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Grant my Wish

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You find a magical book while visiting your friend Mewt. The next thing you know, you're in a game-like world, and you don't want it to end, but Mewt wants to change the world back. Reader+Mewt (CYOA)

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Grant my Wish

Wish 1: Arrival

When you stumbled into the pile of books in Mewt's room, you cursed your clumsiness and cleaned up as fast as humanly possible. You hoped that Mewt had not heard the noise downstairs where he went to get a snack for his guest. Mewt's father seemed rather happy that the two of you were spending so much time together. It was a good sign in your opinion, since you happened to like Mewt.

While organizing the books, you found a peculiar book about a game-like world, you thought nothing of it; it was just a normal fantasy book. At that moment you remembered your games, your escape. Then, every problem in life came to mind, but you pushed them away and tried to focus on Mewt, whom you heard heading back. Unknowingly, you made a wish with your heart, and that wish was granted.

That night you went to bed like any other night, and slept normally. But when you woke up, everything had changed.

"Your highness, your highness!" At first you thought it was your mother being sarcastic before she began her endless complains while trying to wake you up, on a Saturday morning no less. But that voice was too gentle for an upset mother, she sounded almost apologetic.

"Huh?" You sat up and took in the unfamiliar atmosphere. Sky blue silk covered the large bed, surrounded by curtains of the same color. Sapphires and diamonds adorned the four pillars of the elegant bed, and a figure could be seen standing near by, behind the silk curtains.

"Your highness, please wake up," the same voice as before called and you pulled the curtains aside, as you stumbled out of bed.

"Am I still dreaming?" Your average pajamas had been replaced by peach colored silk robes, and this room, was not your room.

"I'm sure you must have questions princess," a woman in n elegant black and red dress stood before you. "I am Lady Remedy, your advisor. Forgive me for waking you, but you have a busy day."

"Where am I? What's going on?" Strangely this place did not frighten you, even if it was unknown. You felt as if you belonged here.

"This is Ivalice, your kingdom. By the magic of this book, the world was changed." Remedy extended her hands and a book materialized itself out of thin air.

You recognized it as the fantasy book from Mewt's house. "That's Mewt's..."

"No, it is yours, this world is yours. I will not try to deceive you, I give you this world to command." Remedy held he book for you to take, and you accepted it. "I will always be near by, summon me when ever you need guidance. As for the book, it will be within you, take it's power."

You were not sure what that meant, but your troubles seemed to melt away with the mere action of holding that book. "I accept," with those words, the book disappeared, though you could feel that you would be able to summon it when ever you wished.

"That book is the core of this world, keep it safe," Remedy warned. "Well now princess, do you have any further questions?" She knew you had many.

"Where do I start? This is Ivalice but you say it's a kingdom and not a town?" Remedy nodded at this, and you continued trying to take it all in. "The book caused all of this to happen, this is a magical world... I'm the princess and... and..." you trailed off.

"And you can do as you please," Remedy finished for you. This time there would be no tricks, none where needed. This time, Remedy had found someone who truly desired this world more than anything else. The original four humans who were exposed to the book's magic would not lose their memories, Marche, Doned, Ritz and Mewt, were still around Ivalice somewhere, but Remedy would take care of that later.

That first time, Mewt was the main person who activated the book, the one who wished for that world the most, so he became its keeper. The other three retained their memories having taken part directly in the creature of this world on that occasion. Cid was an exception, summoned by Mewt so he too would remain the same person. This time there were no exceptions, it was just the main wish maker, you, and those who had made wishes in the past, Marche, Ritz, Doned, and Mewt. Cid was not summoned this time, since only the main wisher can decide who to summon, and you had not summoned anyone. The people of Ivalice were replaced by other races, moogles, nu mou, vieras, bangaas and a few stayed as humans; but none knew of the secret of the old snowy Ivalice.

You smiled, you had a world of your own, a magical world to shape however you wanted. No one was going to take it away from you. This was your world, to live happily for the rest of your life. You wondered if Mewt was in that world too, that was all you needed for it to be perfect. You would ask Remedy about him, she seemed to be very well informed.

What will you do next?

Host a royal ball and invite Mewt and your friends to come. You can't wait to hear what he'll say when he sees you as a princess. Go to "Wish 2: Royal Ball".

Invite Mewt to visit you at the palace. You want to spend some time with him without a fancy party. Go to "Wish 3: Reunion".

To be Continued

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