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Chapter 19

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FRIDAY AUG. 22ND 1992 >>>> (8:25pm)
You arrive home. You’re mom is sitting in your living room watching TV. She smiles when you walk in. “You look tired,” she says standing up.
“Just a bit,” you tell her. “I need some food,” you stated, walking into the kitchen.
“Are you sure you’re ok?” she asks following you. “You look sick,” she adds.
“I…Im fine…I just need some food,” you say quietly. You dig though the fridge and find some chicken. You heat that up, once heated you sit down at the kitchen table and sort of just stare at it. After a few seconds later you bite into it.
“So…did you see Marshall?” she asks trying to look at you as you look down due to the mentioning of his name. You feel like you want to cry. You had sex with one of his friends. What if he finds out? No, he wont cause Proof wont say anything you think to yourself. “Well?” she asks.
“No, he was out of town,” you say still looking down at the table.
“Are you ok?” your mother asks. You nod your head yes.
“Im fine mom, Im just tired, and I got a lot on my mine, on what Im gonna do,” you whisper.
“Move on,” she suggests. You let out a long loud sigh.
“I cant, hes my baby’s father!” you almost yell. “How am I supposed to forget about Marshall?” you ask irritated. She shrug’s. “I think you should go, you’re not helping,” you say pointing to the door.
“Fine, whatever,” she said getting up and walking out the door.

FFW TUESDAY NOV. 16TH 1992>>> (7:00AM)
So updates. Its been three months sense you had sex with DeShaun, and to you its not a good thing. You got pregnant. So you are going to have another kid, who will also never know his or her real father. Things have gotten so hard without Chev around. Your parents have been helping you. Nothing much has changed though, you still have your job and you go on like normal. You are having trouble trying to find a way to explain the baby. Your parents think its Chev’s. Which you know is not true, because you haven’t had sex with Chev sense June. Who are you going to explain this child to your parents when he doesn’t come out white….
You get up and go to work like normal. You get home and you get a call.
“Hello,” you mumble into the phone.
“Hey its Annie,” she says.
“Oh hey, what’s up?” you ask her.
“Nothing, how bout you?” she asks. “Its been months,” he says.
“Yeah, well I’ve been busy,” you tell her.
“Oh, I heard Nick was let out, I saw him the other day, but we didn’t talk,” she announced. You sit down at the kitchen table.
“Yeah, he did,” you mumble.
“Are you ok?” she asks.
“Yeah, Im tired. And…I…never mind,” you say changing your mind about telling her about the new baby on the way.
“Tell me,” she said. “Please,” she added.
“Uh… how bout you come over here?” you ask her.
“Uh ok, now?” she asks a bit confused.
“Yeah, why not,” you say.
“Ok, be there in a bit,” she says hanging up the phone. You let out a sigh… She arrives moments later…
“Whoa!! Your pregnant!” she almost screams, as you let her into the house.
“Yeah, I know that,” you say.
“So you finally had a kid with Chev,” she smiles. You shake your head.
“Not exactly…umm… Chev isn’t the father,” you mumble while looking down at the floor. She looks at you in shock.
“Were you raped? Did you cheat on him? What happened?” she asks yelling and throwing these random questions at you.
“No, and no… I went back to Detroit with Nick to go see Marshall, but he wasn’t there. I ran into one of his friends called DeShaun aka Proof. And we went to this party, got drunk then…” you say displaying your pregnant stomach.
“Ok then, uhh… what happened to Chev?” she asks confused. You let out a sigh.
“He left me,” you whisper looking down at the floor. She pulls you into a hug.
“Im sorry,” he mummers.
“Its fine, Im ok,” you tell her.
“Are you sure?” she questions. You let go of her.
“Don’t worry, Im fine,” you tell her placing your hands on her shoulders.
“Ok,” she smiled. You smile back at her.
FFW SATURDAY MAY 12th 1993 >>> (5:56pm)
You just got home from the hospital with your mom. You had a son and named him Wayne Dupree Jones. You carry Wayne into Brandy’s room, and place him in Brandy’s old crib. Hes asleep. You and Brandy walk out into the living room together. Your mom and dad are sittin on the couch. “We need to talk,” your mom says. You don’t say anything you just look down at the floor. You know what she means. Your son is half black.
