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Dear Diary 2/25/10

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If you like drama then read more about me and my dear diaries!!!!

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Dear Dairy,
Kaleo did something so dick to me or that's what Matt said. Kaleo wanted a temp. girlfriend how I was having a temp. boyfriend. I needed someone to be with me to make me happy in person, Kaleo is on the mainland and how the hell am I supposed to not feel lonely. I cried for like how long last night because of him, I ended up calling Matt telling him everything and he ends up making me laughing and smile. I don't know what is about him but he knows what to do to make me happy. Kaleo I'm kinda mad at so I'm not even going to try and talk to him for today. Now I have to deal with my temp. boyfriend about some shit. I'm so sick of drama. I was ready to cut myself last night all of them two idiots. Cutting felt like the only thing I could do from there. I couldn't think straight my feelings were hurt, my heart felt like it was crushed to a million tiny bits. Has anyone felt like that before? It happens to me more the 2 times! I was so ready to die last night, but I had Matt calm me down. Thank Bobness. I'm much happier today, but I have to talk things out with the temp. boyfriend. I'll let you know what happens later on. Love Traci Au ^^
So there is my 2st Dear Dairy!
Hoped you liked it. And glad you guys
are see what's going on in my life.
Much much more to come. So Peace out to my
Lovers Haters and Masterbaters!!
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