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Why Do I Feel Like This?

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This is a true story.
Why do I feel like this? You did this to me! You were the one who made me like this, now I'm not myself. I can't even think straight anymore, you did this all to me. You came into my life and now I can't live without you. I didn't think falling in love with you would hurt this much, I'm crying more than ever. You made me weak, You did this. Now i want to crawl under a rock and just die, it hurts so much I don't know how long I can keep going on like this. Wish I never fell in love with you, I wish it didn't hurt so bad. Never thought I would fall in love with someone at all, your all I think of. The pain you put in my heart, it hurt me that's all I can say cause you hurt me so bad. I can't live on like this, why must you pull me back in to this dark hole that makes me want you more and more. Each time I think of you my heart hurts at your name from being so in love with you. My life may have gotten worst since you came in, I was having a hard time then you came in and made it better but then you took away the happiness. I wish I never met you then it wouldn't hurt this much. It hurts so bad I can't get over how much you hurt me, my heart is black just cause you made so much pain in it. It can't shine a pretty pink and red now all you see is black. A black hole in my chest where my heart use to be, I had so much love and happiness with you but then you stopped calling, texting, sending messages to let me know you were okay. Really do you have love for me anymore? I send you messages all the time and what do I get back nothing. Some love you show me! I hate that I fell in love with you, but I can't regret for falling for you because I still love you and I don't think I can get over that fact. The love I have for you wont go away no matter how many times I try to forget you. This love is the first love I had for someone. You were my first love I think I don't know anymore. All I feel is pain for your voice, your smile, your eyes, your everything. Everything about you is what I needed but then the pain hit me and it hit me hard. Trying to fall in love with someone else would never happen. I've been in love with you for the longest time, every since we started to talk I couldn't stop thinking about you. Then having your best friend fall for me, and I fell for him as well and now I'm dating both of you. (I'm talking about two guys this whole thing. I'm dating two guys and I'm not a slut. I really do love these guys I just don't know what to do anymore cause they both live far away.) The two of you make me so happy, but now I don't know anymore. Can I keep going on like this? I don't know. I want to keep going I want to have a happy family but it seems it's going to be hard. I'm hurting myself trying to find out if I did anything to make you guys go silent on me. I'm punching walls and crying so much thinking about all of this I don't know if I can really keep doing this.
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