“Brandy, honey why don’t you go in the other room for a minute while we talk,” you dad tells her. She smiles then walks into the other room. “Come sit here,” your father says patting the spot in-between your mother and himself. You go sit.
“What’s up?” you ask pretending you don’t know what’s going on.
“Don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean,” your mother says. “Your son is black, how’d that happen?” she asks confused. You let out a loud sigh.
“Well remember when I went to Detroit to look for Marshall?” you ask them. The both nod. “Well, he was outta town. I met one of his friends DeShaun. He invited me to a party, there was alcohol, we drank some, got drunk and then nine months later, Wayne,” you explain.
“What!?” they both yell. You remain silent.
“You were drinking underage, then had sex with someone you don’t know, and have his son!?” your father yells. “What were you thinking!?” he yells again.
“I wasn’t thinking,” you mumble. They both shake their heads.
“What are you going to do?” your mother asks.
“Same thing Im doing with Marshall, try to forget,” you tell her. “Even know its hard as fuck to forget Marshall,” you say sadly looking down at the floor. “God, hes gonna hate me,” you mumble to yourself trying not to cry.
“Why would he hate you?” your mom asks confused.
“Cause DeShaun was his best friend, and we have a son now,” you explain.
“He wont know unless you tell him,” your mom says. You let out a sigh.
“Can we not talk about him anymore, please?” you beg.
“Fine, we gotta go anyway,” your dad says, grabbing your mothers hand and walking towards the door. They say a quick goodbye to you and Brandy then leave.
Sleeping that night was terrible, waking up and having to feed Wayne every once in a while. For the past few days you haven’t gotten much sleep. At least Brandy helped you with a few things, the things she could help you with that is. She knows how to put a dipper on. You do the rest, like replacing the bandage on him, and whipping him, for some reason, Brandy really likes to put the diaper on Wayne. Wayne is starting to look like Proof, hes got Proof’s ears and eyes and his smile…Its May 20th, and Wayne is 12 days old.
FFW MARCH 15TH 1998 >>>> UPDATES!!!:: You just turned 25. Marshall is now 25 and going to be 26. Brandy is 9 and going to be 10 in April. Wayne is 4 and going to be 5 on May 8th. Mya is 14 now. Nick is now 28. You still have your same job, and Wayne is looking more like Proof. You haven’t told him about his father, you just told Brandy that you made a mistake and you’ll explain when she gets older. Wayne likes to have his hair in corn rolls. (ok I don’t think I forgot anything. If I did PLEASE TELL ME!!!! don’t be afraid to ask questions!!!!!!! So ask them!!!)
MARSHALLS POV (SAME DAY) >>> Your 25. Kim is 22. You had a daughter with Kim her name is Hailie and she is now 2 going on 3 on December 25th. You still haven’t gotten a record deal, and your about to give up. A few months ago you lost a battle that was very important to you. You got second place, first place you would have won 500 dollars, you need that money very bad. Its so hard to support your family. Just this last Christmas you couldn’t afford presents for Hailie. You sat up the whole night crying. You felt like a bum. You have a job, but it don’t pay much. And you are tying your best. Its been a few months sense you gave your tape to this guy at the Rap Olympics that you lost. You’ve been living at Kim’s mothers house, because you cant afford a place right now, and every house you’ve lived in has gotten broken into and robbed. You almost had 1,000 dollars then it was stolen. It was supposed to go to Hailie. (like I said, if I forgot something PLEASE PLEASE ASK!!! QUESTONS!!!)
So your sitting in the basement all depressed because you just got turned down again from another record company. You have your head resting in your arms on your desk.. “Marshall!” Kim yells coming down the stairs with the phone. You cringe at her voice, you’ve been fighting a lot lately about Hailie, and you are supposed to be packing your shit. She don’t want you around. So you are majorly depressed. You feel like crying. Last time Kim wouldn’t let you see Hailie you almost killed yourself with sleeping pills. You look up at her with a blank stare. “Phone,” she says holding at you.
“Who is it?” you ask confused.
“Some guy,” she says handing you the phone.
“Hello?” you ask.
“Hey Marshall its …” says the guy. (HAHA CLIFF HANGER!!!! You have to wait to see who it is hehehehehehe)
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