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Chapter 1

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Abby meets Marshall at this birthday party, at first she doesn't like him...but then after much convincing she finally admits her true feelings.

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Abigail (Abby) You prefer to be called Abby Marie Miller, you are 33 years old.. (2009)
Growing up you lived in Minneapolis Minnesota, which isn’t too much better from where you live now in Detroit Michigan. Why you live there? Well your husband Jordan John Miller forced you and your son Jake to move there when Jake Jordan Miller was 4 years old he got a great job there…. You do live on the good side of Detroit but that don’t stop you from seeing the crappy side….. Jake is 13 now…
Your mom died when you were 16 she got cancer and passed away. You lived with your father his name is Phil Anderson… (hes still alive and still is in MN)

Well looks…. Your about 5 foot 6.. You have shoulder length brown hair with blonde highlights… you have blue eyes, and a great figure….
Husband, he is about 5 foot 8. He has short hair almost looks like its shaved it’s a dark brown… and he has brown eyes and a nice body too
Son… hes avg height for a 13 year old… he has a bit longer hair which is brown he has brown eyes and hes avg for his weight too…

You have a great relation ship with your husband he works for a very successful TV company… You work a Bremer bank as a loan person… you live in a avg size house and nothing could be better!…

Chapter 1

“Hey, could you do something for me?” Jordan asks you as he comes into the bedroom. You look up at him from the computer, you glance at he clock its after midnight.
“Did you just get home?” you ask him confused, he should have been home a lot sooner, you feel worried.
“Yeah, I was out with John and DeShaun (no not proof ok… he died.. =[ but its true),” he says and sits down on the bed. You spin around and stare at him. He takes off his shoes and throws them by the closet door.
“Oh…What were you doing?” you ask looking at him confused.
“We had some drinks and we talked about some of the stuff at the company,” he says as he undresses.
“Oh. Ok so what was this favor you wanted me to do?” you ask as you stand up and go over to him…
“Oh, tomorrow you should call in sick and me you and Jake are going to go down to the fair,” he says with a smile. He looks up at you and kisses you, you kiss back. He falls back on the bed you on top of him, you continue to make out….
“Mom! Dad! Get up we’re gonna be late!” Jake shouts outside your bedroom door… you open your eyes Jordan is not even there. You look over and the bathroom door is closed… he must be in there then.
“Give us like 20 minutes or so,” you yell back at Jake as you get up and go into the bathroom, Jordan is in the shower. You decide to pee…
“Don’t you flush that now,” Jordan says peaking out the shower.
“What are you gonna do to me if I do?” you ask with a smile acting like your about to flush it..
“Uhhh nothing,” he says then goes back into the shower…. “Wait, do it to you next time you shower,” he says laughing. You don’t flush you do your thing in there then go get dressed, Jordan comes out not long after you and gets dressed himself. You have a cup of coffee so does Jordan then you head out to the fair after you call in ‘sick’.

You head over to where the rides and games are. Jake wants to play some games and ride some rides… Some guy holding the game has the local rap station playing. “Oh, wait!” Jake yells.
“What?” you ask confused.
“This song is funny,” Jake says pointing to the radio, ”Let race them things…” Jake says pointing the horses.
“Just so you can listen to this song?” Jordan asks his son confused.
“Its Eminem ok,” Jake says… as he sits down at the thing, you sit down next to him Jordan just stands there… you look back at him…
“Just sit,” you say.
“Naw you two do it,” Jordan says and just stands there…
“Ok if I win I want that scooter,” Jake says to you. You smile at him.
“Ok well if I win I’ll get it for you,” you say. You end up wining and getting Jake his scooter…Its dark out now and you decide that you are gonna call it a night… so you head home….

It’s a Friday, you and Jordan both have to go to work…
You turn on the TV and watch MTV…… for a few hours…. Then Michael and Mark come over so you go hang out with them and do whatever….
“Jake!” you yell as soon as you walk in the door…He comes up behind you and pokes you in the back.
“Here,” he says looking up at you.
“Oh, ok there you are,” you say.
“I just got home. What?” he asks confused like his in trouble or something, you go into the kitchen and set your mail on the table… you glance at the clock its like 6.… where Jordan? you think to yourself… you look around the kitchen it looks a little different. “Wheres dad?” Jake asks looking up at you.
“That’s what I would like to know,” you say looking down at him then you go out to the living room….The living room is still the same, you decide to go look up stairs.. “Honey!” you yell loudly… No answer….
“DAD!” Jake yells trying to help you. You get to the bedroom and look around all Jordans things are gone….
“What……..” is all you can think of to say….You sort of feel like crying… but you don’t you run out the room and look around the house everything that Jordan had in the house is now gone…… you don’t understand why…. what did I do? you think to yourself….
“Did dad move out?” Jake whispers as you enter the kitchen. You look at him sadly. “I found these on the counter,” he says…
“What is it?” you ask…
“Divorce papers, and custody papers,” he says quietly and hands them to you. You sit down at the table, place the papers on the table and put your head in your arms….
Its about 12pm and your in your room layin on your bed you been crying for a long time now, just tying to cry yourself to sleep… You don’t understand what happed to 12 years of marriage that just got thrown out the window. Jordan left you no information as to why he left you and his son. Everything he had is gone, all he left was them papers. You still havent filled them out yet.. You don’t want to… maybe this is just a bad dream you think to yourself… you lay there you open your eyes then close them… Then you pinch yourself.. It hurt….im not dreaming to you think to yourself… you start to cry even more until you door opens…. “Jordan?” you ask sitting up.
“No, its me Jake,” Jake says coming in the room. “How you feeling?” he asks.
“I don’t know I don’t understand why he just up and left,” you say still crying.
“Maybe cuz hes an ass,” Jake says…..
“Huh?” you say… “Yeah…” you say then look over at him, he sits on the bed… you sit up…. “Did you see any signs of him wanting to leave?” you ask your son. He shakes his head.
“No,” he says looking down at the floor…. You let out a crying sigh….
“Ok maybe we should go to bed,” you say…..
“Ok,” Jake says…. “I love you mom,” he says and gives you a hug..
“I love you too son, goodnight,” you say hugging him.
“Night,” he says and leaves the room. You lay there and cry yourself to sleep….
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