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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4
You jump up and go out to the living room, your mom is still passed out. “Mother?!” you yell. “Didn’t that crash wake you up?” you say even louder getting closer to her. She sits up, looks around then stops and stares towards you. (FUCK! I cant type ugh I have spelling issure see ISSUES!!! Today ugh… ugh I hear annoying children)
“That you Jim,” she slurs while squinting at you. (Jim = Debbie boyfriend)
“No, its your son. What the hell was that crash?” you ask, sort of mad.
“I didn’t hear such a thing,” she says like she did but don’t really care.
“You would say that. You’re drunk, you’re always drunk,” you say annoyed.
“It’s Jim’s fault he got me drunk then he got mad cause I… never mind,” she says. You sigh knowing what happened. Same thing always happens when shes drunk. She cheats on current boyfriend… he gets mad, breaks up with her tries to kill the other guy. Then tries to get your mom back. Seems like all the guys she dates are exactly the same but just a different face. Its kinda like they are all ‘Jim’ but he like takes his face off and gets a different one then asks your mom out again and again and again. “Hey could you go check out this so called crash,” your mom says interrupting your thought.
“Yeah whatever,” you say waving you arm at her like whatever. (lol) You walk out the door and see Jim’s truck crashed into a tree in your yard. Knowing this wont be pleasant you walk back into the house, go to your room and shove one your dressers in front of the door. You lat there in bed and look at the clock. It’s 11:30pm, you yawn you hear yelling out the living room. You don’t even bother to say anything to them, you did that once and ended up getting hurt.
“Morning,” you say to Marshall as you sit next to him.
“Huh?” he says looking up at you.
“I said morning, what’s wrong with you?” you ask.
“Nothing, just tired, mom and her boyfriend were fighting till like 3am,” he says while yawing.
“Oh,” you say. “Shouldn’t you of stayed home and slept?” you ask.
“No, that’s what boring classes are for. And I don’t wanna be around them,” he says. He closes his eyes and leans his head on the window. You look at him thinking umm that hurts you know “Ok that hurts,” he says sort of laughing at himself.
“I bet,” you say. Something hits you in the back of the head. You turn around and stare at the kids in the back.
“What the fuck is you lookin at?” DeAngelo asks standing up in his seat.
“Your uglyness,” you say and laugh. “If you don’t like me lookin don’t be throwin things at me,” you say.
“Sorry I messes,” he says and looks over at Marshall. Marshall turns around.
“What is your problem really?” Marshall asks.
“Everything that has to do with your white ass,” DeAngelo says then sits back down. You shake your head then face the right way and so does Marshall.

You sitting on a bench waiting for Marshall. Ronnie walks out with Ciara. “Hey Ronnie, Hey Ciara,” you say stopping them. “Seen Marshall?” you ask.
“No, he should be around…. Oh look there he is…” he says pointing behind you. You turn around and he’s standing there.
“Oh hi,” you say with a smile. “We walkin today? Its nice out,” you say.
“Sure,” he says. “You guys gonna come?” he asks Ronnie and Ciara.
“Sure if you want us too,” Ronnie says and follows you and Marshall down the side walk. You guys walk towards the park.
“So Marshall where were you at class and lunch?” you ask.
“I was dealing with some things,” Marshall explains as you come to the park… you check the table its dry so you all sit down. Ronnie and Ciara on the other side.
“What kind of things?” you ask.
“Nosey,” he jokes… “I don’t know if you’d even care. Most girls don’t care,” he says.
“Tell her she seems cool!” Ronnie interrupts.
“Ok well me and Ronnie do these little rap battles just around lunch time. Sorry I didn’t tell you, it was kinda short notice when I was told to go to the thing,” he explains.
“Oh that’s ok, can I come watch next time?” you ask.
“Sure,” Marshall says with a smile.
“I told you they liked each other,” Ronnie whispers to Ciara.
“What?” Marshall asks.
“Nothing I didn’t say a thing. Don’t accuse me of things I don’t say man,” Ronnie says.
