
“Who the hell is blasting music at midnight?” Becky asked annoyed.
“Shhh, I wanna hear what song it is,” Megan said…. “I cant tell,” she said after a few seconds. I shook my head.
“They’re gonna wake up the kids,” I said angrily.
“Mommy, what’s that?” Keith asked walking out the room.
“Some dumb people making loud noise,” I said. “Go back to bed, I’ll tell them to turn it down,” I said calmly.
“You’re gonna tell them to shut up?” Megan asked like I was not gonna, she probably thought I was too afraid to say something.
“Yes!” I said loudly then ran out the door.
I walked over to the room next door. I stood in front of the door for a second. I took a breath, brainstorming what I was going to tell them. I pounded on the door, a few seconds later the door flung open. My jaw dropped as I saw who was standing in front of me, I couldn’t believe who it was…I couldn’t speak, or move I was frozen….
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