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loves fruit

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really he loves me?

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Pete's P.O.V
Phone Convo
hey petey
so why'd u call
thats not nice to your girlfriend maybe I wanted 2 talk
Sorry didn't mean to make you mad
its ok im a little stressed well bye

Brendon's P.O.V
I need to break-up with shawn-marie long distance relation ships don't go well for me
(dialing shawn-marie)
Phone convo*
Im going to be straight forward its over
but why what did I do
It wasn't you it was me im sorry

Yes!!!!!!!!its over finally overrrrrrr thank god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryans P.O.V
Phone convo*
Hey hon
hey ry
Are you ready 2 go im on my way
yeah bye!
wait shayla I............................................................

Love you
I love you 2

shaylas P.O.V
He loves me wow well I should call kendra
kendra you ready 2 go
yeah let me get my shoes
well we'll be there in about 10 mins

finally he's her "he love me" yay we're on our way to kendra's house When I relized that ryan really is in love with me yay so we get there kendra gets in and we head to the buses.So we get on the buses and head 2 Los vegas,nevada since where in california.

We get there and the show starts in 30 mins
the show
Me and kendra sit on the side of the stage until they finish then we went to the signing me and kendra stood in the back so no one would reconize us. the guys had us take pictures with them we hated it but it was fun.But something happened.........
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