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Chapter 11

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There was a couple fighting outside. The man was beating on this lady. “Hey!” Marshall yelled. They both stopped and looked at Marshall, he ran outside, you went and stood by the door. “What the fuck do you think you are doing!?” Marshall yells at the guy, he gets detracted giving the girl a chance to run. You motion her to come over by you.
“Who the fuck is you nigga, bein up in my biz,” the man says as if that’s supposed to scare Marshall. Marshall just looks at him as if the man is retarded.
“You were fuckin beatin on her, don’t you know you’re not supposed to hit women!” Marshall yells.
“What’s it to ya Mr. Eminem,” the man asks, he looked like he takes steroids.
“You don’t beat on women!” Marshall yelled.
“Fuck you nigga that’s my biz,” the man yells and takes a swing at Marshall, almost hitting him in his face. Marshall swigs back hitting him right in the eye. He falls to the ground.
“Fuckin pussy,” Marshall mumbles. The man slowly stands up while holding his eye.
“You bitchassniggas!” he screams running towards Marshall grabbing him forcing him to run backwards, they slam into the wall right next to where you and the young girl was standing. He holds Marshall in place with one arm and attempts to punch him in the face, Marshall moves his head to the left and the guy punches the wall. Marshall moves away from the guy grabbing him, he starts beating on the man.
“Marshall!” you scream at him. “That’s enough you’re gonna kill him!” you scream. He looks over at you; the man lies in his own blood, hes moaning in pain.
“I had to teach that fucker a lesson,” Marshall says while looking at his fists that were covered in blood. You leave the man laying there as you all go back into the room.
“Are you ok?” Marshall asks the young girl.
“Yes,” she says softly. Marshall gives her half smile. As he walks into the bathroom and washes himself off. He looks over the young girl she looks fine.
“Do you have someone that could come get you?” Marshall asks her as she sits down on the bed. She nods, shes trembling a bit. “Ok,” he says. “Babe give her your cell, let her call whoever, I gotta call the cops to come remove this pathetic man,” Marshall told you while he looked out the window.
“Ok,” you say and had the young lady your cell. “Is he still there?” you ask. Marshall turns to you and nods. The young girl calls her mother to come pick her up. Marshall goes outside and calls the cops. When they arrive he talks to them a bit. They take both his statement and the young lady’s whose name is Jackie.
“Damn, that was fuckin irritating,” Marshall mumbled as you both finally got back into bed.
“Well, you had to do somethin, you couldn’t let that poor girl get hurt,” you tell him.
“I know,” Marshall says. You cuddle up together and not long after you drift asleep.
You wake up at 1:30pm. Marshall is still asleep. “Babe,” you whisper and poke him. He doesn’t even make a sound he just moves a bit. “Babe, its 1:30,” you tell him. He sits up.
“So?” he asks. “Are the girls even up?” he asks looking at you then yawns.
“No, I just went and looked they was still asleep,” you tell him. He smiles.
“Good,” he says grabbing you, he pushes you down on the bed and gets on top of you. He starts to kiss you, you kiss back.
“Ohh what’s gotten into you,” you whisper as your wrap your arms around him. He looks at you and smiles. You two continue to kiss.
“Take that off,” he demands. You take off the shirt of his that you were wearing and threw it on the floor. He stares at your body.
“Are you just gonna stare at me or do somethin?” you as him. He smirks the lays on top of you; he cups your breasts rubbing them. He kisses you; you kiss back pulling him closer to you. He reaches now and takes off his boxers. He slowly slides into you; you let out a soft moan. He pushes harder; you let out a louder moan. You pull him closer to you, as close as he can get, his body feels wonderful against yours. You kiss him, he kisses back using tongue. You get this urge and flip him over.
“Oh baby,” Marshall says breathless. You begin to move on him. He places his hands on your hips. And you move faster and faster. He sits up a bit as you move; you lean in and kiss him. You move on him, he moans softly. He begins to suck on your nipples causing them to harden. After a bit he flips you back over and pushes into as hard as he can. You both let out a moan as you dig your nails into his back. He pulls out for a second, and reaches down. He starts to play with your pussy, he jams one of his fingers inside you, and he moves it around a bit. You let out a moan. He does this for a while, trying to make this last as long as he can. “I got an idea,” Marshall whispers. “Come with me,” he says removing his finger and leading you into the bathroom. He shuts the door and turns on the shower to just the right heat. The warm water gives you chills for some reason, but they don’t last long. He pushes you against the wall as he adjusts the shower head so the water would run on you two where you stood. He lifts you up; you wrap your legs around his waist. You reach down grabbing his penis. You rub it a bit he lets out a moan. “Oh baby, I didn’t know this about you,” he moans. You smile at him as he shoves his penis into you. Your face turns from a smile to a face of pleasure, he begins to move faster. He gives one last push. You feel him cum inside you, you let go as well. He pauses for a second then pulls out. You stand there for awhile letting the warm water run over your body. You kiss him for awhile. You finish off taking a shower. Once out you get dressed then go wake up Meleah and Megan.
You all pile into the car and head off to New Orleans. You still got a long drive ahead of you. “How much longer?” Megan asks.
“A while,” Marshall says. You lean back resting your head on the chair.
“Im still tired,” you say.
“Did I wear you out?” Marshall laughs slightly.
“Sick!” Megan yells. Meleah just giggles at Megan.
“Yes you did,” you tell him.
“Go to sleep then,” Marshall tells you.
“You two have issues,” Meleah says, Marshall laughs as you go threw a green light. You stop at Taco Bell; you get a number 9 so does Megan and Meleah. You eat in the car, Marshall don’t feel like being attacked by crazed fans.

(((Oct. 29th Thursday. 1:20am)))
You finally arrived in New Orleans. You go up to the Hotel rooms.
“I think we all need a good nights rest,” Marshall said as you all stood in the hallway outside of your two rooms.
“Yeah,” Meleah agrees. “Goodnight,” she said with smile. Marshall gives her and Megan both hugs and they go into their room. You and Marshall go into the other room.
“Damn, Im fuckin tired,” Marshall said as he took off shirt and jeans leaving him in his boxers, you couldn’t help but stare. Marshall smirks. You smile at him. As you go and grab his shirt. You both get into bed cuddle up and fall asleep.
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