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Chapter 9

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“You really love me?” you ask quietly.
“Yes,” he says with his adorable smile. You sit up on your right arm, and kiss him, he kisses back. You pull away after a few seconds, and snuggle up to him. You yawn. “Someone’s tired,” he says with a smile.
“Just a bit,” you agree with him.
“Ok, then lets go to sleep,” he says reaching over, and turning off the lamp. Shortly after you fall asleep…

(((Oct. 21st 2009 7am)))
“Dad!” Hailie yells pounding on Marshall’s bedroom door. You sit up yawing.
“Shit, what time is it?” you ask.
“7am,” Marshall says quietly. “Shhh, the girls don’t know you’re here,” he says pressing his finger to his lips. You nod. “Just a second Hailie!” Marshall yells getting up, and looking for his clothes. “I gotta drive them to school, and I’ll be right back,” he says.
“That’s ok, I have to get going anyway, Jake’s probably wondering where I am,” you whisper.
“Aww, nooo,” he whines. “Stay with me, I don’t got anything to do,” he whispers.
“But,” you say.
“Come on,” he says giving you lip.
“Now I cant say no, that was just to cute,” you say with a smile. He smiles then goes into the bathroom, then comes back out and leaves the room.

“Daddy, what’s going on in there?” Hailie asks you pointing to your door as you close it.
“Nothing,” you say quickly.
“Dad, don’t lie to me, I know someone is in there,” she says.
“No ones in there. What makes you think someone is in there?” you question demanding an answer from your 13 year old daughter.
“I heard voices,” she said. “One sounded like Jakes mom,” she said.
“That’s cause I was practicing voices for my music,” you lie. For some reason you didn’t want to tell her the truth, shes you daughter, shes 13, and its just odd. Plus she would get all up in your face and be all I told you so, I knew I was right about all this! You hated to be told that. You always wanted to be right.
“Daddy, you lie!” she said giving you a glare, and pointing at you. You sake your head.
“What did he lie about?” Alaina asks coming up the stairs.
“Nothing!” you say answering the question.
“I was talking to Hailie,” Alaina says annoyed with you.
“Jakes mom is in there,” Hailie says pointing to the door, with an evil grin.
“Ohhh go Dad!” Alaina says, holding up her hand for a hi-five.
“Alaina!” you yell. “Now you two stop this, and get ready!” you yell.
“Ok Dad, but I will find out if you lying to me. I’ll just ask Jake,” Hailie claims with a creepy looking smile on her face. You ignore that fact… Then after the girls get ready you take them to school.