“Whatever. I need to talk to Lily alone…” Marshall says grabbing your hand and leading you to a path covered in snow. Marshall waits till you guys cant see Ronnie and Ciara anymore… Then he turns to you… “Lily I have to tell you something…” he says.
“Good or bad,” you say biting your lip. You kinda have an idea of what he’s gonna say.
“Well that depends on what you think of it,” he says. You two continue to walk a little further.
“I uh wanted to tell you that I like you, more than a friend,” he says and just stares at you. You look into his blue eyes and smile big. “I see that it is a good thing,” he says with a smile.
“Yeah I wanted to tell you the same thing, but I was afraid you wouldn’t like me back, then it be odd between us and then I’d be sad and…” you stop. Marshall is just standing there like uhh what? “Im rambling to much aren’t I?” you ask.
“Just a little,” he says pinching his fingers together about an inch apart.
“But really, I would of said something sooner, but I thought that maybe you wouldn’t like me back. Cuz I’ve liked you sense we first met,” you explain then sort of turn red. He looks at you and smiles.
“Me too…so we goin out now?” he asks.
“Yeah,” you say. He grabs your hand and you two lace your fingers and continue walking. “I cant walk on snow,” you grown and laugh at yourself, you slip but catch yourself on Marshall before you fall. He giggles as you fall into him, causing him to slip himself but he has nothing to hang on to really and he falls to his side right into a snow bank, pulling you with him. “Hi,” you say with a smile still laying on him.
“Hi, now please move, the snow is cold and wet,” he says. You push yourself of him then stand up so does he. He brushes some wet clumps of snow off himself the you two continue walking. You get to a road.
“Yay! No more snow!” you say then lace your fingers with Marshall again. You walk up a hill… “Great this is not easy,” you say. “I really hate snow right now!” you say.
“Who don’t hate snow? Besides small children,” Marshall laughs helping you to the top. Then you walk to a sidewalk.
“Uhh people who snowboard and whatever,” you say about 3 minutes later. Then you come to a lake.
“Wanna skate?” you ask Marshall letting go of him then running on to the ice.
“Uhh… we don’t have skates…” he says slowly getting on to the ice. “And how can you skate if you cant even walk on snow?” Marshall asks.
“Cause ice is flat snows not,” you explain and slide over to him. “Besides its not a slippery as it would be with skates,” you say.
“True,” Marshall says. And grabs on to you as he slips on one of more slippery parts. So you slowly walk on the ice hand in hand with Marshall land just talk… your really bonding, its like you’ve known each other for years.
“Oh look the bridge, wanna go sit and rest?” Marshall asks.
“Sure,” you say. Marshall climbs up the snow bank. He helps you up then you go sit on the bridge next to each other rather close. You watch some snowmobiles off in the distance out in a field.
“Oh look its Marshall and his bodyguard,” DeAngelo laughs.
“I do have a name thank you very much,” you say getting angry.
“So…” he says and looks down. “Never heard of a person dating their bodyguard,” DeAngelo laughs again.
“Look! Shes not my bodyguard. Shes my girlfriend and don’t fuckin talk about her like that!” Marshall yells
“Now your tough. Why weren’t you when I beat your ass before?” he asks.
“I was 9 years old,” Marshall mumbles. “Just get outta here. Clearly you haven’t matured yet. And your older than me,” Marshall yells.
“Whatever,” DeAngelo says then runs off with 2 other guys.
“What a fuckin idiot,” Marshall whispers.
“We know this,” you say and slightly laugh while you stare into his eyes, you laugh turns very serious quickly. Marshall slowly moves towards you, you move towards him. He kisses you, then you two pull away and look at each other. You slightly smile and so does he, you kiss a second time but longer… (awww your first kiss cute lol) then you pull away, he licks his lips then stares at the guys on snowmobiles as so do you.
You shiver then move closer to Marshall as it starts to get cold. “Cold?” he asks.
“Yeah a little,” you say.
“Wanna go home then?” he asks.
“Not really but I probably should before my parents have a fit or something,” you say and stand up…. Marshall stands up to you turn to walk and end up running into….
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