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Wish 3: Reunion

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Wish 3: Reunion

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Grant my Wish

Wish 3: Reunion

"I want to see Mewt again, Mache, Ritz and Doned too, but most of all Mewt. I want to talk to him, I want to know

what happened when he was here, I want to understand." Remedy did not appear bothered by your words; it was

as if she expected this with how the conversation was going.

"Of course, anything you want, you shall have. I will have the royal guards find Mewt and invite him to the palace

to see you. I'm sure he won't refuse." Remedy seemed too willing to comply, too relaxed, as if she really wasn't

plotting anything. Her answer made you throw away your suspicions.

xoxox xox xoxox

A day passed and you started to wonder how long it would take to find Mewt. On the second day Remedy brought

the good news. "Princess, your guest, Mewt is waiting for you at the tea room."

"Mew is really here? Great! Thanks Remedy, I'll see him right away." You happily rushed to the tea room, which no

longer served tea after Remedy realized you preferred a cold can of Pepsi instead.

The tea room, as it was still called, despite the change in the menu, was an elegant room with pastel colors and

jeweled walls. It was adorned by a fake garden of realistic looking exotic plants. A table was set in the middle

where Mewt sat awaiting your arrival.

"Hi," he smiled, seemingly carefree and just happy to see you.

"Hi..." you paused, feeling somewhat awkward. It was a strange feeling, Mewt felt as if he was a completely

different person, yet he was Mewt.

"I'm glad you called me to the palace, I've been thinking about a lot of things, and about you." At least he had

been thinking about you.

"Yes," you sat down with him as a moogle in a maid outfit brought some snacks. You nodded to her in thanks; she

smiled, vowed and left the two of you alone. "Tell me about how you came here and what you want to do in this


"I should start from the beginning; this isn't the first time I've been here. I became the prince of Ivalice by a mere

accident; I didn't realize the power of the book until I was here. This world was my wish, but then I started to

doubt myself, to think I was running from the other Ivalice. I guess I was a fool. If you want something, go for it;

don't let anyone tell you that you have to force yourself down the hard path, especially when your goal doesn't

even lie at the end anyway. If this is your path to happiness, it doesn't make it any less noble that it may be seen

as easy by some. I know you'll be a great ruler, Ivalice needs you, and I need you. I thought that you would forget

me if you were the princess but you called me here." You stared at Mewt as if he grew a second head.

You got up and backed away. "Who are you?"

Mewt, or rather the Mewt look alike, appeared confused. "I'm Mewt."

"You don't sound like Mewt..." You didn't know why but you felt as if the one before you was different from Mewt,

but at the same time similar. "You are Mewt but you don't sound like him... I don't understand, but I know you're

trying to trick me, whoever you are."

As if on cue, Fidan, a handsome boy around your age showed up. "My princess! I was informed you were here, I

hope I am not interrupting anything."

Whoever the Mewt look alike was, he seems to be displeased with Fidan's arrival but forced himself to endure it.

"Of course not, I was just leaving."

"Mewt wait!" You rushed after him.

"It's okay, I know you're busy. I spoke to Remedy earlier, I think she's starting to trust me; she really wants to

protect you. It's alright, I'll be allowed into the palace so I can come see you again later." Mewt left, you couldn't

stop him.

"My princess, I'm sorry if I upset you. I am Fidan, my father is a nobleman of your court." Fidan gave you a

charming smile.

"I'm fine, just a bit confused," you admitted.

xoxox xox xoxox

The days rolled by and Fidan and Mewt, or rather the look alike, were still fighting for your affections. But there

was something different about Mewt, and you were about to find out what it was.

"Princess, wake up!" The sudden voice threw you out of dream land and you sat up on your bed, automatically

moving to turn on the fancy jeweled lamp on the night stand beside the large bed.

"Mewt? No, you're him, the one who is Mewt but isn't." You knew that it didn't make sense, but it was true.

"Sorry to sneak into your room in the middle of the night like this, but he, I, we can't let Fidan win. Tell me, who do

you like best, Fidan, me, or the old Mewt?" You realized that you were right. This was not the same Mewt and he

admitted it.

"What's your name?" You asked.

"My name is Llednar," as if by magic, his appearance changed slightly. "When Mewt was the prince, a part of him,

the portion that was angry and upset, was formed into another version of him; that is who I am. I was turned to

stone, but when Mewt returned, Remedy was able to free me. But Mewt and I are still connected; I'm a part of him

and must return to him. I'm sure he was destined to return, having left two things behind. Me and..." Llednar looked

towards the teddy bear you held. It was a gift, left at your door.

"This was Mewt's bear from back then?" You asked in surprise.

"Yes, his assistant Babus kept it safe and returned it, Mewt had it sent to you, it was hard to infiltrate the palace,

I faced him in battle. But he and I are the same, it seems he overcame his darker side, I cannot fight him; I've

changed because he has grown. I'll have to return to him, but I still like you and so does Mewt, I know because I

am a part of him," Llednar explained. "I have to go to Mewt now."

"Where is he?" You wanted to see the Mewt you knew, but before replying Llednar faded away, returning to where

he belonged, to where he came from, to Mewt.

What will you do to find Mewt?

Sneak out of the palace and search for Mewt yourself. Go to "Wish 4: Rescue Mission".

Go to Remedy, demand to know where the real Mewt is, and make sure she doesn't trick you. Go to "Wish 5: The

Power of Wishes".

To be Continued

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