You fell back asleep before Marshall came back. But you were woken up once he go to in the bed. You open your eyes and look over at Marshall. “Hey babe,” he says and kisses you.
“Hi baby,” you say kissing back. After a bit you pull away from him laying back down cuddling up to Marshall. You two go back to sleep. You sleep until about 10am. You sit up and Marshall is not beside you. Where’d he go you think to yourself. You set up, get dressed then go downstairs. The second level smells like bacon and eggs. You walk though the kitchen doors. “Something smells good,” you say hugging Marshall from behind.
“Hey, sleepy. I was gonna bring you this in bed,” he said sort of disappointed.
“Fine, I’ll go back upstairs,” you tell him. You have to go to the bathroom anyway so you go back to the bedroom, and do your thing in the bathroom. Your jeans start to feel uncomfortable so you take them off, and go to grab one of Marshalls shirts that was hanging on his desk chair, you change into just his shirt and your underwear, then get into the bed. You sit there waiting for Marshall to bring you food. You are really hungry. Soon after Marshall comes back into the room with two trays. He slowly walks over to you, and hands you one tray. “Thank you baby, this looks good,” you say looking at the eggs, toast, bacon, and glass of orange juice. You pick up as piece of bacon as Marshall slowly sits in the bed. “Mmm yum,” you say finishing that piece of bacon.
“Im glad you like it,” Marshall says taking a drink of his orange juice. (War, the movie rude…. Jason die. Its 3am in the morning!!) You smile at him, he smiles back. You watch The Last House on the Left while you eat. You finish eating before the horrible rape scene come on.
“That’s terrible!” you say angrily.
“Yeah it is,” Marshall agrees. “If I found out someone did that to Hailie I would kill him!” he says angrily. He stares angrily at the TV until the rape scene is over. By the end of the movie your freaking out worried about the boy, and the good family. You’re very tense and concentrated on the TV, you’re even leaning closer to the TV, you’re just that into it. Marshall moves brushing your hand causing you to jump. Marshall giggles.
“Damn you!” you say loudly.
“Sorry, I didn’t try to,” he apologizes. The family got away, which made you happy. You gigged to see what happened to the guy who raped the girl.
“Haha, microwaves are funny,” you giggle. Marshall looks at you funny.
“What?” you ask spreading your arms apart. “He deserved that shit!” you yell pointing to the TV. Marshall slightly smiles, and shakes his head.
“That movie was sick,” Marshall says discussed.
“Yeah, but I liked it, you know what I mean?” you ask looking over at him.
“Yeah, that rape scene is just ugh, sick,” Marshall says. (MTV SUCKS!!!)
“Yeah, that’s the only part I didn’t like,” you say.
“Anyway what happens now?” you ask looking at Marshall. He shrugs, you get half way on top of him, and kiss him. He kisses back..
“Ohhh.” he says still kissing you. He flips you over so hes now on top of you… you continue to kiss, he kisses you passionately. He reaches hes hands up to your waist, sliding off your underwear. You grab his boxers and pull them off, revealing his already hard dick. You pull off your and his shirt. Then pull him down on you, causing him to slide into you, you let out a moan of pleasure. You’re so glad you stayed now. He kisses your neck for a while then slowly moves down to your breasts, he sucks on your right nipple. You let out another moan as he pushes harder. You dig your nails into his back, as he pushes harder going deeper into you. He finishes with your nipple the kisses you on the lips, you kiss back, he slides his tongue in exploring your mouth. He begins to give you breathy kisses as he starts moving faster.
“Oh, God, Marshall don’t… stop,” you say in-between breaths. (Wayne on TV) You both start running out of breath. He gives a big thrust, you did your nails into his back and moan in pleasure. He kisses you deeply, your just about to reach your climax, he pushes in as far as he can, you let out a loud moan, as you feel him cum inside you, he slows down a bit then he collapses on top of you. Breathing heavily, a few seconds later he pulls out, and lays next to you. You both lay there trying to catch your breath. (now they talk about sex toys on TV and Im writing sex… lol wow)
“Damn,” he says after a few minutes pass by. You lay your head on his chest, he puts his arm around you. “That was…wow,” he says. You smile and cuddle closer to him. “Damn I fuckin love you,” he says, putting his hand under your chin and lift it up so he could kiss you, you kiss back.
“I love you so much,” you say and get even closer to him. You fall asleep again not long after.

The next few days were awesome, the kids all know your going out. You just missed your period, your about 4 days late so you decide to go to the gas station and grab a pregnancy test on the way home from work. On your way up to the register you see a magazine with you and Marshall on it. You’re at Meleah’s. You could tell cuz shes standing in the background staring at Marshall. The cover reads: ‘Eminem has a new girl after 3 years’ interested you pick up the magazine and by that too. You get into your car, and read the article. It was nothing bad, just sayin that you look like your Ems new girl and whatever. There was something about him getting sober too. You threw the mag, in the back of your car then pulled out your cell calling Marshall. “Ayo,” he answers.
“Babe, you home?” you ask him.
“Uh, naw Im at the studio, something wrong?” he asks confused.
“No, I just need to talk to you,” you say. “Can I come down?” you ask.
“Yeah sure,” he says.
“Ok be there in a bit babe,” you say.
“Bye,” he says then hangs up.
Once you get to Shady Records, you go look for Marshall. You find him in the studio sittin on the couch. “Hey babe,” he says as you walk in, he gets up and kisses you. “What’s that box?” he asks pointing to it.
“A test. I might be pregnant,” you say.
“Really!?” he says excided.
“Yeah,” you say. “I just gotta do this test,” you say.
“Ok well go do it!” he says getting excided.
“Chill,” you say walking into the bathroom. You pee on the stick. If your pregnant, the stick shows a smiley face, if your not it shows an X. You come out….
“What does it say!?” he asks.
“Just relax, you gotta wait for a few minutes,” you say trying to calm him down…. A few minutes pass by, and Marshall is get all excited and in your face.
“What does it say!” he says jumping. You look at him as if hes crazy…
“It…” you start. (So its like 4am, and Im done writing, guess you have to find out what the results are in the next story… haha!)
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